Mergers & Acquisitions Or Murders & Executions?

Are we going to allow Bayer and Monsanto to join forces in their war on life?

Bayer, corporate supporter of Nazi Germany, who used Jewish slave labor in their factories during WWII and whose parent company invested in a company that manufactured Zyklon B nerve gas?

Monsanto, the U.S. company annually voted the world’s most evil corporation?

Damn, this is fucked up. What the hell are we doing? We need to stop this. Wait a second… oh yeah.

A barbaric, violently racist sexual predator/economic terrorist with a frighteningly low level of intelligence and who is devoid of compassion, integrity, a sense of justice or any semblance of shame was “ELECTED” president of our country.

Never mind…

More about Monsanto:





WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of Justice formally announced today its approval of the Bayer-Monsanto merger, contingent upon divestments from the two companies.

Tiffany Finck-Haynes, senior food futures campaigner with Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement in response:

This toxic mega-merger is another Trump Administration handout to an industry that’s poisoning people and the planet. The Department of Justice is prioritizing corporate profits instead of listening to the 1 million Americans who spoke out against the merger. DOJ also failed to listen to more than 93 percent of polled farmers who are concerned about the merger.

Americans deserve better than corporate monopolies that drive up food prices and put family farmers out of business. The DOJ’s weak divestment requirements will do nothing to stop Bayer-Monsanto from controlling more and more of our food system. This merger will damage the bargaining power of family farmers, prevent farmers from accessing diverse seed varieties, and allow seed prices to rise.


To contact Friends of the Earth to help:

Communications Contact: Erin Jensen, (202) 222-0722, ejensen@foe.org

8 comments on “Mergers & Acquisitions Or Murders & Executions?

  1. Bayer and Monsanto… heaven help us!

  2. Another foot deeper in our collective grave.

  3. thanks for your caring, dear one!
    the election was rigged 😦

  4. 🙂

    We better help ourselves – no one else will…

  5. Let’s hope we can find the courage to dig ourselves out of this grave of obedience, indifference and complacency.

  6. Yes, that election (as well as others) was definitely rigged. It’s frustrating enough to see that type of behavior, but to see it accepted without a serious challenge by an indifferent, obedient society is sad. Hopefully, we’ll learn from this. 🙂

  7. This should have been a hot topic from the point that it was posted. To many of our peers just don’t care, truth be told we should leave this world in a better position for our children and their children..

  8. You got that right. Apathy and complacency have destroyed what little chance we had of attaining democracy in this country. We allowed parasitic executives to place one of their own – a sociopathic, racist sexual predator – into the White House in 2016. This ignorant, hateful buffoon will support anything that can destroy justice or endanger the planet as long as he can benefit financially from it.

    Our children, grandchildren and further generations will inherit a poisoned planet and possibly a charred cinder of death that will end human, plant and animal life.

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