Hopi Message In 2019: Thomas Banyacya (1909-1999).

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by Jerry Alatalo hile some might consider late Hopi leader Thomas Banyacya a simple man unworthy of attention due to an impression of his being plain-spoken, uneducated or non-academic, without a university Ph.D. or similar designation of intellectual achievement, yet those with ears and heart to understand will…

Word. An Open Letter to the American People from President Nicolás Maduro

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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro If I know anything, it is about peoples, such as you. I am a man of the people. I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood of Caracas. I forged myself in the heat of popular and union struggles in a Venezuela submerged…

The Sugar Land 95: Help us protect the sacred burial ground of our ancestors in Texas



“Individuals don’t create rebellions, conditions do.” – Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown)

Red Tide, Lake Okeechobee and Big Sugar

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Red Tide Those of you who don’t live around here think of Florida as a paradise of  Disney for the kiddies, palm trees and pristine beaches.  Indeed we have some of the finest beaches in America.  I am lucky to live within a short drive of several of them. Well southwest…

Jason Walker attacked by prison clansmen for reporting their brutality

Evolution Or Extinction?

Nature is amazing. There are so many types of life on this planet alone, never mind throughout the rest of the universe. The diversity on planet Earth is astounding, from single-celled nanobacteria to the blue whale and the Pando aspen forest in Utah. Some breathe air, some breathe water, some live in the air, some […]