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What Touches YOUR Soul?

What reaches inside you? What is Life really about for you? What motivates you and in what direction are you drawn? Some people are motivated strictly by possessions – to the point that there’s no longer a way to distinguish between possessor and possessed. ┬áSome people are motivated by the “power” to manipulate others. Some […]

Boycott Rush Limbaugh

To start, let me apologize to everyone that reads this for sinking to such a low level of humanity. This is a spontaneous rant of shocked disgust so I’ll keep it short. Having said that, how low can a supposed human being go? Rush Limbaugh has definitely proved beyond any doubt that he is one […]

By Any Other Name

Well, here we are in an era in which suicidal tendencies are accepted as normal business practices. ┬áDon’t worry about the lack of fresh air and clean water. Go shopping! Everything is OK. Oh, you mean to tell me we’re killing innocent people in sovereign nations because they don’t have the same priorities in life […]