Don’t Do It by Ralph Nader

This is potentially one of the most dangerous foreign policy issues facing the United States today. It scares me to see how many people are able to ignore the extreme danger of the insanely provocative behavior exhibited by the Imbecile-In-Chief.

We are encouraging a new wave of terrorist attacks against civilians who are innocent of actively supporting this criminal administration – but who meekly sit by and do nothing as manipulative war profiteers try and bully the rest of the planet into continuing an existence of perpetual violence. And, we are flirting with the potential to start an all-out war. This is insane. Why aren’t we in the streets saying no more war?

via Don’t Do It by Ralph Nader

6 comments on “Don’t Do It by Ralph Nader

  1. Thank you for reblogging! Cheers!

  2. An explosive entanglement with disastrous consequences for America and the rest of the world.

  3. a sad state of affairs
    with citizens drunk
    on koolaid of hate & ignorance 😦

  4. So many people mindlessly follow the dogma of a violent, suicidal belief system. Apparently, they must have a predilection for swallowing the koolaid of hate and ignorance.

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