Is The Less Traveled Path Also a Dead End?

For quite some time I have not been allowed to hit the ‘like’ button or leave a comment on most of the blog sites I read. For some reason, on a few of the sites I am able to. I haven’t been able to discern any particular difference between the two groups. I’m also unable to reply directly to comments on my posts or access the comment section on my site.

It has been frustrating to appear to have lost interest in some of the blogs I read and not being able to communicate with these people to let them know I continue to enjoy their writing.

Due to living in a remote village in a sparsely populated mountain area for the past 21 months, I have not had regular access to the internet. For the first year and a half or so, the wifi was so unstable that more time was spent waiting to access the internet than actually being online (no exaggeration). Also, the only access other than making a treacherous 5 hour roundtrip to the city of La Paz was through purchasing phone cards. Sometimes the cards would allow me enough time to contact friends and family through e-mail and read an occasional blog or check news. Other times the card would run out by the time I could even open my e-mail. It was extremely frustrating. I gave up on it after a few months.

Two months ago, my wife and I moved to a slightly less remote area and the internet access is a bit better, but still a far cry from what we‘ve become accustomed to over the years. I still can’t read blog posts as often as I used to, but the technical difficulties due to having a free site from WordPress have gradually increased and have exacerbated the problem. It’s reached a point that it’s become too much to deal with. I may decide to pay for a site in the near future, but my financial situation is insane at this time.

One effect of being stranded in this area for so long (due to the pandemic) has been that I haven’t had an income. I have steadily gone into debt and am unable to spend money on things I want. I can only spend money on things I need and when I am finally able to spend money on things I want, I will need to be judicious about it. I’m considering the possibility of not posting anymore. It never occurred to me that my blog would have much of an impact, but I did believe (perhaps foolishly) that I might occasionally change the perspective of a person here or there on a particular issue.

I’ve seen over the years that I don’t have what it takes to reach many people. I have a style that resonates with a very small audience and that’s OK, but I’ve had to face the following conundrum: do I stay true to my nature and write what’s in my heart and mind knowing very few people will get something out of it or do I change my style to increase my appeal, and in the process, get some messages to a wider audience but lose part of what makes me me?

Everyone who actually knows me (not a very large group 😆) knows the path I chose (or is it the path that chose me?)

Whether I continue posting or not, I will continue to write. I have several writing projects started, one is a short story inspired by one of the more difficult aspects of living in a poverty-stricken area in the Amazon Basin. I intend to continue reading blog posts, I just won’t be able to like or comment.

My already small following has shrunk to a microscopic amount so I thank everyone who read this (all 5 or 6 of you 😆).


4 comments on “Is The Less Traveled Path Also a Dead End?

  1. Sending best wishes that you will overcome the challenges you now face ❤

  2. It is increasingly important for you to share your voice, although only a few may hear it, A Shift in Consciousness. You have a unique and important perspective in a world that is growing ever more focused on things that don’t matter. Sending you my best wishes and my hopes that you will be able to find reasonable work soon! 💜

  3. To Rosaliene and Carol: you may not see this, but thank you very much for your encouraging words. You are two of the people who’s posts I can’t like or comment, but enjoy immensely.

    Peace and Love.

  4. Peace and love to you, too ❤

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