Fuck Monsanto

Bayer has bid $66 billion to purchase the world’s most hated corporation, Monsanto.

So, a huge multinational chemical & pharmaceutical firm is attempting to buy a huge multinational agrochemical & biotechnology firm that continues to put cancer-causing organisms into our food supply.

Brilliant Capitalist strategy. Increase cancer in the population so you can increase profits by selling more toxic treatments that don’t cure but which contribute to more illness, continuing the vicious cycle. This is a perfect example of mindless greed consuming even the powerful instinct of survival. Mind boggling.

Are “we the people” going to accept this disgusting business proposal and allow the most insidiously thorough consolidation of money and control ever witnessed on planet earth to continue without a fight? Are we going to allow the global food supply to be controlled by sociopathic predators who are feeding on sickness and misery?

Here are my feelings on the subject…


For further reading on the horrific crimes against nature committed by Monsanto the past century:



8 comments on “Fuck Monsanto

  1. “… the world’s most hated corporation… ”

    So true.

  2. True, yet Monsanto still makes about $15 billion in sales per year. Does crime pay?

  3. The financial press is suggesting Monsanto had to agree to a buy out owing to a steady series of losses.

  4. No surprise. Monsanto’s stock price dropped about 25% the past year. Hopefully the trend will continue and pick up strength.

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