Is The Less Traveled Path Also a Dead End?

For quite some time I have not been allowed to hit the ‘like’ button or leave a comment on most of the blog sites I read. For some reason, on a few of the sites I am able to. I haven’t been able to discern any particular difference between the two groups. I’m also unable […]

Beauty & Menace: The Perils of Rugged Mountain Life (Part Three)

Beauty & Menace: The Perils of Rugged Mountain Life (Part Three)

Snakes & Scorpions of South Yungas, Bolivia Introduction: I moved from New York to Bolivia in February 2020. It’s been quite an adventure. Having come dangerously close to stepping on a rattlesnake while living in South Yungas, Bolivia, I decided to research just how dangerous a rattlesnake bite can be. I found the subject so […]

Beauty & Menace: The Perils of Rugged Mountain Life (Part Two)

Life Happens I grew up in New York and though I’ve traveled a bit over the years, I’ve rarely been outside the United States. I once spent five weeks in Colombia, but other than that, the only foreign country I’d been to is Canada. So my move to Bolivia with my wife and cat, Louie, […]

The Wisdom Of Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks, much more than just a comedian…

Message from Jalil Muntaqim to Friends & Supporters

A show of strength and courage despite business as usual in the fear-ridden, hate-dominated United States Of Corporations…

The Necessary (R)evolution Will Not Be Televised

  Capitalism is oppression. It’s oppression delivered through racism, patriarchy, intolerance of “others”, religious zealotry and other tools of dividing us – basically the spreading of hate, greed and fear. It’s neatly wrapped and sprinkled with the sugar (and spice and everything nice) of patriotism, socially acceptable responsibility (working “hard”) and more ignorance & greed, […]

Just Saying…

I realized a while back that living life the way I was taught didn’t resonate in my heart. It didn’t seem right to simply go about “my life” while there was so much suffering around me. I worked in a restaurant and saw carcasses of caged animals ripped up and cooked for people’s pleasure. And […]

This Is Not A Time For Silence

    Have we finally learned how bad it can be when we embrace hate, ignorance and greed and deny love, truth and compassion for all living beings? What will it take? The chasm between who we are and who we can be has been widening at an alarming rate the last few decades. When […]

My Favorite Cathouse

There is a cathouse in Long Island, a suburb of New York City, that I love to visit. I always bring something for everyone there to drink and I always enjoy myself. Curious? OK, it’s not that type of cathouse. 😆 It’s actually a small house someone built for cats that hang out in an […]

A Brain Without Heart Is Just An Out Of Tune Organ

I doubt many people will like this. Oh well… Despite the supreme effort of people who declare that we are the most ingenious form of life on Mother Earth, I see plant and animal life, even soil, water and rock, as more integral to life on the planet. And I see humans as parasitic. parasite […]