Reality Dictionary: trumpist

trumpist (trûm’pist) 

(noun): a person who denies his or her compassion, intelligence, dignity and decency in order to join a group or organization designed to increase and normalize fear, anger, hatred, intolerance and indecency in a society;  drawn together by professional propagandists to direct attention away from attacks on democracy through a slow, deliberate erosion of freedoms. 


(adjective): to be mindlessly ignorant of the well-being of others, particularly those with different opinions, appearance, ethnicity or country of origin; especially of the middle and lower economic classes.

To be vicious toward people who are perceived as different, especially if they express opinions not approved by a ruling class.

2 comments on “Reality Dictionary: trumpist

  1. Thank you. I wrote that a while ago, but was unable to post it. As a matter of fact, I wrote it so long ago that I’d forgotten about it. I found it recently and wasn’t going to bother since it seemed too old. Then, I had a thought: Trump may be gone, but his violent, misguided fans are still walking the streets. We shouldn’t dismiss all of them as simple-minded buffoons. Some are dangerous. Hopefully, they either wake up to reality or find a less destructive outlet for their pent up angers and frustrations.

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