Libra: Facebook’s Audacious Bid for Global Monetary Control by Ellen Brown

Competition for the insidious corporate vultures at the Federal Reserve? Bankers are parasitic beings devoid of compassion, but are the people creating this new “banking” system any better? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the same shareholders of the Fed are also investors in this economic venture by Facebook to grab control over a huge portion of the global economy.

It’s foolish to accept a medicine that might be worse for you than the illness.

From the article:

‘For Libra to scale as a national medium of exchange, its governance had to be centralized rather than “distributed.” But Libra’s governing body is not the sort of global controller we want. Jennifer Grygiel writes:

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg … is declaring that he wants Facebook to become a virtual nation, populated by users, powered by a self-contained economy, and headed by a CEO – Zuckerberg himself – who is not even accountable to his shareholders….

“In many ways the company that Mark Zuckerberg is building is beginning to look more like a Roman Empire, now with its own central bank and currency, than a corporation. The only problem is that this new nation-like platform is a controlled company and is run more like a dictatorship than a sovereign country with democratically elected leaders.”’


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U.S. Rejectionist Policy Toward Palestinian Participation, Rights

There they go again.

The Donald trump administration has continued their violently oppressive Israel Before Human Rights strategy by denying a visa to enter the U.S. to Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, a highly respected Palestinian leader, legislator, scholar and activist who was Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Birzeit University and headed its Legal Aid Committee since some time back in the 1970s. She also served as a member of the Leadership Committee and official spokesperson of the Palestinian delegation to the Middle East peace process, going back to the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference.

The following paragraph is from Wikipedia:

”Ashrawi is the recipient of numerous awards from all over the world, including the distinguished French decoration, “d’Officier de l’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur” in 2016; the 2005 Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Peace and Reconciliation; the 2003 Sydney Peace Prize; the 2002 Olof Palme Prize; the 1999 International Women of Hope “Bread and Roses”; the Defender of Democracy Award – Parliamentarians for Global Action; the 50 Women of the Century; the 1996 Jane Addams International Women’s Leadership Award; the Pearl S. Buck Foundation Women’s Award; the 1994 Pio Manzu Gold Medal Peace Award; and the 1992 Marissa Bellisario International Peace Award.”

She has written quite a few books, articles, poems and short stories on Palestinian politics, literature and culture. Her book “This Side of Peace” earned critical acclaim around the world (and she actually wrote it herself). She received a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree from the American University of Beirut as well as a Doctorate in Philosophy in Medieval and Comparative Literature from the University of Virginia.

Additionally, she has received 11 doctorates from universities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Arab world. Not too shabby.

How does this resume compare with the deranged, narcissistic rapist and economic terrorist who went from real estate con man to dysfunctional bile-TV game show host to “leader” of the executive branch of the United States of America?

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Global Research, June 25, 2019

Upon hearing the news that Palestinian diplomat Dr. Hanan Ashrawihad been denied entry to the United States on a speaking engagement, my husband wrote an e-mail to Indiana Senator Mike Braun titled, ‘Tell State Dept & Trump to give Ashrawi a visa now!’


His letter was brief and to the point:


Dear Senator Braun:

The State Department under President Trump is denying widely respected Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi a visa to visit the U.S.

Ashrawi has visited the U.S. frequently ever since she studied for her PhD here several decades ago. She has met with every Secretary of State since George Schultz and every President since President George Bush Senior.

Ashrawi has been critical of the Trump administration.

US law does not authorize the refusal of visas based solely on political statements or views. A State Department spokesman says: ‘Visas may be denied…

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Iran goes for “maximum counter-pressure”

We allowed a mentally ill bully to take the 2016 U.S. election and become our Commander-in-Chief. This is a man who has never worked a day in his life, was born with a silver spoon sticking out of his face and has used his unearned economic advantages as a weapon to collect an obscene amount of wealth at the expense of working people. He has always used bully tactics and deceit to get what he wants.

Greedy people devoid of compassion inevitably look for a loud-mouthed bully to lead them (actually ride on their shoulders like a fake hero) into their promised land of unlimited wealth, control over fellow citizens and a place of power over all other nations. This serious mental and emotional sickness has been the cause of unconscionable suffering and too many deaths to count throughout human history.

And yet, we allow this despicable behavior to continue. The rest of the planet must view us with a strange blend of fear, repulsion and a feeling of pity. How could we not appear pathetic to everyone else? Why are we still dealing with this sick, overgrown adolescent with a serious mental and emotional deficiency heading our government? It’s literally insane.

The present U.S. administration believes government can be run like a business. Every person with a working mind who pays attention to history understands this is fantasy – nightmare fantasy. And the greedy, control-obsessed people running the show here in the U.S. have found the ultimate puppet – someone obsessed with boundless desire who has no sense of morality and with just the proper amount of intelligence, enough to think he’s smart, but not enough to understand that he’s just a marionette dancing to his masters machinations.

He is using his infamous bullying tactics on everyone he comes into contact with – except for those who are more dangerous than he is. Those are the people he admires, the “tough” guys who will “out-crazy” their opponents no matter the consequences.

He will not bully the Chinese into playing his games, at least not to the extent he believes. They will allow him to believe he gets over on them as they laugh at him and continue to make deals with the other BRIC nations and all of the countries he helps alienate the U.S. from.

He will not bully the Venezuelan people into following a racist, money- and power-hungry puppet of the U.S. The majority of the Venezuelan people know Guaido is a snake oil puppet of the U.S. and still support Maduro. Don’t believe the pathetic propaganda of the U.S. corporate media.

And he will not be able to bully the Iranians. His handlers need to shorten the marionette strings and prevent this imbecile from actually starting a war he can’t win. He is delusional and is as dangerous as the sane people who didn’t vote for him feared. Hopefully, there are still enough sane, intelligent people left in the U.S. government to understand that war never solves anything (it only destroys civilization and changes the random borders we obsess over) and that having the biggest gun doesn’t guarantee victory. No one wins in war.

Here is an interesting blog post that shines a different light on what’s going on in the Gulf of Oman:

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Iran goes for “maximum counter-pressure”By Pepe Escobar – with permission and cross-posted with Strategic Culture Foundation

Sooner or later the US “maximum pressure” on Iran would inevitably be met by “maximum counter-pressure”.  Sparks are ominously bound to fly.

For the past few days, intelligence circles across Eurasia had been prodding Tehran to consider a quite straightforward scenario. There would be no need to shut down the Strait of Hormuz if Quds Force commander, General Qasem Soleimani, the ultimate Pentagon bête noire, explained in detail, on global media, that Washington simply does not have the military capacity to keep the Strait open.

As I previously reported, shutting down the Strait of Hormuz would destroy the American economy by detonating the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives market; and that would collapse the world banking system, crushing the world’s $80 trillion GDP and causing an unprecedented depression.

Soleimani should also state bluntly that Iran may…

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Who Actually Believes America and Its Flagrant Attempts To Corner Iran? by Finian Cunningham + Vijay Prashad: Where Are the Skeptics? + Wilkerson: US Further Isolates Itself

I know this post is a bit late, but I fear that the rabidly relentless conditioning of U.S. citizens to believe that the U.S. ever has good intentions when it comes to foreign affairs is still amazingly effective. Even educated people seem to lose a few dozen points in their IQ when it comes to discussing certain issues – issues such as Iran, Venezuela, Israeli terrorism in Palestine and the violence inherent in Capitalism as a state-sactioned religion, to name a few.

We’ve allowed a piece of filth like donald trump to pull out of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, aka the Iran Nuclear Deal), then have his warmongering psychos Bolton and Pompeo continually attempt Gulf of Tonkin-style incidents to gain support from the obedient, flag waving sector of the country to start a war with Iran merely to direct attention away from the most corrupt, crime-laden administration in U.S. history. People should be protesting in the streets to stop this.

We already allow these monsters to help their financial constituents to make money selling weapons to the Royal Saudi Terrorist Family to kill helpless people in Yemen. Now, donnie wannabe Putin Jung On wants to force people to forget about impeachment and show his former supporters that he’s a strong dictator, too, just like the people he admires.

“Forget about the fixed election, forget about children suffering on the border with Mexico, forget about the economic plan that continues to enrich wealthy people and causes more distress for everyone else, forget about the slow destruction of our economy from my tariffs, forget about the fast destruction of the remnants of democracy, justice and decency! None of that matters because we’re GREAT again!”

I occasionally get emotional when writing, but don’t like to lower myself to the despicable ugliness I see that has become “normal” in political discourse in the U.S. just in the last couple years. But sometimes it’s difficult to stay calm when you feel surrounded by the viciousness of hate and greed that permeates the U.S. And it has gotten worse since the 2016 election. Who actually thought that was possible?

Too many people in this country have given away their minds. Seriously. Centrists laugh at the “idiots” who support the GOP (an organization I believe to be terroristic), but how many of those fake liberals sit in their comfortable chairs in their comfortable houses in their sterile communities where almost everyone plays it safe (and expects “other” people to make necessary changes) and turns on a mainstream newscast or goes to a mainstream online media site and believes they’re getting the full picture of what’s going on? How many read articles by Palestinian writers? How many read articles by Iranian or Iraqi writers? Or Indian or Pakistani writers?

Let me tell you something: the New York Times is not a liberal newspaper. The mainstream television news outlets that many people call liberal are just playing their role as partners in making a lot of money by keeping us engaged in fighting each other. They show different views, but they never cross the line into that fantasy world we’ve all heard about: “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

I’ve ranted long enough. This week old piece is still good reading…

via Who Actually Believes America and Its Flagrant Attempts To Corner Iran? by Finian Cunningham + Vijay Prashad: Where Are the Skeptics? + Wilkerson: US Further Isolates Itself


Hopi Message In 2019: Thomas Banyacya (1909-1999).

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I’m sick of choking on the toxic fumes of hate and indecency.

Here’s a breath of fresh air…


by Jerry Alatalo

hile some might consider late Hopi leader Thomas Banyacya a simple man unworthy of attention due to an impression of his being plain-spoken, uneducated or non-academic, without a university Ph.D. or similar designation of intellectual achievement, yet those with ears and heart to understand will resonate deeply with his powerful, relevant-in-2019 message.

People weren’t given the opportunity to hear from Thomas Banyacya since he passed into the spirit world in 1999, but one might imagine what he’d have said about the events of September 11, 2001 – the most important unsolved mass murder false flag crime in all of human history – and the wars which followed, ongoing today in May 2019 nearly 18 years later, and falsely associated with 9/11 under the equally deceptive term “war on terror”.

What would he be saying in May 2019 about Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, etc. –…

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Society Is In Decay by Ralph Nader

This is what putrefaction of democracy looks like…

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No Peace Allowed in Afghanistan

“According to Die Welt, in the first three months of the year, American servicemen and their allies on the ground killed more civilians than both terrorist and rebel detachments operating in Afghanistan. As it’s been revealed by the UN mission in Afghanistan, the absolute majority of those deceased fell victims of US-coalition air strikes and ground operations. It’s also been added that in recent years the death toll among the civilian population of Afghanistan reached unprecedented numbers. Last year alone some 3804 civilians perished, with 7189 more suffering severe injuries. That’s an eleven percent increase over the previous year.

“As the above-mentioned German newspaper notes, ever since Donald Trump removed any restrictions on the course of actions that the Pentagon may choose to take in its attempts to take the Taliban down, the US military has started dropping bombs on Afghanistan like there’s no tomorrow.”

Astute News

Whatever hopes of returning to normal life regular Afghans have had until recently, these days those are all but dissolving like a morning mist. The so-called Afghan reconciliation summit that was to be held in Qatar hasbeenput on the back burnerindefinitely.It was envisioned as a separate event, unrelated to the direct talks between the Taliban and the United States led by the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, which marked the downfall of this format.

As it’s been revealed by the Washington Post, so far there’s been five rounds of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban, yet the parties failed to achieve any visible progress.

The resistance movement wants foreign troops out of their country as soon as possible, while Washington is all about keeping a foothold in this war-torn country. Afghan rebels would even meet with with those Afghan politicians not aligned with the official…

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