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Kevin “Rashid” Johnson is Back at Red Onion — and In Solitary

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Kids Marching

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson has been moved to Red Onion State Prison in Virginia. His lawyer’s office received a letter from him sent from Red Onion on Saturday.

All Rashid’s property was transferred with him, but the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) confiscated it and won’t give it to him. He has none of his legal materials, no reading glasses, no medications, nothing. This is in a situation where he has litigation deadlines coming up in lawsuits regarding mistreatment in the Oregon and Texas prison systems.

The prison administration had him placed in a pod with all empty cells, totally isolated. They have him in the wing of the prison created to cause sensory deprivation (B-3 pod). Rashid wrote about B-3 pod eight years ago in his article Abu Ghraib Comes to Amerika: Torture Unit under Construction at Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison.

Indeed, this is not the first time…

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Prisoners Endure A Nightmare ‘Gulag’ In Lower Manhattan, Hidden In Plain Sight

Welcome to hell on Earth…

… in the United States of Corporations.

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061818mcc1.jpg(Madeleine Crenshaw / Gothamist)

Half a block behind Manhattan’s federal courthouse, two blocks from City Hall, three blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge, and less than a mile from the hustle-and-bustle of Wall Street, sits a detention center that has been condemned by a United Nations human rights expert for exposing its inmates to conditions akin to torture.

While reports of the horrendous conditions on Rikers Island helped spur Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pledge to shutter the jail’s violence-plagued facilities, far less attention has been paid to the environment inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center, the federal jail which mainly holds people who have been charged but not yet convicted of crimes, who in the eyes of the law are still presumed innocent.

Yet those locked up at the MCC are subject to their own indignities and rights violations, say those who have spent…

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Political Prisoners Of War: Who Are The Criminals?

As usual, we’re pointing fingers at people while putting on a big show to block them from seeing what’s going on in our own backyard. 

Would you listen to Josef Mengele on the issue of humane treatment of patients?

Or to David Duke on the issue of racism?

Would you listen to Benjamin Netanyahu speak about the proper way to achieve world peace?

Amerika Uses Military Grade Weapons On Prisoners That It Bombs Syria For Using In Civil War:

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by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson

Tear gas, a banned chemical weapon

Poison gases were first developed and widely used as battlefield weapons during World War I. Among those weapons were chlorine gas, mustard gas and the benignly named “tear gas,” all of which have similar effects, toxicity and lethality.

Because of universal aversion to these weapons, a Geneva protocol was issued in 1925 banning their uses in war. Subsequent international bans followed due to the persistent uses of chemical weapons in war by some countries.

U.S. intervenes against chemical weapons abroad

Playing to the international aversion to these weapons, U.S. rulers have denounced Syrian president Bashar al- Assad as a monster based upon repeated accusations of his using chlorine gas against rebels against civilians during Syria’s ongoing civil war.

In fact, posing as a moral authority, the U.S. led Britain and France in joint missile strikes against the Syrian government on…

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Don’t Do It by Ralph Nader

This is potentially one of the most dangerous foreign policy issues facing the United States today. It scares me to see how many people are able to ignore the extreme danger of the insanely provocative behavior exhibited by the Imbecile-In-Chief.

We are encouraging a new wave of terrorist attacks against civilians who are innocent of actively supporting this criminal administration – but who meekly sit by and do nothing as manipulative war profiteers try and bully the rest of the planet into continuing an existence of perpetual violence. And, we are flirting with the potential to start an all-out war. This is insane. Why aren’t we in the streets saying no more war?

via Don’t Do It by Ralph Nader


Mergers & Acquisitions Or Murders & Executions?

Are we going to allow Bayer and Monsanto to join forces in their war on life?

Bayer, corporate supporter of Nazi Germany, who used Jewish slave labor in their factories during WWII and whose parent company invested in a company that manufactured Zyklon B nerve gas?

Monsanto, the U.S. company annually voted the world’s most evil corporation?

Damn, this is fucked up. What the hell are we doing? We need to stop this. Wait a second… oh yeah.

A barbaric, violently racist sexual predator/economic terrorist with a frighteningly low level of intelligence and who is devoid of compassion, integrity, a sense of justice or any semblance of shame was “ELECTED” president of our country.

Never mind…

More about Monsanto:





WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of Justice formally announced today its approval of the Bayer-Monsanto merger, contingent upon divestments from the two companies.

Tiffany Finck-Haynes, senior food futures campaigner with Friends of the Earth, issued the following statement in response:

This toxic mega-merger is another Trump Administration handout to an industry that’s poisoning people and the planet. The Department of Justice is prioritizing corporate profits instead of listening to the 1 million Americans who spoke out against the merger. DOJ also failed to listen to more than 93 percent of polled farmers who are concerned about the merger.

Americans deserve better than corporate monopolies that drive up food prices and put family farmers out of business. The DOJ’s weak divestment requirements will do nothing to stop Bayer-Monsanto from controlling more and more of our food system. This merger will damage the bargaining power of family farmers, prevent farmers from accessing diverse seed varieties, and allow seed prices to rise.


To contact Friends of the Earth to help:

Communications Contact: Erin Jensen, (202) 222-0722, ejensen@foe.org

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Conscious Authenticity

Keeping it real.


via Daily Prompt: Authentic


Sunset at Uluru, one of my many favourite photos of the rock, taken last year. Uluru is a well known Aussie icon. Primarily it is an indigenous sacred site, but in a broader sense it is a well known visual associated with Australia as a country. For us Uluru is as authentic as it gets for an icon, along with the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But Uluru is a natural wonder. The icons created by human endeavour are sleek, well designed and engineered, repaired and maintained. But Uluru was forged through time, weathered, beaten by the elements, sometimes shedding its skin as layers peeled off. It is old and wise and has many stories to tell, It has scars and wounds to show beneath its grandeur and striking presence.

We are a little like that. Forged through time, we grow and develop…

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It Feels Like Being on Death Row

This is an extremely disturbing issue that needs to be addressed forcefully and immediately. It gets plenty of media attention – though mostly as morbid fascination for some (those who are safely removed from the danger of police violence) and a reason to be outraged for others (those who indulge in taking the moral high ground without putting themselves at risk of losing their “privilege”) – but instead of just bitching and moaning we need to step up and go face to face with the people who are allowing it to continue: police organizations and the delusional, self-important force and order agencies who act as if they’re impervious to errors in judgement and are above the civilized concept they are meant to uphold – law.

We need to fill the state capitols throughout the country and make our voices heard. Unless, that is, you don’t object to living in a police state simply because the only way you suffer is through the collective violence of the loss of civil rights, heightened fear (and hate) and censorship – and you’re somehow able to pretend these insidious things aren’t happening.

White Supremacy does violence to everyone. If it isn’t physical violence inflicted on you due to the color of your skin, it’s a blemish on virtually everything you accomplish in this world since you don’t really know how much of what you’ve done is personal accomplishment and how much is a gift tainted by evil intentions of sick, manipulative predators.

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After hearing about the two Sacramento police officers who tragically shot and killed 22-year-old unarmed Black male Stephon Clark because they thought that he had a gun when in fact he had a cell phone, I was seized yet again by that profoundly uncomfortable feeling of trying to make sense of what it means to be a Black male in contemporary white America, an America that has always spelled out in unambiguous and brutal terms that Black bodies are disposable, especially when compared to white bodies, white life.  There was that profound sense of grieving yet again for a Black body killed by the state or proxies of the state. There was that sudden flood of outrage and deep melancholia as I was inundated with recent memories. After hearing the 911 audio tape of the killing of unarmed 17-year-old Black male Trayvon Martin, I wept. After…

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