Battle Of The Airwaves Part 2

I was attempting to comment recently on a blog posted on The Secular Juror and was unable to log into WordPress. I spent about a half hour trying to make a one word comment and was continually prevented from doing so. Yes, my iPad is old, but that shouldn’t matter. Plus, it isn’t nearly as old as many devices I’ve owned in the past.

In 2015, I moved out of a house and was unable to afford a place where I could bring my belongings. I spent a while traveling like a nomad, something which would most likely terrify many people in these days of expected comfort, instant connection to the internet and mindless over-consumption of virtually everything on the planet. We’ve developed an entire “instant gratification” culture in modern society, a weakness which has made us much easier to control.

I had rented a storage unit months prior to moving out and stuffed it with my belongings – music equipment, books, old magazines, CDs, mementos (including pictures that you can actually touch!), DVDs and other assorted items. (I even kept my old baseball glove – a Rawlings outfielder’s model that I’ve had for about 25 years). One of the items I got rid of was a television that was 29 years old – and worked.

Yes, I’m serious. Twenty nine years old. It had the date it was manufactured on the back: 1986 – and it was still in good operating condition. I put it on the curb (with a sign stating that it was in working condition) for someone to take along with other items I thought people would like. (Almost everything was taken within hours and everything except the 29 year old TV that worked was gone by the following day).

My guitar is 36 years old. One of my guitar amplifiers is 28 years old. One is 23 years old, another is 21. Between 1973 and 2015 I owned four televisions and was never without one that worked (though I have spent years without watching television) – and one was second hand. That’s 42 years, for the mathematically challenged.

No, I’m not a computer designer or manufacturer. No, I don’t understand computer “language” or codes of any kind. True, I know very little about the manufacturing process of electronic devices. But I do not believe that these devices cannot be built to last more than a few years. I refuse to believe that in this era of space travel, manipulation of genetic material, drone deliveries (of purchased items and death) and detailed surveillance of most of the planet that we don’t have the ability to build electronic devices that don’t break down every time a company decides to sell a new “bell” or “whistle” to its eager, purchase-obsessed customers.

Back on the home front, I decided to make another attempt at logging into WordPress. This time I was asked to give Google my e-mail address and password to be allowed to sign in to WordPress. Apparently, I’m not the brightest person around. I’d like someone to explain why I suddenly need permission from Google to sign in to WordPress.

I thought Google might have acquired WordPress. I researched Google’s corporate acquisitions and found 215. Yes, 215 companies have been acquired on some level by Google since 2001, but I didn’t see WordPress among them.

I thought it might be temporary. I’ve been temporarily prevented from posting on Twitter about ten times. I figured this could be similar. The next day I was still not allowed to log in. A few days later, no change.

Instead of lazily giving in and doing the expected, I’ve decided to try a different path. I’ve curtailed my internet activity significantly. I rarely check e-mail or read blogs, most of the time I spend online is listening to music on Youtube. I’d reduce that if I had an option, but since I don’t own a CD player or mobile device that holds music my choices are limited. And I love music.

I chose to go online occasionally in a library, but being thousands of miles from home at this time I needed to search for one in this area (and was kept busy lately taking care of a sick quadriplegic woman in dire need of help). So, here I am in a library in Oakland, birthplace of the Black Panthers. (Why has COINTELPRO been on my mind lately?) I read a post on Dandelion Salad about the new ads on WordPress. This difficulty logging in began the same day.

Obviously, unless this situation changes, I will be posting, commenting and “liking” other people’s posts less often on WordPress. (I apologize for the apparent lack of interest or support). However, I’m not angry. To the contrary, I see this as an opportunity to decrease the time I spend on the internet, a welcome change. I was becoming complacent so this is actually a good thing for me, in one way.

Having written that, I despise the fact that this is still a form of censorship. Planned obsolescence creates a caste system in the area of information gathering and dissemination. And, as with virtually everything in a Corporatocracy, the more access to resources one has, the better your access to information and having your opinion heard. This has, of course, a direct impact on the concept of democracy in action. Our democracy here in the Unite States is more of a public relations version. It looks good on paper, but we’re getting rid of paper – in more ways than one. (No more paper ballots to ensure elections are not selections and no tangible proof in your hands in business dealings. Internet-based agreements can theoretically be changed by those with exceptional computer skills. Some day we might not have paper currency. I dread the day when everything might need to be done online).

I have many books to read and can still write on my “ancient” iPad. And when the iPad craps out I’ll write the way I did for decades – with pen or pencil on paper. I kind of miss that, anyway.

So, here I am, arming myself with ink and paper for the battle of the airwaves currently underway. Will enough members of Congress back the U.S. Constitution or continue the corporate consolidation of power over information?

Will enough “sheeple” care enough about freedom, justice and democracy to force THEIR representatives to stand up for people or will they bow down in apathetic obedience to their corporate masters?

Well, time’s almost up on the library computer. I’ll be watching. Will you?


Where Has The Magic Gone?

I was recently on an evening flight from New York to Los Angeles. It was too dark to read a book (and I didn’t feel like using a light) so I decided to use the wifi that the airline bragged about virtually everywhere I looked. I asked someone about it and was told it’s just like any other wifi service. (I got a strange look as if the person thought I was an alien who didn’t know earthly ways). I gave the airline wifi carrier personal information even though I don’t like doing that, but I wanted to send an e-mail and possibly listen to music on youtube.

I couldn’t access the internet. I obeyed the rules and exchanged personal information for internet access, but the airline reneged. This was no surprise, of course, it made sense to me. Corporate Big Brother makes rules for others while subverting democracy to bypass rules intended to keep them in check.

I made a second attempt at access, then discovered something I should have noticed earlier, but was too busy thinking:

Get Connected

Sign In
Already Have A Pass? High performance Satellite Wi-Fi onboard. Speed, usage and other limits may apply. View Details.
Monthly access on domestic Gogo equipped Delta flights.
$49.95/ mo
30 continuous minutes of internet access on this flight.
Internet access for the duration of this flight.

Oh. Oh well.

Later, I was asked which of the three meals I would like: a chicken salad, a cheese and fruit dish or a vegetable wrap with “fresh” fruit and an oatmeal cookie.

It was not a choice for me.

The cheese and fruit dish was out because the cheeses were sharp cheddar and pepper jack, two of the few cheeses (I know of) that I don’t like. The chicken salad was out because I don’t eat animals. I requested the vegetable wrap which sounded delicious. My mouth started to water as I thought of the eggplant, red pepper, red onion, carrot, zucchini, chick peas & sweet raisins topped with a vinaigrette and wrapped with spinach and edamame hummus in a green onion whole wheat tortilla. Then my stomach started growling at the thought of strawberries and grapes (I love fruit) and an oatmeal cookie without raisins (I like them in salads and wraps, but not in my oatmeal cookies).

There were no more vegetable wraps.

Disappointment. I accepted no replacement. I was offered no small snacks. It’s a good thing I brought an apple and some peanut butter. When asked about something to drink I requested water. I wasn’t given a bottle that I could put down and drink when I wanted, I was given a short wide (easy to spill during turbulence) cup that I had to hold. This made doing anything else (like eating peanut butter from a jar) difficult, which actually didn’t matter because I didn’t want to put on a light and disturb others so I could read and I couldn’t get online. So that was simple.

I would have listened to my own collection of music, but my mp3 player took a crap a while back so that youtube is my only option these days.

I stared out the window while I was still able to see land formations and clouds. I enjoyed the high altitude clouds which went by at fast speed. They were so faint they looked ethereal, like ghosts racing toward the Atlantic Ocean. But the low lying clouds were the stars of the Looking Out The Window Show. They covered most of the land at one point and took on the appearance of rolling hills of snow. I could easily imagine being in Alaska or Antartica or some other area of endless snow. Then, I thought of the Black Sabbath song Snowblind. Damn, I have no music. My mind was too busy.

I stared at the clouds again, breathed deeply and relaxed. This brought ancient memories of when I was a child and used a garbage can cover (fairly flat and made of metal) to slide down small hills in Winter or to tie to a bicycle with a rope and get an awesome ride through the streets, avoiding cars. That was so much fun (and sharpened awareness and peripheral vision). I realized that being a child can be magical. The world was so big, so amazing back then. It had so many mysteries to explore. There were so many places to see, so many things to do.

I wanted to play centerfield for the New York Yankees. That changed to wanting to play point guard for the New York Knicks. Then, I wanted to be an archeologist, then was determined to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana and write amazing music, touring the world. Hope was unlimited. Dreams seemed tangible. Everybody seemed to have a beautiful life ahead of them. We just needed to put effort into something we loved and the universe would provide opportunities.

The block I lived on was an adventure in itself. There were about fifty kids within a couple years of my age just in my little neighborhood. We played basketball, baseball, stickball, kickball, handball, football, stoopball, arranged obstacle courses, had bicycle races and even an occasional bicycle demolition derby (I got in trouble once or twice for those). Every day was an adventure. I would get off the bus after school and though I was only a couple minutes from home, could spend an hour talking, playing with baseball cards and running around by the time I made it there.

I had just received a refresher course in imagination and reliance on technological gadgets.

I thought about the blog posting on Smilecalm recently in which the differences in growing up between today and a few decades ago was discussed. I’m more “old school” than most people I know, but even I’ve gotten used to quick internet access, using a phone outside and “writing” on an electronic device with my finger! – instead of on paper with a pen or pencil. I don’t own a television, stereo or personal computer. I have a portable DVD player, but the power cord snapped and I haven’t replaced it. Yet, I can still listen to music, watch movies and television shows and have conversations with people across the planet with my iPad.

Technology has brought us many marvels. It is truly amazing to think about what we can do these days. But I have a confession. I’d trade it all for a little bit of that old magic.


Framed In America

The people who are most vulnerable in our society are the most at risk from the predations of the greedy, manipulative executives running the show here in the United States. This includes children, the disabled, the elderly, those in poverty, non-white and yes – our prisoners.

This is especially depicable when it is political prisoners being forced to drink filthy water, eat food lacking nutrition and languish in misery being deprived of necessary medical attention and time with their loved ones. They have usually done nothing more than stand up and speak out for the rights of fellow citizens being unfairly treated by “law” enforcement and our criminal INjustice system.

Corporatocracy has brought obscene wealth to the corporate overlords we allow to control most of society, but it will bring an end to their rule as well. This evil, insidious system is economically top-heavy and immoral beyond contempt. It cannot persist forever despite the relentless effort put into indoctrination of the most fearful and hatefully ignorant in society. Anything built on fear, hate and deception will be brought down.

We have sown the seeds of our own destruction…

I received this from the Free Mumia NYC Website:

From Orie, Friends of MOVE:

Framed in America: The Making of Political Prisoners

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The National Black Theater, 2031 Fifth Avenue, Harlem, New York

Join Ramona Africa, Fred Hampton, Jr., Pam Africa, Roger Wareham, Betty Davis, Ralph Poynter, and Johanna Fernandez as they rally for parole for MOVE Political Prisoners in 2018.

Program: 5-8 pm

Dinner: on sale at 4 pm;

Vendors Village: from 4 pm

On Saturday, February 24, 2018, the MOVE Organization and supporters of MOVE are calling for friends in New York City and the TriState area to join us at the National Black Theater in Harlem NYC for an historic program entitled “Framed in America: The Making of Political Prisoners.”

Our program has two parts. The first part focuses on the upcoming May 2018 parole hearings for Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa and the fact that the MOVE 9 have been parole-eligible for ten years now. The second part focuses on the upcoming August 2018 40th commemoration of the imprisonment of the MOVE 9 and our plans of action around that anniversary.

For program and vending reservations, call 347-641-2773 or go to http://www.onamove.com.

We will also feature a live stream for the program. Live stream address: http://www.picturethestruggle.org.

For more info, visit: http://www.onamove.com.

List of Endorsers for February 24:

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Network

The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home

NYC Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC)

Laura Whitehorn (Former Political Prisoner)

Northeast Political Prisoner Coalition

New York City Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Universal Zulu Nation

Safiya Bukhari-Albert Nuh Washington Foundation

Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community and Student Center

New York State Prisoner Justice Network

NYC Jericho Movement

National Jericho Movement

George Jackson University

Guerrilla Main Frame

Carolina Saldana

Amigos de Mumia en Mexico


Posted by: info@freemumia.com

Mumia is Innocent! Stop the Frame Up! Free Mumia!-

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC
P.O. Box 16, College Station, NY, NY 10030
212-330-8029, http://www.FreeMumia.com, info@FreeMumia.com


What Are We Protecting?

I was waiting for someone outside Madison Square Garden one day and there was a lot of pedestrian traffic along Seventh Ave. Of course, this is a busy area and there’s often a lot of activity, but this seemed different, especially when I noticed a lot of police – and a lot of them with automatic weapons. I got suspicious.

Then, I noticed about a dozen camera crews in the vicinity, most from foreign nations.

Was trump coming back to New York for the weekend even though about 8 million people here can’t stand him? Maybe a conference of some sort was scheduled? Then, I heard a broadcaster from Azteca TV doing a piece a few feet away from me. His Spanish was spoken so quickly I only understood a word or two in each sentence. Then I clearly heard “Paul McCartney.” I looked up at the Garden marquee and saw:

The Grammies Sunday January 28

What the hell is the big deal about an awards show being filmed at Madison Square Garden? Tons of cops, many with automatic weapons?

Now, there has been a military presence inside Penn Station for years, soldiers with automatic weapons at the ready – at least since the Cheney-Rumsfeld Regime was in control. But just a few here and there, spread out around the concourse. It’s a large building. There aren’t normally police officers with military weapons stalking the sidewalks of New York. This was different. Plus, it was Saturday, the day before the show. I never thought such a big deal was made out of an awards show.

The next day I spent an hour and a half speaking with a guy selling books on a sidewalk in Chelsea. I picked up a couple little gems – a book of poetry by Ezra Pound (who I plan on writing a story about one of these days) and one by Mark Twain. We had such a cool conversation that the guy gave me a Noam Chomsky book I’d been checking out for no charge. Three books for $4. That’s my kind of shopping.

I was walking uptown on Seventh Ave. and needed to use a bathroom. I didn’t think I could make it back to Hell’s Kitchen in time and was close to Penn Station so decided to go there.

One of the many horrible things about NYC, the snake’s head of Capitalist Control, is few public bathrooms. Particularly in Manhattan. If you need a bathroom you’re most likely going to need to go into a food establishment with seats and spend twice the normal price for something to eat – whether you’re hungry or not. You pay for everything here.

So, I used a bathroom in Penn Station and as I was approaching the exit to Seventh Ave. I saw hundreds of people being herded onto the escalator going up to the street. There were two police officers, one with an automatic weapon. He held it as if he was prepared to fire immediately. The thirty foot wide stairwell was blocked at the street level and inside Penn Station.

Homeland Security strikes again. For the Grammies?

People were pushing and complaining. The cops were examining everyone very closely. I decided then that something was going on. At least the street cops must have been told something, whether it was true or not.

A while later I was waiting to cross 42nd St. and I asked a traffic cop if NYPD was expecting something to happen at the Garden. He paused, then with a serious expression said, “Yeah, I heard something but I really can’t say anything.”

Did a wackjob call in a threat to get a thrill? Was it propaganda from up high in NYPD to keep the masses in line? I thought about the story from The Secular Juror blog about swatting. Maybe this was a less extreme form of the same psycho mindset – anger spilling over into a desire to hurt or cause problems for people.

I also thought about an experience I had one recent New Year’s Eve while trying to go to the Bronx. A million people were making there way to an already overcrowded neighborhood and cops had blocked off some of the entrances/exits at the Times Square station. To me barricading people in an incredibly crowded area was putting more lives in danger in case of a terrorist attack just so NYPD might have an easier chance of capturing a mindless automaton obeying the orders of someone thousands of miles away. It wouldn’t solve the problem of imperialistic policies creating enemies for the country, but would make for great publicity on the “news” shows. 

This seems innocuous, maybe a silly thing to write about to some people, but I’ve seen a pattern in recent years. We continue to allow the introduction of police state tactics as a way of protecting “democracy.” But aren’t we becoming conditioned to accept a loss of civil rights while actually protecting the profits of business executives? I see benefits for people who prey on fellow citizens and losses for the rest of us. I don’t know. I do know we are sick. And we better find the cure soon.



This Is Not A Time For Silence



Have we finally learned how bad it can be when we embrace hate, ignorance and greed and deny love, truth and compassion for all living beings?

What will it take? The chasm between who we are and who we can be has been widening at an alarming rate the last few decades.

When we sell honor and integrity for bigger bank accounts and houses can we ever get them back?

What does it say about us when we increase expenditures on weapons to kill people and cut funding for children wallowing in poverty?

We’ve gone from a respected leader like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who wanted to bring people together to make a peaceful world full of love, wisdom and understanding:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.”

“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”


“I did try and fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

A sexual predator who brags about molesting women, admires Adolf Hitler and spews violent rhetoric about virtually every other person on the planet – residing in the White House. We’ve given him the ability to direct the most powerful military force in human existence. We’ve made possible the potential for this narcissistic man-child to employ nuclear weapons against a perceived enemy.

Leaders should have a sense of morals, wisdom and courage. Today they have money, media platforms and a cunning ability to strip people of their hope and dignity and divide us into dehumanized categories.

We are faceless consumers herded into places of business to buy as many unnecessary items as possible to:

1) enrich the wealthy rulers who would love to gain full control over our lives and…

2) purchase the very self-serve tools of enslavement which lull us into blissful ignorance and are converting us into a society of mindless automatons. We all suffer from this epidemic – even those of us who don’t fall for the corporate indoctrination.

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re all in the same boat now.”

The rulers used OUR government to make rules that have helped them build a system of perpetual control and deny basic necessities to a significant portion of the population.

Wake up. Look around. We need to change the rules.

“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”


New York State Prisons Have Entered A World Of Corporate Control Beyond Contempt

Traditionally, packages for people in prison were tailored to the specific needs and tastes of the particular inmate. Books were high on the list for many as reading provides something to do for people with a lot of time on their hands as well as being a vehicle for the imagination to soar beyond the confining walls of a prison. Some books have been credited with changing prisoners lives – and preparing them for successful reentry into life after prison. If there has been only one good thing about incarceration for some people it has been that they were introduced to reading as a discipline which opened their minds to possibilities they previously never knew existed.

Well, it looks as if that is going to change in New York this year. Apparently, the State of New York has decided to test a new policy which will prevent the friends and families of prison inmates from sending packages of items requested by incarcerated loved ones. Now, people are being forced to order from a limited amount of acceptable items that will be offered by state-approved vendors. Not only will this be a “legal” form of censorship in effectively banning specific books in prisons, even fresh fruits and vegetables and particular clothing appear to be on the list of items which will be banned.

This is despicable.

The New York State Corrections Department instituted this insidiously degrading policy as a pilot program in three prisons this month. According to The New York Times, they insist “it will help officers crack down on recent increases in package-room contraband.”

And plans are to increase implementation of the plan throughout the state system later in the year. It’s sad that few people will even read an article about this tragedy – never mind take action to prevent it. Prisoners in this country might as well be invisible. Usually, the only time corporate media decides to talk about prisoners it is either celebrities who blew “the good life” or dangerous inmates convicted of sensationally violent crimes. Either way, the intent is to make sure there is no sympathy from the general population.

Everyone, including prisoners, deserves clean water, nutritious food and health care. The privatization of prisons has created a situation in which civil servants are less likely to be in a position to protect the civil rights of prisoners, allowing them to be treated as human beings. Violence and cruelty have always been an integral part of the prison experience. This can only get worse when profits are all that matter.

And, with expenses being the only concern of a business enterprise, we’re seeing prisons getting away with detestable practices such as providing disgustingly dirty water that is causing illnesses, providing cheap food lacking nutrition and holding back necessary medications in prison populations around the country.

Obviously, one motive for this is to keep a tight grip on the minds and hearts of people who are already prevented from enjoying many “normal” things in life most of us take for granted.

But, another reason for this reprehensible policy is to allow for the enrichment of heartless business executives who have no qualms about profiting on the misery of fellow citizens. A few corporations will rake in obscene amounts of money procuring a pathetic array of items meant to make difficult lives more difficult – from the price-gouging of frozen “foods” and snacks filled with empty calories which dull bodies to reading material designed to dull minds.

A coalition of organizations has rallied to defend New York State prisoners by denouncing the policy change. The Legal Aid Society, PEN America and the National Supermarket Association have requested state officials to reconsider. New York State Representative Joseph Crowley, as well, has petitioned to at least have the book restriction reconsidered.

This is vile behavior from people who, almost without exception, were given circumstances which made life somewhat easier to deal with than many of the people they are punishing with this policy change. This is shameful and should not be excused with the apathetic “oh, well that’s just the way it is” or worse, the attitude of “well, they probably deserve it, they’re in prison, right?”

“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you can never imprison my mind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Is this new policy (particularly the book ban) by New York State an evil response to this beautifully inspirational message?

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/11/nyregion/new-york-prisons-packages-books.html?&moduleDetail=section-news-4&action=click&contentCollection=N.Y.%20%2F%20Region&region=Footer&module=MoreInSection&version=WhatsNext&contentID=WhatsNext&pgtype=article


Battle Of The Airwaves Part 1

This is about the insidious plague of censorship, but instead of doing an in-depth study of the phenomenon (as a responsible journalist would do), I decided to relay personal experiences that I can’t explain in any way other than creepy nosiness by industry or by government agencies as directed by their corporate overlords.

Almost every time I attempt to reply to something on Twitter I’m kicked off the site and my iPad reloads – usually between three and six times before successfully tweeting. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

(As an experiment I once decided to hit that little blue oval until my tweet posted. I hit it 88 times).

Even when I’m scrolling through “notifications”, without attempting to reply, I’m kicked off every 30 seconds or so.

I’ve seen public relations tweets by terrorist organizations like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Monsanto and Citigroup immediately every time I go to the site for months. These groups are all over Twitter continuing their despicable indoctrination of the masses by disingenuously trying to pass themselves off as respectable. For months I’ve immediately hit the reply button and tweeted things like:

“#GoldmanSachs is a #Terrorist organization.”

“#GoldmanSachs destroys economies”

“#BankOfAmerica puts families in the street”

“#BankOfAmerica increases #Homelessness”

“#StopMonsanto #BirthDefects #Cancer #Diabetes #SoilDegradation”

“#Monsanto: #Napalm #BirthDefects #PCB #Cancer #AgentOrange #GMO 

“#Citigroup is a #Criminal organization”

You know, facts, albeit from a somewhat uncommon perspective, but factual. In case anyone wants to counter the claim that Goldman Sachs is a terrorist organization, research what they’ve done here in the U.S., in Italy, in Greece and in a few other nations. And consider the terror of a collapsing economy.

And if anyone wants to argue about Citigroup being criminal, explain how Citibank and Travelers Group merged in 1998 despite the fact that it was an unconstitutional action until the infamous Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act was perpetrated on us in 1999.

Back to the subject on hand.

Recently, when I’ve attempted to reply to this pathetic pandering, I’m unable to. This problem started as I tried replying to corporations like those mentioned – especially Goldman Sachs. My iPad invariably is kicked off Twitter multiple times, then when I’m finally able to type something I can’t post it. I can only ask a question and my iPad mysteriously has no option to post the question.

Yes, I’m serious.

I assume this is because they were being bombarded with negative replies. I tried asking Goldman Sachs why they incite class warfare, but have never been able to post the question. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem. I assume it now happens to everyone who tries to reply to these firms.

I’ve written in the past about my Youtube account being censored by Google so I’ll try to keep this section short and simple. 😮 I enjoyed commenting on Youtube videos for years. I commented on posts about political and social issues as well as music. I loved looking up videos of old music I don’t have on CD and haven’t heard in years. Before Google came up with their insidiously clever plan to give people a pocketful of change in exchange for allowing advertisements, Youtube was a pleasure to visit. It’s an amazing treasure trove of various types of entertainment. Now, I cringe every time I’m forced to wait through an advertisement.

Greed is good in a Capitalist society, right?

During the Occupy Wall Street movement I posted videos from Zuccotti Park and other places around NYC where we protested greed and corruption. My videos never “went viral”, but as the movement gained popularity the counter on my videos stopped – even after receiving comments and some stayed put permanently. (I was instructed that all videos stop counting for some unexplained reason, then “catch up.” I don’t think any of mine ever did and a few had exactly the same number of views at the time). Then I was unable to upload videos with OWS in the description, they eventually uploaded when I labeled them “Tea Party.” And I was prevented from commenting on political videos. Eventually, I was unable to upload anything even though my camcorder was in perfect working condition and my Youtube account was active.

THEN, I was prevented from commenting on any video. That hasn’t changed as far as I know. (No stalking, crude language or porn was involved – only attacks of facts about Capitalism, The Fed and concise history lessons of ignored events).

Now, my e-mail account and blog have been giving me short bouts of stress, especially the e-mail account. I’m kicked out many times per day – often while writing an e-mail – and am unable to scroll down the page of ANY e-mail. I have to hit “reply” to see more of the e-mail and when I want to click on a link I’m unable to. It only allows me to highlight it. I also have extreme difficulty adding attachments to e-mails. I usually need to hit the “attach” button dozens of times to attach a photo. Very strange.

Obviously, I know this is not aimed at me. I’m “nobody” to the rulers. I believe this happens because my device is old – even though everyone who helped me on previous posts told me the age of my iPad had nothing to do with the technical problems I’ve been having on WordPress. I have no difficulties when I use computers at libraries in NYC or Long Island. I believe that these difficulties happen to everyone who tries to use a device until it breaks, like we did in “the old days.” We didn’t buy new devices until the old devices were no longer functioning. (Well, most of us, anyway) 😆

This is still censorship. It’s a way of censoring people in the low income brackets. (We all exist in brackets, files and demographic groups to the rulers).

Now the most interesting experience I’m going to recount here, by far, in my opinion. The mysterious changing of my name on my e-mail account.

When I start an online account I often have fun with the password. I mix letters and numbers. At one point, I decided to use the names of my favorite musicians and writers or former athletes from my favorite teams – the N.Y. Knicks and the N.Y. Yankees as part of my passwords. I usually combine the first name of one person and the last name of another and put numbers between them. The first time I did this I used the full name of an old Yankee on my Long Island library account (and added numbers). One day, a couple years after installing this password into my account, I noticed that when I sent e-mails from a Long Island library, the name of this former Yankee was in the heading before my e-mails as if it was my name. Within days it was on every e-mail I wrote regardless of the device used.

How would part of the password on a library account become the official name on my e-mail account?

I changed the password, but the name is still on every e-mail I write. Now people think I played third base for the Yankees in the early 1970s. 😆

Can anyone explain this logically without censorship being part of the explanation?

I made an attempt in this serious post to add a hint of humor. I don’t want people to assume I’m trying to build a mystique about a vast unknown cabal of evil men sitting in an underground complex pressing buttons and controlling every aspect of every person’s life on the planet.

However, I honestly believe there is more censorship and other ignominious attempts at control over the population than most people believe. We’ve become too comfortable and apathetic. We’re too willing to give up privacy as long as we have our instant communication, fossil fuel vehicles, a variety of entertainment (distraction), myriad conveniences and that seriously overused and misunderstood term, security.

We’ve allowed our corporate rulers to not only tell us what to think, but how to think. Too many of us have given up the right to express our own opinions on important matters yet get heated over puerile trash pumped into our brains via corporate media. Our priorities have been twisted into a dysfunctional puzzle of adolescent desires, childhood fears and mindless obedience to the dominant culture. And most of us haven’t even noticed as we wave a U.S. flag made in China and scream that China is an enemy to fear.

There are logical explanations for most of the concerns I raised, but when added together a potential pattern emerges. Simply because it isn’t scientific, implies sadistic intent on the part of individuals many of us trust and sounds like the proverbial paranoid conspiracy theory doesn’t mean it’s all easily dismissed nonsense. I’d like to read what other people think about this. I’d like honesty, too.

Thank you to everyone who had the patience to finish this. It is rather long for these days of soundbite ideology and 140 character summaries of complex issues.

Peace to all…