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The world of the corporate executive in the U.S.: a “booming” stock market; “strong” economic growth; “America” (their version) is great again; an inordinate effect on elections – uh, make that selections; companies that destroy the environment while diverting billions of dollars from the working class to the parasitic class (like Chevron, Halliburton, Kinder Morgan, Duke Energy, Exxon-Mobil, Devon Energy, EOG Resources, Pioneer Natural Resources and Occidental Petroleum) do not pay federal income tax and some, amazingly, even profit from taxpayer money by receiving tax subsidies from their employees in Washington…

The world of the working class in the U.S.: tens of millions of people living paycheck to paycheck; approximately 600,000 homeless; approximately 200,000 people sleeping on the street, in abandoned buildings or other locations “not suitable for human habitation”; housing and food costs rising more rapidly than income; millions of people needing to choose between clothing and food; millions of children receiving a level of nutrition below accepted standards; millions of people insidiously prevented from voting…

Does anyone still believe democracy and Capitalism are compatible?

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The Wisdom Of Master Po

The Wisdom Of Master Po

We can often find wisdom in unexpected places. Lessons not only come in the form of what to do in certain situations throughout life, but from making observations about what not to do.

I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve learned as much from foolish, reckless people as from wise people. We can also learn from children as there is often wisdom in their simple observations untainted by a judgemental mind.

Here is a nugget of wisdom from Master Po, via the amazing television show Kung Fu, which aired weekly from 1972 to 1975. The very talented actors in this scene are Keye Luke and David Carradine.


Cop25: Never Have So Many Governments Done So Little For So Many by Pete Dolack + Chris Hedges: Sustained Civil Disobedience Necessary To Respond To The Climate Crisis

Suicide and murder?

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‘Tis the Season To Wage Boycotts!

How many of us have the courage to resist the pressures wealthy executives cruelly aim at our minds like weapons of psychological warfare? Do we dare appear cold, insensitive and selfish by not indulging in fundamentalist consumerism?

Do we dare stand up for our (forgotten?) principles and refuse to overindulge in our patriotic duty as consumption engines? Is it acceptable these days to make gifts with our own hands, simple things that have a different meaning other than one of how much hard-earned money was spent? Is it OK to purchase practical (or just fun), inexpensive items for a few loved ones or are we expected to show how good of a person we are by spending more money than we make? Does that indicate how much we care?

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The Racist, Criminally Insane Fascist Takeover Must Be Stopped In Bolivia

Improved civil rights. Improved educational system. Improved infrastructure. Increased wages. Job growth. Booming economy. Decreases in poverty, crime, homelessness, serious illness, health care costs and preventable deaths. A level of inclusiveness that never existed under U.S. approved corporate puppets.

Bolivia had actually achieved democracy in recent years. They have gone in the opposite direction that the United States has taken, as we have allowed our former democracy to become a carcass on the side of the road called  progress.

Have the “powers that be” in the United States looked to Bolivia as a shining light of democracy – what can be accomplished when obscene personal greed is set aside for the well-being of all in a society? After all, isn’t that what democracy actually is about? (OK, we in the U.S. do have a large percentage of imbeciles who can’t differentiate between democracy and Capitalism. Or between needs and desires. But I digress…)

No, we instead decided that no one in this hemisphere can live in anything resembling a democracy since it might give people in other countries (especially here in the U.S.) ideas of actual (as opposed to perceived) freedom. Since you can’t kill an idea, Capitalists need to bury it under megatons of fear, ignorance and desperation.

For centuries, the Indigenous of Bolivia had been second class citizens. Ignored in the election booth, ignored in the corridors of power, ignored by the mainstream media – many relegated to inferior jobs for far too long. Yes, some progress had been made, but it was, as people in this country often say: too little, too late.

Finally, workers stood up and decided enough was enough. They united and organized themselves into a power to be reckoned with and Evo Morales became the first Indigenous person elected president of a South American country. The results have been a thing of beauty.

No, Bolivia did not become a utopia. As all thinking people understand, there is no such thing, at least not on this planet. Creating a just, viable democracy is a long, difficult process and in Bolivia it is still a work in progress – or, was a work in progress – until arrogant, parasitic, “holier than thou” corporate manipulators saw a huge potential for profit in this former “colony” of the United States.

We have allowed wealthy business executives to direct U.S. foreign policy for decades and have seen entire nations decimated to allow U.S. corporations to steal (or buy at a low, low price) the natural resources of sovereign nations. It has usually, though not always, been the governments of oil-producing nations we have invaded either covertly (Operation Condor in Latin America and Operation Ajax, the 1953 coup d’ètat in Iran are two examples) or overtly through actual war.

In Bolivia, it is lithium. What? Bring paid anarchy, death of innocent civilians and devastation to a country over lithium? Yes. Lithium is an extremely sought after material in this day of internet devices and new, improved batteries for the burgeoning electric vehicle industry. Wall Street predators – uh, speculators are drooling over the potential profits of this previously unknown commodity. And some “experts” believe Bolivia might have approximately half of the world’s known deposits of lithium. No wonder so many people around the world are suddenly interested in this sparsely populated Andean nation.

Corporate boot lickers have been writing and talking about how the Organization of American States (controlled mostly by the U.S.) declared there were “irregularities” in the Bolivian election on October 20th. They carefully inserted the term “election fraud” in its place. Clever. They were delighted to write and talk about protests against Evo Morales running for another term over the objections of 51% of the voters in a voter referendum in 2016. (Mind you, 51% of voters didn’t think it was proper for him to flout term limits in running again, it wasn’t a 51% disapproval rating. Evo Morales is much more highly regarded in his country than the current U.S. president is in his country.)

However, how many of those corporate hacks in the media were discussing the fact that the military and police mysteriously and very suddenly changed direction in backing a fascist coup d’ètat, forcing Morales (as well as the Vice President and the President of the Senate) to resign just days after a huge lithium deal between the Morales administration and a German corporation was canceled?

Hmmmm, interesting timing, no?

On December 7, 2018, the Bolivian government signed a deal with a German company, ACI Systems. The state company Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB) started a joint venture with ACI Systems to produce lithium hydroxide for use in the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles. Not long after the disputed election, Bolivia pulled out of the deal. Was it because Morales wanted to extort the German firm? That’s the modus operandi for powerful people in Capitalist countries. That’s something we could believe the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would do.

No, the Morales administration pulled out of the deal because of pressure from the people in the part of Bolivia who would be most affected by the mining of lithium.

What? People were willing to get in the way of corporate profits merely due to the potential destruction of a natural habitat and the addition of a few more manufacturing jobs? Yes. One of the stipulations in the deal was a guarantee that stringent environmental regulations would be adhered to. The people of Potosi wanted a better deal for Bolivia and the executives of the German firm decided that the regulations already agreed upon would take too much of the profits they wanted in their bank accounts.

Salar de Uyuni (pictured here), in Bolivia’s Potosi region, is one of the most serenely beautiful areas on the planet. Tourists from all around the world come to see this incredibly other-worldly paradise. It is one of the most photographed places on the planet. And it is an extremely delicate ecosystem. This is the area that holds the world’s largest deposits of lithium. Most Bolivians care enough to support protecting this amazing place.

Civic groups in Potosi protested against Morales for his re-election because they didn’t want this deal. The temporary fascists in charge want the deal to go through – against the wishes of those with the most at stake.

Now, Jeanine Añez, a right wing extremist, who’s party received just 4% of the vote in the latest election, is the acting president.


The resignations of Evo Morales and Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and the forced decision by Senate President Adriana Salvatierra to keep her position in government but resign as President of the Senate came amid threats of violence against all top MAS officials unless they left office. The campaign of terror included the burning down of houses and the kidnapping of relatives of MAS officials. This placed Añez in a position to assume the presidency. And, this was after President Morales had agreed to hold new elections, but Gen. Williams Kaliman, Bolivia’s military chief, decided that didn’t matter. Obviously the financial backers of the coup had already made the decision to go all the way and try to eliminate the political party that represents the majority of the population. It was the only way these (mostly “Christian” European) wealthy people could take power, reduce the Indigenous majority to second class citizenship – again – and restore Bolivia to its former colony status.

Another interesting fact that highlights the illegitimacy of this administration is that Añez declared herself President while there were not enough senators present to legally vote on legislation since MAS members boycotted the Senate session due to fearing for their lives.

Any government that officially recognizes this illegal administration which took power through a military coup d’ètat condones violence and opposes democracy no matter how cleverly they use the language of politics. We need to urge our leaders, not only in the U.S., but across the world, to stand up for democracy, not bow down to fascism.





My Response To Corporate Democrats

My E-Mail Response To Nancy Pelosi

I don’t normally like to share personal information, but I changed that a bit recently with my plea for help, encouraged by my wife, for our sweet disabled cat, Scooter:


And now I’ve decided to post something else personal, an exchange of e-mails I had with Corporate Democrats today:

xxxxxxxxxxxxx@optonline.net, 2:38PM

To dccc@dccc.org:

We need corporate democrats to retire and to transform the party into a party of caring liberals who will fight the heartless Capitalists and re-establish democracy in the U.S. If we pay attention we can see that kissing Wall Street ass like the current powers in the party are doing only helps the wealthy manipulators.

Only rats win in a rat race.

Let’s FINALLY evolve beyond the pathetic selfishness of attaining personal wealth at the expense of others and create a just system in which everyone has enough access to resources to at least live in relative dignity. We don’t all need (or want) to be millionaires like the old school enablers of economic oppression believe. Some of us care about someone other than ourselves.

Try it, you might like it.

On November 23, 2019 at 1:30 PM Nancy Pelosi <dccc@dccc.org> wrote:



Quickly — do you have 3O seconds to take my November Priorities Survey before it closes at midnight?

YES! →

NO →

R, I want you to hear this directly from me:

 Your valuable input is the key to making sure our Democratic Majority is fortified for years to come.

 I have to tell you how grateful I am for the 6O,582 grassroots Democrats who took the time to complete my November Priorities survey.

 But sadly, with just 11 hours before I close my survey for the month, I’m still missing 8 responses from 10019.

 That’s why I needed to reach out to you one final time — on a Saturday, no less — to make sure you had the opportunity to give me your feedback.

 I know I can count on you, R.

Will you be one of the responses I need before midnight? >>

With gratitude,


Thank you for your thoughtful response to my critical November Priorities Survey!

 I need you to know your input is the key to my strategy to fortify my Democratic Majority for years to come.

 That’s why I have one more favor to ask you: 

 Will you forward my survey to 3 friends and ask them to complete my survey too?




 Quickly — do you have 3O seconds to take my November Priorities Survey before it closes at midnight?

R, I want you to hear this directly from me:

Your valuable input is the key to making sure our Democratic Majority is fortified for years to come.

 I have to tell you how grateful I am for the 6O,582 grassroots Democrats who took the time to complete my November Priorities survey.

 But sadly, with just 11 hours before I close my survey for the month, I’m still missing 8 responses from 10019.

 That’s why I needed to reach out to you one final time — on a Saturday, no less — to make sure you had the opportunity to give me your feedback. I know I can count on you, R.

Will you be one of the responses I need before midnight? >>

With gratitude,


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Mumia Closer Than Ever To Being Released

Sadly, many people confuse justice with revenge, and many people desire revenge so strongly that they will attempt to enact it against an innocent person. Apparently, the quenching of such a powerful emotion, despite being deeply hateful and when flying in the face of facts, can overpower a person’s sense of justice, decency and compassion. This is a death of the spirit. Perhaps one day we will become more civilized.




November 15, 2019


Pam Africa 267-760-7344

Joe Piette 610-931-2615



Mumia Abu-Jamal and his supporters are closer than ever to winning his release after 38 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The Fraternal Order of Police, former district attorneys and other political higher-ups who participated in the frame-up are now shaking in their boots because an innocent man may be given a new trial in which judicial, police and prosecutorial misconduct will be exposed.

Formerly hidden evidence disclosed by current District Attorney Larry Krasner justifies a new trial and Abu-Jamal’s immediate release. That decision is currently in the hands of State Superior Court judges.

Pam Africa, of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal and a MOVE member, said “Abu-Jamal should have been released by Krasner on the basis of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct – as many others have been recently. By doing this, Krasner would be following the color of the law.”

While Maureen Faulkner/Palkovic, widow of Daniel Faulkner, is being put forward as the face of the opposition in recent court proceedings, the real players behind the scenes are the FOP and their cronies. And they are dangerously worried. It is in the interest of the 6,500-member FOP Lodge 5 to bring down Larry Krasner, the popular new DA with an anti-corruption agenda. The FOP’s campaign is nothing less than an effort to terrorize any court official who values justice more than letting an unfair conviction stand.

At a Nov. 12 press conference at the FOP’s lodge, Faulkner claimed, “I’m here for justice.” In 38 years, Faulkner and the FOP have never fought for justice. In fact, the FOP has a decades-long violent and racist history of defending every cop accused of police brutality and terror against Black and Brown and poor people.

Previous district attorneys were more concerned with getting high rates of convictions against African American and Latinx residents than actual justice. Their policies resulted in the unfair jailing of innocent people like Mumia Abu-Jamal and mass incarceration. “The police at the scene, supported by the FOP, also the prosecution under Edward Rendell, knew that Mumia was innocent. The FOP and Faulkner’s recent attempt to remove DA Krasner from Mumia’s new appeals is just another cover-up ” said Rachel Wolkenstein, longtime Mumia supporter.

The FOP wants Abu-Jamal’s case to be taken from Krasner’s office and handled instead by conservative PA Attorney General Joshua Shapiro, who has staffed his office with several former assistant DAs fired from the Philadelphia DAs office–some of whom were complicit in Mumia’s unfair conviction.

DA Krasner says he found potentially damaging evidence about the prosecution’s trial witnesses in newly discovered files. He believes that evidence should be aired in court–but hasn’t said if Abu-Jamal deserves a new trial.

Abu-Jamal’s attorney Judith Ritter contends that the new evidence shows Abu-Jamal’s trial was “fundamentally unfair and tainted by serious constitutional violations.”

Abu-Jamal was a well-known political activist when he was severely beaten by police and charged with murder in 1981. Questions that have been suppressed and buried for decades could now be made public for the first time during a new trial:

• DA Joe McGill paid off witnesses with favors and cash.

• McGill allowed a cab-driver witness with a suspended license to keep driving. (Photos of the crime scene by the Philadelphia Bulletin prove the cabby’s car was literally not at the scene.)

• Joe McGill illegally removed Black jurors.

• Joe McGill tracked and fixed the outstanding cases of other key witnesses.

• The DA’s office for 37 years withheld and suppressed critical information from Mumia’s criminal defense team.

• Judge Albert Sabo stated, “I am going to help them fry the n*****” in front of Judge Richard Klein and court clerk Terry Maurer Carter.

• Alfonso Giordano–Philadelphia Police Commander–the highest ranking officer on the scene of officer Faulkner’s murder on December 9, 1981, falsely stated that Mumia confessed while he was beating him in the police van.

On December 2, Krasner is expected to submit a response to arguments from Abu-Jamal’s lawyers for a new trial–taking a stand for justice against FOP intimidation.

The current FOP attack on DA Krasner is part of the 38-year effort to silence Abu-Jamal once and for all. We who believe in justice will not allow that to happen.

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Mumia is Innocent! Stop the Frame Up! Free Mumia!–

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