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Bruce Willis was paid $115 million for one movie. One movie – “The Sixth Sense.”

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln are paid a million dollars each per episode for a television show called “The Walking Dead.” Yes, per episode.

According to Forbe’s magazine, Taylor Swift made $185 million in 2019 from album sales, the tail end of a live tour and endorsements.

Also according to Forbes, Kim Kardashian has become a billionaire. I’m not sure exactly what she does for that incredible amount of money. I heard she became a celebrity due to a home-made porn movie and has a so-called “reality” television show. Damn. 

Federal Express paid no federal tax on $4.6 billion in profits in 2018 AND received a tax payer refund. Billionaire Fred Smith, founder & chairman of FedEx, lobbied in 2017, along with  7,000 other soulless lobbyists, for a corporate tax break. The corporate tax rate dropped from 35% to 21%. Sixty corporations, including Amazon, IBM & Netflix, payed no federal income tax in 2018, thanks to the Trump-GOP tax scam.

Speaking of Amazon, according to an online article I read, Jeff Bezos’s estimated net worth is $211,705,006,605 as of December 2, 2021. He is the wealthiest person in the world and also in recent history.

According to another article I read online, Larry Ellison, founder of the software services and database management corporation Oracle, is reportedly worth $65.7 billion. And he’s only the seventh wealthiest person on the planet, according to the Forbes Media conglomerate. 


So far, in the year 2021, 2.3 million people (and counting) have died from a lack of nutrition. The UN World Food Programme reported that approximately 7 million people died of hunger in 2020. And, approximately “3.1 million children die from undernutrition every year”, according to UNICEF.

Some people may say something along the lines of “well, those people live thousands of miles away. It isn’t my fault or my responsibility to take care of them.” 


There are more than a half million people living in the streets in the U.S., about 13,000 of them dying each year. There are about 13 million children who go to school without proper nutrition IN THE U.S. and about 200,000 people dying in hospitals in the U.S. annually – deaths that are preventable – AND at the same time thousands of people are collecting huge paychecks, many of them without contributing anything of intrinsic value to society. Many have never worked a day in their silver spoon lives. 

Malnutrition in children affects cognitive function and contributes significantly to debilitating illnesses. It also contributes to poverty, which contributes to malnutrition… 

Quite a vicious cycle. 

Oxfam has reported that more people may die from a lack of nutrition during 2021 than from COVID-19. How much money do we put toward ending starvation? 

Maybe it’s time to fight back against the well-organized and very well-funded psychopaths who have openly declared war against non-wealthy people. 

One day, enough people will feel the pain of all those who suffer and/or die needlessly around the world, whether from a lack of nutrition, from a war they have no decision in being involved in, from sudden changes in the climate (e.g. drought, flooding…) or from environmental calamities related to wealthy people paying corrupt politicians to eradicate necessary regulations. 

Or it could be from a variety of other causes related to desperation – a common problem in societies that base their values on the dogma of a belief system disguised as an economic system. 

And people may finally face the reality that until we drastically change the system most of us use to organize our societies, we will continue to see millions of people (and billions of animals) die from preventable causes – preventable in a society in which people care more about life than about money and possessions. This is a disgrace that we all need to take some responsibility for.

That day, when we admit the error of our ways and stop the unnecessary deaths and suffering of so many, we may have a chance at becoming as civilized as many of us believe we already are. 





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