A Tale Of Two Worlds

There are these two distinctly different ideologies at odds in the Americas today.

One places all people at the center by providing affordable housing, affordable education, health care for all, a diverse economy which includes government-sponsored programs to give opportunities to artists and other people who are left out of “free market” economies, holds actual elections, has respect for nature and desires a government which includes people from all walks of life with everyone being given a voice.

The other places bank accounts of wealthy people at the center, prevents the vast majority of people from having a say in government, wages war on voting rights, promotes a caste system based on appearance and economic status, expects a large percentage of the population to die in poverty (including children), considers compassion a weakness and greed a positive trait, encourages people to take what they can get when they can get it regardless of who is hurt in the process, promotes violence against citizens of sovereign nations on foreign and domestic soil, poisons the air, soil & water of the entire planet and calls it progress, considers women inferior to men, promotes animal abuse for profit, encourages destruction of the environment, protects free speech when the subject is hate toward non-white people yet condemns free speech for free thinking people who hold opinions that differ from those of the dominant culture…

Need I continue?

The viciously predatory “leaders” of the United States of Corporations are interfering in the domestic dealings of Venezuela, a country in the process of creating a new constitution – which is an attempt to guarantee that democracy be allowed to flourish. (It may not be perfect, but it is an attempt at fairness and justice). The people of this South American nation realize that a true democracy needs to update its constitution to keep up with changes in the world as well as to rethink who might not be able to fully enjoy the fruits of the current system as these changes occur. Needs change. People must evolve to keep up with the rulers attempts to retain control over the masses.

Corporate manipulators constantly adapt their methods to continue to rape and pillage the working class (as well as government coffers). They adapt by manipulating language and spreading disinformation through the media. They conform their techniques to the changing attitudes of society. This is very easy to do when you own virtually the entire media in a country – the way it is in the U.S. They make sure that elections are corporate-sponsored events in which the biggest spender is almost guaranteed to win. They purchase media time to control the flow of information and presto! The corporate lapdog (or whore depending on niceties of language) is sitting pretty in a government position where they can divert resources that belong to “we the people” into the pockets of greedy business executives who often already have more money than they can spend. These pathetic, fake politicians are literally owned by their corporate overlords.

That this puts families in the streets, compromises the health of the entire nation, causes infrastructure to fall apart, destroys free speech, increases poverty across the nation, increases violence through desperation which increases crime (and therefore profits of the prison industrial complex), breaks apart families, breaks down the educational system, breeds apathy and complacency…

… never seems to become an important part of the discussion. The Capitalist Indoctrination Process has no room for compassion. It doesn’t have a tangible value to sociopaths. It can’t be added to the infamous “bottom line” in the corporate ledger.

All of which increases ignorance which increases hate and intolerance and the entire thing feeds on itself like a sick, twisted circle of cannibalistic barbarism.

I could continue with details, but this isn’t a news outlet. I merely write about observations I make and never know just what I will write about until I’m doing it. Yes, this is a blog about my opinions. Yet, I educate people much more efficiently than mainstream media sources. I provide information with my opinions, they obediently put people in formation.

The following is a link to a video by Abby Martin. She spent time in Venezuela and gives us a much more realistic idea of what is happening there than the corporate prostitutes many of us watch reverentially every night:

15 comments on “A Tale Of Two Worlds

  1. righteous rant!
    who knew living
    on this precious planet
    led by the unwise
    who chase after power,
    wealth, fame & sex,
    could be so complicated 🙂

  2. It’s a sad commentary on a nation that was once the beacon of democracy.

  3. Yes. I got a little too angry, but that happens to me once in a while. 😀 It can be extremely difficult to see such despicable injustice every day for such a long time and feel helpless to do anything about it.

    Intellectually, I understand that everything happens for a reason and nothing actually exists other than the present moment, but it can be tough to stay present at times. Oh well, I’m far from enlightened. 🙂

    Thanks for reading my rant and commenting.


  4. Yes, it is. I apologize for getting angry, but I still believe our behavior as a nation in recent years is barbaric. It has become extremely embarrassing these days to be from the U.S.

    Thanks, John, for reading and commenting. 😀

  5. I have many American friends and acquaintances so I know you are not alone in your feelings. I need to keep my anger in check more than I do – so I sympathize. All we can do is focus on what is good and wonderful while continuing to make our voices heard. Be well!

  6. A compelling and astute contrast of the choices we live with every day. But then, what can one expect from a nation like the USA that was built on genocide, theft, war and slavery yet has always lived with the illusion and portrayed itself as a beacon of peace and freedom?

  7. Truly sad, the shining beacon is no more.

  8. Thanks for raising awareness on what’s going on in Venezuela. My next blog post, “Guyana ties the knot with ExxonMobil,” will throw more light on the capitalist forces at work in the region. Guyana and Venezuela have a century-old border dispute that is being exploited by ExxonMobil for its own profit-making pursuits.

    Wherever we live, in a world dominated by the transnational corporations, our lives don’t matter. As you rightly observe: “The Capitalist Indoctrination Process has no room for compassion. It doesn’t have a tangible value to sociopaths. It can’t be added to the infamous “bottom line” in the corporate ledger.”

  9. I look forward to reading your post, Rosaliene. It’s a tragic state of affairs that corporations are able to foment ongoing disputes merely for their short-term illusory “profits.”

  10. You’re absolutely right. While I show flashes of anger and impatience in many of my posts, it’s the only time I express it. I don’t rant to people I see day to day, I only write about these things. 🙂 I rarely discuss politics – only when someone engages me, and then only some of the time. Sometimes I just smile and make a short, neutral comment.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion. I appreciate it.

  11. Yes, this is what we can expect from the ruling class manipulators who have fattened themselves on the spoils of genocide, slavery, imperialism, invasion of sovereign nations and economic terrorism both domestic and foreign. However, I expect some of the people to be aware of what has transpired and to have some sense of compassion, justice, empathy, guilt – maybe?

    What has to happen in someone’s heart when they believe in and support a system that deprives children of shelter, decent clothing, nutrition and an education? A system that profits on death, illness and the spreading of suffering worldwide? Their mind is told reasons that somehow (???) must seem sane, but what does their heart say? I honestly have never been able to understand these things. I guess that’s why I have difficulty feeling love for some people and forgiving them for taking actions I find despicable (like voting for trump).

    Thank you for the comment.

  12. Actually, the beacon moved overseas. Look at Bolivia and Venezuela for a start.

  13. I guess this is why people (like me) have to learn to forgive some of the people showing support for sociopaths in the world, teach them the (severe) errors of their ways and join together in an effort to eliminate the parasitic ownership class that lives off the work of the rest of society.

  14. Thanks, Carol. And when these corporations are huge and powerful, they can topple foreign governments.

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