2016 Vote Fraud and Sanders’ Landslide

Thanks to the whining of obedient, morally questionable Clinton supporters, corporate criminals (treasonous agents working against “We the people”) were able to get away with election fraud as they put a despicable economic predator/rapist in the White House. It wouldn’t have worked against the strongly favored Bernie Sanders, who soundly defeated trump in ALL polls during the entire campaign.

Welcome to the United States of Corporations…

Source: 2016 Vote Fraud and Sanders’ Landslide

6 comments on “2016 Vote Fraud and Sanders’ Landslide

  1. Yes, very sad. The saddest fact of all is that so many people are willing to accept something so disgusting and do nothing to change it. We’ve become so conditioned to obeying every whim of the rulers we’ve lost our compassion, intelligence and will to survive as a species.

    Yes, very sad. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Until we get money out of our political system, the rich and powerful will continue to demolish whatever is left of our democracy. When they win, we ALL lose. A luxurious bunker on a hellish planet would also be Hell for them.

  3. Thanks for putting up the link. I think one of the most important points Simon makes is in the last chapter of his book is that we gotta get rid of computerized voting machines – and that this is fairly easy to do since it involves people organizing locally at the level of their county election authorities. He maintains Americans need to take this on as their first priority – that the rigged machines have far more impact on the outcome of elections than vote suppression, gerrymandering or corporate theft of elections (in fact he documents it).

  4. Yes, I agree. The system they are so completely devoted to is suicidal so it’s amazing that so many people can be fooled into going along with it. It says a lot about the lengths to which the ruling class will go to have everything they desire plus more. And it says a lot about the severely dysfunctional obedience of the majority of the working class that they will accept it as sane.

  5. I felt that way about 15 years ago when Democracy Now aired a show about two brothers who owned a company (or possibly 2 companies, one run by each ot them – my memory is sketchy) that sold computerized voting machines and they bragged to GOP officials about the ability to flip a switch and automatically make the reaults work out to a 51% win for the republican. A GOP election official actually had the decency to leak the information and complain that it wasn’t right. (He obviously is among a tiny majority in his party).

    When the story disappeared quickly I knew it would pose a problem for many years – at least until someone brought it back into the corporate news and got a lot of people concerned about bringing some semblance of fairness back to the U.S. election process.

    I agree that it is a top priority if we are ever going to have anything resembling a democracy in this country.

    Thank you for posting this very important story.

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