Lessons In Life #3

Howard Zinn’s simple, yet necessary, reply to the rulers’ First Commandment of Capitalism?

“But remember, this power of the people on top depends on the obedience of the people below. When people stop obeying, they have no power.”


Apparently, for many people freedom is a difficult concept to comprehend. This is obviously due to the indoctrination forced on us from the Hate & Fear Peddlers known as corporate media. However, if sane people who don’t cower in fear of acceptance in this delusional world of Capitalism continue to spread truth, we might evolve as a species. If not, we will be destroyed as the changes the planet is going through are sped up and life as we know it ceases to exist. Sure, the planet will still be here and other forms of life will adapt, but human life and most animal life will not be able to adapt so quickly to changes meant to take a much longer span of time to come about.

Of course, you would think that some of the people who are forcing these changes are somewhat intelligent. This begs the question of what they have in mind. Do they have a way of surviving a serious cataclysm that will change the entire planet? Or do they believe they do? A disturbing thought.

Regardless of whether the planet is destroyed due to the suicidal obsession with possessions that has consumed the minds of so many people today, the civilized way to live would be to allow for all people to enjoy the necessities of life. Is there anyone out there who honestly believes differently? Are there actually people who still believe Social Darwinism is an acceptable way to limit the human population? True, we have too many people on the planet, but there are more civilized ways of dealing with overpopulation and few have seemed interested in them. The ownership class seems content with allowing mindless breeding habits to create a never-ending supply of cheap labor.

Could the people who’ve designed our society actually have been haphazardly making incoherent rules as we move along in a slow, deliberate suicide? Sometimes it seems like a sick experiment that has gone wrong. Are these people as stupid as their spokespeople we see in the media every day? Is human life merely a big joke being played on those with the ability to think coherently? We see denigration of creativity and universal compassion. We see the encouragement and rewarding of greed, selfishness and exclusion of others. Moral courage is attacked as unrealistic idealism that is “unaffordable” today. We allow fear and hate to be a significant aspect of our existence and we’ve become conditioned to a level previously unacceptable to any sane and compassionate person.

This essay started as a spontaneous thought and it took off in its own direction. I’ll end it by asking readers to please put down your thoughts on the subject. At least we may have an entertaining post in which we ponder thoughts of our existence. Or maybe we can reassess our priorities and start demanding a change in the suicidal path we so mindlessly traverse.

Thank you.

12 comments on “Lessons In Life #3

  1. The arrogance of intellectual hubris will meet its own demise. Or, as John F. Kennedy put it: “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.”

    Society’s ruling elites believe they have it all figured out. They can and are replacing human labor with automation and robotics. Although workers can be replaced, consumers cannot. With no peons left to purchase their goods and services, their precious system of capitalism collapses. What remains is a flat, stagnant society where everyone sees themselves at the top. What could possibly go wrong with that arrangement? In-fighting and self-destruction, that’s what! And, this bleak scenario presumes that the elites will escape the ravages of climate change – another monumental miscalculation.

  2. Removed and disconnected from those at the very bottom of their capitalist economic pyramid, the powerful minority elite believe that they will survive the collapse of society that sustains them. Their private jets will whisk them to their luxurious havens underground. Though they’ve made such a mess of taking care of Earth, some of them are planning to colonize Mars.

  3. What’s going on today truly is astonishing to those who have retained the ability to think for themselves.

    You pointed out the disdain for anything other than personal desires of the wealthy, but the suicidal apathy of their ignorant followers is impossible to comprehend. The wealthy apparenly are the type that believe there is nothing other than this one lifetime and want to fulfill every wanton desire they possibly can. How this sickness extends to the working class fools who worship wealth (and the wealthy) is pure insanity.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  4. You’re right, it is insanity.

  5. Again, it’s astonishing how so many people find ways to deny reality and abrogate their responsibilities as citizens of the world. Isn’t it shocking how many people have been convinced to deny compassion and intelligence just to have more “stuff” that has such transient value? The contradictions boggle the mind. People profess fervent love for their children and grandchildren, then take mindless actions that will undoubtedly leave the planet uninhabitable for them. Don’t people realize this? Do THAT many people honestly believe the severe changes in weather patterns throughout the planet mean nothing?

    And how many people could actually afford what it would take to colonize a planet so far away? The fact that there are people who even contemplate colonizing another planet rather than taking care of the one we currently inhabit is seriously sick. We are a sick society. Hopefully, the sane wrest control of the planet before we actually pass the point at which survival is impossible.

    Thank you for the comment, Rosaliene.

  6. I share your concern and disbelief.

  7. I think the power the ruling elite has enjoyed over the last 100 years relates mainly to their absolute control of information. With the Internet, their ability to suppress information is rapidly diminishing – and thus their control.

  8. Yes, somewhat, but they’ve figured out how to get it back. Plus, the majority of the population has been so severely dumbed down there is less of a threat. Think about it: millions of people actually voted for donald trump.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion.

  9. What bothers me is that millions of people actually voted . . . in an entirely fake, rigged election. Even if the votes were properly counted there was no one to vote for, not to mention the fact that the capitalist ruling class are not going to allow themselves to be simply voted out of power!

  10. Exactly. That’s why we have selections instead of elections.

    Capitalists will never allow true elections, a free flow of information (which would mean open discussion of policy matters and how they affect the population), a fair tax code, regulation of media that will guarantee truth in “news”, financial regulation which would open up economic opportunities for someone other than billionaires and multimillionaires, universal health care, justice for political prisoners (out of fear they would educate the masses) and anything else that would contribute to an enlightened, free society.

    They want us right where we are – under their bootheels and vulnerable to their every whim.

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