Oh yeah, I remember that thing we used to have called the U.S. Constitution. Now we call it toilet paper…



  1. I live in Los Angeles and fear for my sons every time they go out late at night.

  2. I don’t know what to say, Rosaliene.

    Though NYPD still has a disproportionate percentage of white police officers in relation to the overall white population, almost half of the members of NYPD are non-white. How could the police force of a major U.S. city have such a large number of officers on a call and all be white? I don’t understand this. I spend a lot of time walking the streets and when I come across more than 2 police officers I rarely see only white. It’s usually a mix. Obviously there is plenty of racism among police officers here, but how do you get that many white officers on a call without any being Black, Latino or Asian? There were “about 13 cops” on the scene.

    Now, of course, I’m assuming they were all white considering what went down and because one witness said “they live 30 miles away.” I would take that to mean that due to their appearance it was obvious the cops don’t live in that area.

    If they weren’t all white, it’s even worse. That would mean that the non-white officers either are forced to go along with this despicable behavior (which I find unlikely) or care more about protecting fellow cops than about justice. What else should being a police officer be about if not justice?

    Growing up I heard stories about cops in L.A. being “the worst” in the country. Police brutality was rampant. When Philadelphia had numerous cases of police brutality hit the news back in the 1970s, people were calling them the L.A. of the east.

    What’s your opinion? Do you have insight as to the makeup or behavior of the L.A. police? Am I missing something?

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