Land of the Free?

This isn’t something I planned on writing. It’s just a spontaneous rant on a long held amazement of what’s going on in this nation of lost, weak-minded souls who have allowed civil rights to be plucked out of our grip like lunch money by the school bully. I’ve witnessed the minds of millions turned to jello as corporate media spout putrid bile dressed up in a costume of worthwhile news. I’ve seen corporate-manipulated AND self-imposed censorship spread like a potent virus as the “revered” U.S. Constitution is reduced to nothing more than toilet paper for the corporate-owned members of Congress and the Supreme Court.

Some observations…

For two years, I enjoyed using Youtube. It’s an amazingly large storehouse of music – especially music I haven’t heard in years. I commented freely on music videos and on videos about various political and social issues on a regular basis. I stated my opinion many times on many different issues and the worst thing that happened was being verbally abused (a few times threatened with violence) by people who’d lost the ability to think for themselves. I never felt threatened by these dull-witted knuckledraggers. I figured everyone has the right to an opinion – even if it’s someone else’s.

It turns out they weren’t the dangerous ones…

In 2011, I became part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I uploaded a number of videos about what was going on at Zuccotti Park and around NYC at the time – most of which had descriptions of opinion and well-researched information. At least one listed a number of changes the people at OWS wanted to make. (Remember that one of the favorite talking points of the corporate sluts bashing OWS in the Fall of 2011 was that we didn’t know what we wanted – other than to complain, not work and be dirty). 

Within weeks, I was unable to comment on political videos on Youtube. Then, a little later, I was unable to comment on ANY videos.

One day, I had trouble uploading a video I’d filmed at an OWS event. I made 13 attempts at uploading and it didn’t go through. I got an idea at this point and changed the brief description I put in as part of the process. I changed OWS to Tea Party. It went through on the next attempt. On the next OWS clip I tried to upload, I put OWS in the description and made 7 or 8 attempts. No go. Then, I changed OWS in the description to Tea Party. It went through immediately.

It that a coincidence?

 Eventually, after the movement’s popularity waned I was able to comment occasionally, but never more than once in a span of several months. These days, I’m unable to comment at all on Youtube from any computer. (Coincidence?) I’ve since stopped attempting to voice my opinion on that particular Fascist medium.

During the time I spent at Zuccotti Park, I started using Twitter. I didn’t like the idea of being limited to such a short comment, but I learned how to be concise and (hopefully) make a point in 140 characters or less. I found what appeared to be like-minded people and felt optimism at the possibility of helping create actual change in this amazingly dysfunctional society we live in. I slowly built a small amount of “followers”, many of whom not only retweeted my tweets, but “favorited” and commented positively about many of them. This was while my observations were centered on the incredibly obvious sociopathic agenda of multinational corporations and members of the GOP Crime Syndicate.

However, when I questioned the sincerity of popular (corporate) Democrats, expressed contempt at the dogmatic obedience to Capitalism of supposed “liberals” or pointed out rampant inconsistencies in media outlets labeled as “left wing” (by right wing deciders) the number of followers dropped.

Oh, and I can’t leave out how showing compassion for Palestinians and actually considering them human beings was tantamount to treason to “fans” of the terrorist state of Israel on Twitter.

I was dismayed at first, then resigned myself to treading the outlying areas of political discourse on social media.

About a year ago, I started this blog. I figured this was a place where I could give my opinions on various important matters and engage in insightful dialogue with other people who see the dangerous direction in which we’ve been heading for the past few decades. I’ve enjoyed provoking people into thinking about the dangers of allowing a state religion of worshipping possessions; the mindless destruction of the environment; the sociopathic behavior of a class of people who will kill, maim, sicken and displace millions – if not billions – of people in the twisted, single-minded pursuit of collecting an obscene amount of wealth; the auctioning of our government to corporations and – most important – the insidious behavior modification plan that has reduced the majority of the population to obedient automatons staring at shiny objects and playing with bells and whistles.

This last issue is, obviously, of paramount importance for two reasons. It allows the rest to happen more easily and the act of attempting to render people unable to think their own thoughts is about as despicable a thing as someone can do to fellow human beings.

I’ve enjoyed not only posting essays, but commenting on the blogs of some extremely talented and perceptive writers.

Suddenly, a couple of months ago, I found I was unable to post comments or “like” any posts on WordPress. Since then, I’ve reacquired the “ability” to comment, but can’t even see the like button on any blogs – including my own.

Now, I don’t have many followers so I’m not under a delusion that I’m a significant target of Wall Street. I’m not a computer expert, but I believe it’s probable that these problems are with the computer I use and not tinkering by the corporation that owns WordPress. Be that as it may, I can’t shake the feeling that this computer may have been blacklisted.

Most people will call me paranoid. People with advanced computer skills will say it’s just a slow computer or some other “logical” thing. That’s OK, I’m not too thin-skinned. But, who thought years ago that every communication made by every citizen in the U.S. would be recorded every day? Paranoid people, that’s who.

I decided to include links to two videos. The first is one of the “dangerous” videos I posted of an OWS protest on Dec. 17, 2011 at Duarte Square in NYC. In the description, the 2012 NDAA is mentioned as well as the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists Act. These are two actions by the U.S. government which seriously affect the rights of free speech of a society in which free speech was one of the basic rights it was founded on. It’s over six minutes long so patience will be required. The second video, for the sake of keeping things somewhat light, is George Carlin on the FCC. Enjoy…

4 comments on “Land of the Free?

  1. OWS posed a perceived existential threat to the corporate state, and that’s why it was put down so efficiently. Authoritarians don’t like unruly peasants. So, it’s not farfetched that you might have been blacklisted. I’ve encountered similar issues on other social media sites which I have written about. However, your inability to “like” posts or comment on them may be a browser problem. Next time it occurs, try a different browser and see what happens.

  2. Yes, to be honest, I’m sure THAT actually is simply a technical problem with the computer. But, it still teased the paranoid in me and pushed me a bit into writing this little rant. However, in my humble opinion, the rest of the “coincidences” are a different story. I also had other strange experiences with Google (Youtube). The view count on some videos that recieved a lot of views in the first few hours mysteriously stopped counting – premanently. I received a number of comments on a couple of OWS videos AFTER the counter had stopped. Seriously, even long after they were posted. Yes, it’s possible that THAT, too, is a technical problem. (Though, it was never fixed).On the other hand, I don’t actually believe in coincidences. They add up to something.

    During the Fall of 2011, when many people gathered at Zuccotti Park and it was the number one tourist attraction in NYC, a few people commented that they thought they were being followed. Some people called them paranoid. After the dust had settled, we found out that NYPD AND other agencies had been tailing people they considered possible “leaders” of OWS.

    Anyway, I don’t want to ramble any longer. Thanks for the comment. And, thanks for your many insightful posts. Peace.

  3. To piggyback off Robert’s suggestion, you might want to try logging into your WP blog on a different computer that you trust. I have occasional glitches at my blog but it usually works itself out…the pitfalls of putting one’s blog on someone else’s servers.

    That being said, it’s been a privilege to make your virtual acquaintance. Your conscience and moral clarity are sorely needed in this world. Ultimately, the platforms are unimportant…FB, Twitter, WordPress, it’s the voices that matters. I hear a lot of people mimic Dr. King’s words about the moral arc of the universe bending towards justice. I think what was left unsaid is that the arc isn’t going to bend itself. We need all hands on deck to get this thing bended.

    Peace and solidarity.

  4. You have that point nailed perfectly. Many people talk about things changing on the planet and seem to think it should happen on its own. Apparently, they don’t understand that fixing the problems of the world can’t happen with the same type of thinking that created the problems in the first place and that it takes real people to start making those changes. Also, that a certain amount of people need to find the courage in themselves to decide to break out of their comfort zone to help the human race evolve to the point necessary to survive the potential societal suicide we’re facing.

    Thanks for all of your effort to help wake up ordinary people and inspire them to do extraordinary things. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and to read your enlightening and stimulating essays (and poetry). Peace.

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