Shouldn’t Doctors Be HEALERS Instead Of DEALERS?

I’m with my quadriplegic friend in a hospital. She’s got a serious bone infection and needs to heal. We have supplements made from raw, organic vegetables – exactly what she needs to heal. When we speak with the “doctor” about them being given to her, we receive a look of derision. The doctor will prescribe vitamins full of chemicals manufactured by an industry with a long history of poisoning people.

“But, these are organic – free of toxins…”

“I can’t approve them. I can only prescribe what we have in the hospital.”

So, this is a doctor?

Should we start calling them toxin dealers? Poison engineers? Social designers culling humanity? Maybe, agents of misfortune dealing death and disease to helpless patients  victims who are directed to increase their chances of drug addiction. How about plain ol’ drug pushers? Selling a joint can get you arrested, but pushing toxic chemicals that kill millions of people and cause numerous diseases is simply business as usual.

Who thinks this is OK?

We need healers instead of dealers.

Seriously, who believes this is acceptable? We obviously can’t force doctors employees of Big Pharma to follow OUR health advice or vote people off the boards of major corporations. However, we CAN vote for politicians who’ll stop the insanity and hold wealthy executives accountable. Instead we allow most of the few honest, compassionate people in Washington to be kicked out of OUR government through nefarious strategies such as redistricting (anyone remember Dennis Kucinich?) and character assassination by corporate propaganda artists.

According to the Journal of Patient Safety, as many as 440,000 people DIE in U.S. hospitals from “preventable medical errors” every year – more than a thousand a day!

In hospitals.

That’s right, more people die due to incompetence and/or ignorance in hospitals in the U.S. than from automobile accidents, murder or illegal drugs. It’s the third leading cause of death in the U.S. 

According to the Center for Responsive Politics,  Pfizer spent $1.8 million during the 2012 election cycle. Merck, Abbott Laboratories, Amgen and AstraZeneca each spent over a million dollars. What are they buying? 

Besides the souls of corrupt politicians and medical professionals?

They are attempting to purchase legislation which will make it virtually impossible for U.S. citizens to choose natural vitamins and supplements. (These products are already prohibitively expensive for many people). Instead of being able to induce healing through raw, organic food the way nature intended, people are increasingly forced to spend their money on synthetic chemical concoctions which actually increase disease and drug addiction instead of healing.

They are buying the right to bypass the necessary steps to insure safety in order to get their products fast-tracked and on the pharmacy shelves as quickly as possible.

They are buying the legal right to pay fines for killing people instead of accepting responsibility for their actions by facing criminal charges the way most people are expected to do. 

They are also giving free samples of their products to doctors along with corporate propaganda touting the amazing “healing abilities” of these dangerous substances – just to increase corporate profits.

Most of us have always assumed that doctors are intelligent, caring individuals. In a civilized society, a healer would report these insidious criminal activities being perpetrated on an unsuspecting population. Apparently, Capitalist indoctrination has reared its ugly head in medical schools as students are encouraged to obey the established doctrine of surgery and pharmaceuticals instead of furthering knowledge in a respected field by finding out what actually heals. Today, it seems most doctors abrogate their responsibilities to their fellow citizens and go for the money. Many have become nothing more than salespeople for the pharmaceutical industry and agents for the medical propaganda industry.

Think about it. Healing diseases and disorders would shrink the so-called “healthcare” industry. (Since they care more about industry than health, a more apt name would be sickness care). Since the dominant philosophy in modern society revolves around creating wealth (instead of health), we’ve been conditioned to accept “treating” disease and living with it instead of attempting to eliminate it. Imagine all those billions of dollars spent on cancer treatments disappearing. Why aren’t people told more about the Gerson Therapy, for example? It has been PROVEN that this natural system of using raw, organic foods as medicine can eliminate most forms of cancer.

But, no, we can’t upset the “markets”. The economy “needs” that wealth (as if the economy is actually the living organism instead of the people).

If I convinced someone to consume poison and that person died or became seriously ill because of it, I’d go to jail and be convicted of murder or manslaughter. Why do we not hold wealthy entrepreneurs (financial terrorists?) to these same standards? Why do we allow them to hide behind the glossy, Madison Ave.-polished images of multibillion dollar corporations making life wonderful through technological advancements?

Is it because they are the “job creators” corporate media places on pedestals every day?

Is it because we’re afraid to “rock the boat” and possibly lose our pathetic, insignificant jobs if we don’t obey the sociopathic rules of the predatory class?

Is it because we’re too lazy and apathetic to find the names of the “captains of industry” who directly cause poverty and sickness and stop them from further destruction?

This is an inevitable, perilous trend in a society that preaches the doctrine of a wealth-obsessed system such as Capitalism. We will not survive as a species until we evolve beyond this barbaric, suicidal state religion that indoctrinates our youth (and us all) 24 hours a day every day of our lives.

Do we want this time in human history to be remembered as a time in which we placed more importance on possessions than life? Do we want to be seen as having the twisted priorities of cold, sterile corporations? Do we want to be thought of as less than human?

There is a Cherokee saying that goes like this:

“Our first teacher is our own heart.”

 Apparently, many in the ruling class have failed this first and, ultimately, most important lesson.

5 comments on “Shouldn’t Doctors Be HEALERS Instead Of DEALERS?

  1. “There is a Cherokee saying that goes like this:

    “Our first teacher is our own heart.”

    Apparently, many in the ruling class have failed this first and, ultimately, most important lesson.”

    Great analysis and conclusion. I would only add that the it’s not just the ruling class but all of us who stand by silently on the sidelines who have failed. I include myself, for far too many years I choose apolitical apathy as an excuse for engaging in the issues of our time. There is no better time or day than now to raise one’s voice to join the cacophony struggling to find it’s harmony.

    Peace and solidarity.

  2. Edit: I include myself, for far too many years I chose apolitical apathy as an excuse for not engaging in the issues of our time.

  3. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I often allow people to slide off the hook of responsibility by placing all of the blame for society’s ills on the predators. Obviously, if more people would show the courage to find their voice and do their part in making effective change, we might actually have a civilization. Instead, most people exist in a self-destructive state of apathy, ignorance and self-censorship. The rulers set the framework of discussion and people obey. They even set the tone of dissent and many still obey. It can be frustrating, but when we see people showing the strength to dissent from the dominant opinion, we all become stronger. Progress usually starts with just a few people of courage and, then, larger numbers are inspired. Thanks for doing so much for “the struggle”. Peace.

  4. If you ask a hospital doctor about the constraints he/she is under, I think you will find that capitalism is not the only explanation for what doctors prescribe. In addition, I found out after my own cancer surgery that doctors are not necessarily well educated on nutrition.

    In addition, if you want to make your case, then you will need to point to the results of peer-reivewed studies. Such studies guide doctors’ thinking more than capitalism does.

  5. Curt, In my opinion, you’re looking at this too simplistically. It isn’t as if a doctor thinks “I’m Capitalist so I must not support health over wealth.”

    In our society, Capitalism has become not only the state religion, but the main philosophy of life. We are indoctrinated so deeply that it underlies virtually every decision we make – whether we see it or not. In a more humanist type of society, the well-being of people would be of paramount importance. Medical students would be encouraged to combine a natural approach to healing that addresses the causes of illness with modern techniques which can be useful once disease sets in into an effective, holistic approach that could conceivably make disease rare. This would reduce our Sickness Care system to a size that scares the hell out of Fundamentalist Capitalists who currently control our society as well as convert it to actual health care.
    Also, there is ample evidence that the better financed a health product is, the more accepted it is by the “health industry” (those two words should never have been combined).

    I didn’t feel the need to supply evidence (though I occasionally do). This blog is strictly opinion. I don’t write “articles” for a news outlet. Besides, most studies found in corporate media are corporate-financed. That’s how deep the problem is. Money taints everything it touches. As a matter of fact, viable alternatives to industry-accepted medical treatments are almost always given unfair reviews in medical establishment media. They are nothing more than corporate propaganda outlets. They cleverly use a word like journal in the name and mention the universities that sell their integrity for the status of being at the forefront of technology.

    We are much more advanced technologically as a society than spiritually. Where has our technology brought us? Half of our population is expected to have some form of cancer. We’re destroying potential life-saving plants in our jungles every day – yet spend hundreds of billions of dollars on synthetic chemicals that treat disease without healing. Doesn’t that set off alarm bells for you?

    I guess we’ll have to politely disagree on this issue. However, I must say that it pains me to see how easily fooled so many people are by official sounding names and clever uses of language to disguise an uncivilized way of life. One day, there will be a shift in consciousness that opens up a new way of life in which all people will be treated with respect. Dignity is never for sale in a civilization. Peace.

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