Corporate Big Brother Isn’t So Brotherly

The day after posting an article that gave the point of view of Nicholas Maduro on the attempted coup designed by U.S. corporations to take control of the largest oil supply in the world, using our corrupt government as a tool to disingenuously provide infotainment to the ignorant masses, I was prevented from using my WordPress account. At first I thought it was just a problem with my iPad, but over the course of three and a half months I was kept out of my blog on several devices. I’ve used several library computers as well as personal devices during that time and never got into the account. Interesting…

Here’s a link to the post that is apparently so inappropriate:


I wondered if it wasn’t a coincidence that on so many devices I was unable to access my account. I certainly haven’t used my site to post pornography or rants of hate – although the second of those is definitely allowed online. I see it every day, including in the corporate media that I grew up believing to be responsible and respectable. (Some of it is so hateful and disgusting it might be logical to consider it pornography of the mind).

My iPad is old and, due to planned obsolescence (a commandment of Capitalism), is incredibly slow. For example when I would go to the official site of the National Basketball Association to check on the N.Y. Knicks, by the time I found out the score the game was usually over. When I occasionally go to the major league baseball website to find out how the New York Yankees are doing (hey, no hating!) I get access to stories glorifying the players who hit the most home runs but no Yankee score. But I get something.

I wondered if WordPress could be so amenable to the sadistic corporate agenda that even a tiny site with less than 400 followers going against the opinion of, apparently, about 90% of the country could pose enough of a threat to be shut down temporarily. Nah. It can’t be that. That’s ridiculous.

But why wouldn’t I be able to access my site on public computers? Hmmm. That’s a tough one to figure out. Let us not forget the USA Patriot Act signed by George W. Bush in October 2001. That anti-democratic invasion of privacy allows spy agencies to keep track of what we take out of libraries to read and watch.

I have learned over the past few years which subjects are taboo in the United States: the belief system of Capitalism and the war crimes of Israel. Venezuela’s current system does not obey the demands of the current global rulers so they are punished. Incessantly, through manipulation of information as well as the usual tools of coercion: economic blockades and other weapons of financial war. As far as the censorship, there are many facets, I’ve noticed a few.

I’m going to shift gears here for a moment.

I have a Youtube account. I opened it in 2009 and enjoyed making short videos about various subjects, the most controversial being a few local protests I’d attended, but it was mostly to post recordings of my music. Nothing actually controversial. I often listened to music and occasionally commented on videos.

Then I joined the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In October of 2011, I started posting videos from Zuccotti Park in Downtown Manhattan and once they started to get a bit more popular than my previous videos, a few months into the “occupation”, I was banned from uploading anything. Anything. Soon after, I was prevented from commenting on videos, whether political or just music. More than seven years later I’m still unable to comment on the site.

I used to have a Twitter account. I was creative in my use of hash tags and had tweets retweeted every day, but I noticed something strange – and disturbing. My “clever” tweets got me hundreds of followers fairly quickly, but every time I posted poignant questions about the state religion of the U.S. or why we allow our government to support a violent military regime in the Middle East that possesses nuclear weapons and regularly kills unarmed people, the number of “followers” who stopped following my account was larger than the number of new “followers.” The pattern persisted for quite a while.

These “followers” were apparently people who supported regulation of the financial industry, protection of endangered animals and habitats, a single payer health care system, funding of school lunches for children in poverty, increased funding of the EPA, regular testing of our drinking water, tighter health regulations of our food industry, investigating the fast tracking of dangerous synthetic chemical compounds allowed in our food and medications, elections instead of selections every November, a crackdown on government corruption, the raising of capital gains tax and federal income tax on wealthy individuals…

… but not the questioning of the economic system that is the engine powering the continuance of all of these problems that need immediate attention or asking ourselves if we should support one religion over others, thousands of miles away – despite the fact that the United States was created to escape religious fanaticism and intolerance.

I’ve learned that there are very few free thinkers in the world today. Very few. Many people still have a grasp on basic civil rights and haven’t been swept up in this disgusting movement in recent years which attempts to validate white privilege, unbridled greed, religious intolerance, the spreading of fear and hate labeled as free speech, extreme emotionally-charged reactions as a valid way of formulating ideas as opposed to acting from a place of compassion and acceptance and well, general dysfunction. Collectively, we seem to have lost our respect for individual freedoms and privacy. We think nothing of exposing our innermost thoughts to strangers, ranting publicly about personal peeves and allowing quasi-governmental control agencies to examine everything we do in life and organize us into a huge filing system. All for convenience and a sterile, homogenized existence that continues to look more like the simple survival of the herded cattle we imprison, poison and eat for pleasure every day.

Since I just gained access to my WordPress account and don’t feel confidant that I’ll have that access tomorrow. I’ve rushed this piece, letting the words flow without hesitation. I just wanted to get these thoughts out while able. I read many posts by my favorite bloggers these past months, but was unable to hit the like button or comment. I intend to “like” and comment on some of them, it depends on my access.

I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this “rant” – especially those who stop and let these facts sink in. Something is going on…

9 comments on “Corporate Big Brother Isn’t So Brotherly

  1. Thank you for your determination to share important information despite the challenges you encountered. It’s always good to hear from you! Sending my best wishes.

  2. Thank you for commenting, appreciating my blog and for sending wishes. 8-D Apparently, it’s difficult in the U.S. to disagree with our corporate masters. You can wind up in a tiny minority and being subjected to criticism and difficulty in having your voice heard.

    Peace and Love, my beautiful internet friend.

  3. Something is always “going on” within the management of the slaughter house. Now it wants to use artificial intelligence to secure its grip upon the dangerously ignorant populace. They’ve had it so good for so long and they’ve become so greedy that some of them can actually see trouble ahead. They aren’t organized enough to send the jack boot goon squads to arrest people and beat the crap out of them as they parade them in the streets so for the time being they are securing internet links, making sure the big social medias play by their rules. Next? Obviously overt repression. We’re almost there.

  4. I hear you. The whole world is becoming a ghetto and there’s a war going on. And if someone doesn’t choose a side then they’ve chosen the wrong side.

  5. Something IS going on, Shift. Yours is not the only blog taken down. I’ve learned about two other cases from another blogger that I follow. In my latest post, I’ve dared to address the taboo subject of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Will I also be silenced?

    Don’t give up the struggle ❤

  6. What a nightmare! I sure hope things get better for you.

    The only time I ever experienced anything similar was when my Newsvine account was suspended for one day. What was my crime? I dared to politely question the honesty and integrity of a right-winger in a debate whom had repeatedly hurled derogatory and abusive language against me (including a sexual insult of my mother) even though I had not retaliated in kind. When the suspension ended, I immediately cancelled my account and deleted all my content. A couple of years later, Newsvine lost a class-action suit against it for defrauding its contributors of financial payments.

  7. Just prior to being blocked from my site one of my favorite blogs, Moorbey’z Blog, was suddenly taken down. The site was extremely informative, particularly about Black Panther history, political prisoners, surveillance excesses and systematic criminal justice crimes.

    I believe there are only two possibilities for the site no longer being in existence: it was taken down by WordPress to silence the author or he either died or became too ill to continue writing. I had a lot of discussions with this guy and he was passionate about educating the masses. I know, without a hint of doubt, that he would not have given up on this work that was so important to him. He was extremely proud that his granddaughter had picked up the mantle of educating people about these issues. About five times since I discovered his site, I was mysteriously no longer following him and several times I was prevented by Optimum Online from sending an e-mail containing information I had copy & pasted from his site. I posted something about that incident.

    I don’t want to lose credibility by being branded a paranoid cuckoo, but I know that someone is checking out even small, unpopular sites and using various censorship techniques to silence dissident voices. This is behavior typical of oligarchies and dictatorships. I hope more people find the courage to stand up to these manipulative bullies.

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  8. It says a lot about where we are as a country when that type of despicable behavior goes unpunished and things only happen when money is involved. Not only is virtually everything monetized and politicized, the boldly hateful and intolerant seem better protected than the just and compassionate and there no longer seems to be an attempt at keeping public discourse civil and decent. What bothers me most is how many people don’t care. That hurts.

    Thanks for commenting, Robert.

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