Word. An Open Letter to the American People from President Nicolás Maduro

Mindless obedience and determined ignorance are killing people and causing an incredible amount of suffering. Wake up, people…

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2019.02.maduro-letter Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

If I know anything, it is about peoples, such as you. I am a man of the people. I was born and raised in a poor neighborhood of Caracas. I forged myself in the heat of popular and union struggles in a Venezuela submerged in exclusion and inequality. I am not a tycoon, I am a worker of reason and heart. Today I have the great privilege of presiding over the new Venezuela, rooted in a model of inclusive development and social equality, which was forged by Commander Hugo Chávez since 1998 inspired by the Bolivarian legacy.

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5 comments on “Word. An Open Letter to the American People from President Nicolás Maduro

  1. Our lives mean nothing in preserving the Empire.

  2. I’m not taking sides in the Venezuela mess because I see bad actors all around. My sympathies lay with the Venezuelan people who are paying the price for this ideological and geopolitical tug-of-war.

    Trump is at fault.
    America’s neocons are at fault.
    Putin is at fault.
    China is at fault.
    Guaidó is at fault.
    Maduro is at fault.

  3. Yes, indeed. The only lives that matter to the ruling class are their own.

    They realize that the easiest way to preserve an archaic, deeply immoral system built on greed and deceit is to relentlessly attack our minds with indoctrination that conditions us to believe greed is acceptable and that even if this is a flawed system, at least it’s OUR flawed system, and that it’s worth fighting “others” to keep intact.

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