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Jalil Muntaqim

Jalil Muntaqim, poet extraordinaire and long time political prisoner, currently resides in the notorious New York State prison, Attica. He was arrested in California in 1971, along with Herman Bell and Albert Washington, allegedly for the murder of two NYC police officers. Convicted in 1974, he was given a sentence of 25 years to life.

Due to his intelligence, resourcefulness and inspirational influence on free thinkers around the world, he is constantly refused release by the NYS parole board. This is because the spreading of knowledge by a potential leader “of the people” is the ultimate crime to the powers that be (who want to keep the masses ignorant, drugged and under their Nazi-like bootheels) so parole hearings are nothing more than show business for certain prisoners.

What’s the actual “crime” he is still being held in a maximum security prison for? Educating the masses on the evils of a system that incarcerates those who desire a more just world while promoting evils such as racism, sexism, homophobia, economic terrorism and the insidious war against critical thinking.

Now, Jalil has been placed on a mail watch. A friend never received several mailings from him and the mail was never returned, so it’s obvious that censorship is going on. This is definitely a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Jalil has requested supporters call and write to the prison. I received the following information from the MumiaNYC mailing list:


Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci, New York State Department of Corrections at 518-457-8134

And write to:

Acting Commissioner Anthony J. Annucci, Office of the Commissioner, Bldg. #2, State Campus, Albany, NY 12226-2050 

Let the commissioner’s office know that you are calling to say that all prisoners, especially political prisoners like Anthony Jalil Bottom #77A4283, should be allowed to communicate with people by mail about what is going on in our communities. 

Write to Jalil and let him know he has our support:

Anthony J. Bottom #77A4283
Attica Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 149
Attica, NY 14011-0149

Prisoners in the United States have been stripped of virtually every right the rest of us take for granted. This treacherous injustice will not fix itself. We all must attempt to fight evil wherever it exists.

“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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