Personal Information Or Personnel In Formation?

I blocked cookies from my iPad today and when I tried to log in to WordPress I saw this:

“ERROR: cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.”

Then, I tried to access “my” e-mail account. I saw this:

“Sign in with your Optimum ID”

It got me thinking…

I looked up “Internet cookies” online and, on a site called “Surf The Net Safely”, I found the following:

“Internet cookies are small pieces of information in text format that are downloaded to your computer when you visit many Web sites. The cookie may come from the Web site itself or from the providers of the advertising banners or other graphics that make up a Web page. Thus visiting a single Web site can actually result in the downloading of multiple cookies, each from a different source. You may never actually visit a page of one of the major advertising agencies”, “but you will still get cookies from them. Cookies typically contain some kind of ID number, a domain that the cookie is valid for and an expiration date. They may also contain other TRACKING INFORMATION such as login names and pages visited.”

Then I noticed something I’d never seen before: a banner at the bottom of the screen on my iPad with this: “We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy with it.” This was followed by the phrase “OK” (which I found amusing).

The page continued to inform me that cookies are “necessary” for “persistence” since the Internet is a “stateless process” so they are needed to “personalize information” (stalk us) and allow “for the purpose of collecting demographic information” (make corporations’ stalking experiences easier and more efficient).

Also: “The newest servers use cookies to help with back-end interaction as well, which can improve the utility of a site by being able to securely store any personal data that the user has shared with a site to help with quick logins on your favorite sites, for example.” (I assume to increase the already pathetic level of laziness most people are becoming accustomed to?)

I’m sure this is boring and innocuous to most people since tens of millions think nothing of posting their lives into the public “diary” the FBI keeps on everyone (Facebook is what they call it). I just wondered what other people thought about revealing so much personal information. After all, we hear how information can be power. It’s interesting how people give away so much, yet expect so little in return from our rulers.

Why is marching to the drums of conformity and obedience so much more popular than dancing to your own music?

Just wondering. Peace to all…

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