Society Is In Decay by Ralph Nader

This is what putrefaction of democracy looks like…

via Society Is In Decay by Ralph Nader

18 comments on “Society Is In Decay by Ralph Nader

  1. Thanks for the post. 😎

    It’s an excellent essay.

  2. i saw this written, long ago,
    on Hopi’s prophesy rock 🙂

  3. I had read this Nader article before but thanks for reblogging and reminding. Have you read Joan Moore’s comment? Perfect.

  4. He certainly is… unfortunately.

    This has been the case for many years. It’s difficult to understand why so many people don’t see it. I know, obviously, about the deep indoctrination we’re forced to suffer and that some people don’t have the perceptive intelligence to weed through clever propaganda, but today a lot of it isn’t clever and most people should be able to realize how hateful and simplistic so much of it is. Many corporate media whores are dumb-witted themselves and use sledgehammers to bludgeon the masses with pathetic, over the top idiocy. That’s difficult to accept. It’s frightening how many people not only suffer from low intelligence but have also had their hearts deeply corrupted with fear and hate.

    We all need to look into our own hearts and decide whether to feed compassion and show kindness or feed the fear and wallow in hate and self-deception.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. So did I. I thought I recognized you. 8-D

    Last month, while unable to log into my blog site, I read a beautiful post on the site, onenessofhumanity about Thomas Banyacya. I did a copy & paste into my iPad so I could reblog it. In case you haven’t seen it and would like to read it:


    Thank you for the comment.

  6. Yes, it was a brilliant take on what’s going on.

    It reminded me of something from Frank Herbert in one of the Dune books: “All empires plant the seeds of their own destruction.”

    I recorded that line from one of the Dune movies made about 15 or 20 years ago, with Susan Sarandon, James McAvoy and William Hurt, and used it to introduce a song I wrote.

  7. nice clip
    & commentary 🙂

  8. Yes. It’s great hearing his words of wisdom.

  9. Frank Herbert was pure genius. His “Dune” series allegories helped me to understand how our systems work and who ultimately benefits, who loses.

  10. Yes, I’m fortunate and grateful to have found Frank Herbert’s wisdom It happened in an interesting way. Someone gave me a box of science fiction books to donate to a woman I knew who ran a used book store. I decided to keep a few of them and when I saw that four of the books were by the same author I picked those four thinking that if I liked the first it would be cool to have three more. I don’t see much logic in that, but that’s what I remember. The first four books of the Dune Chronicles changed my life. I’ve purchased every Frank Herbert book I could find over the years.

  11. Nader’s article is spot on, Shift. Thanks for sharing.

  12. You’re welcome.

    Nader’s a smart man. It’s just a drop in the bucket as far as enlightening the masses, but necessary.

  13. Same here- I think I have them all.

  14. Awesome. I recall there being two of his books I don’t have, but almost everything I own has been tightly packed inside a storage unit for a few years. Having a bad back and bad knees it’s physically painful to pull out boxes and check on my belongings. 😎 Fortunately I made sure all six Dune books and a few others are in a box in front and I pull one out once in a while to read. I recently read The Santaroga Barrier and I’m getting an urge to read Hellstrom’s Hive so I’ll probably pull that one soon. I’m currently reading a book about ancient folklore and UFO sightings. Pretty interesting, but it doesn’t do what Frank’s books do for me. 😎

  15. Saratoga Barrier and The Jesus Incident are powerful stuff. At least I have all the Dune books as epub. I’ll have to get rest converted.

  16. I have all of mine in paper. Besides the Dune series, Hellstrom’s Hive and The Santaroga Barrier, the WorShip books (including The Jesus Incident) and Whipping Star and The Dosadi Experiment are favorites. They all keep me in another world.

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