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Shame – Fourth Nation Issues Travel Warnings to America

This will only be a surprise to U.S. citizens who wrap themselves in a comfortable blanket of ignorance, apathy and self-delusion. Read on…

The Fifth Column

Shame – Fourth Nation Issues Travel Warnings to America


*The following is an opinion column by R Muse *For some people, the concept of shame escapes them when it comes to their native country despite national actions that should embarrass them mercilessly. Americans, typically, are so full of hubris when it comes to anything related to America that they appear incapable of being ashamed of anything that happens no matter how despicable, including not being capable of protecting its own citizens.

It is probably true that in an effort to protect their citizenry, every country on Earth’s government issues warnings and advisories to stay clear of dangerous areas. The United States government, although incapable of protecting its citizens from gun violence and rogue authorities on domestic soil, is quick to warn its citizens to steer clear of nations known to have civil unrest, war zones or police or military forces prone to violence. In fact, just…

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