The Ugly Story Behind the Laetrile Cover-Up

Everyone needs to read this , then tell everyone they know about it. Then, contact their government representatives and scream.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan Kettering

Eric Merola (2014)

Film Review

Second Opinion is a documentary about the deliberate cover-up of an alternative cancer treatment by Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, America’s foremost cancer research institution, and Dr Robert Moss, the Sloan Kettering science writer who exposed the cover-up.

As strange as it may seem Sloan Kettering themselves did the definitive research showing that Laetrile (aka Amygdalin and B17) is effective in small tumors in early stage cancer. Sloan Kettering even went so far as to apply to the FDA (in 1974 and 1975) for permission to conduct human Laetrile trials.

A year later, under massive pressure from the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society (both receive major funding from Big Pharma), the top brass at Sloan Kettering reversed themselves and falsely claimed that twenty laetrile studies over four years showed no beneficial effect whatsoever. As one commentator observed, if…

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4 comments on “The Ugly Story Behind the Laetrile Cover-Up

  1. Thanks for reblogging. Based on the major mobilization the American people mounted against fast track for TPP, it’s pretty obvious that the vast majority of Congress have totally lost interest in representing the interests of their constituents.

  2. Yes, I agree. I honestly feel that the U.S. is doomed to remain completely dominated by corporations until it crumbles under the weight of its ignorance, arrogance and apathy.

    However, I foolishly try to educate people and hope to be surprised by a sudden rise in awareness and compassion. Thanks for posting so many important, thought-provoking articles.

  3. Oh yes, definitely education and consciousness-raising is crucial. But I think we may be at the point of looking at pitchforks and lamp posts, rather than voting, as the solution.

  4. I believe that there is no actual solution at that point – which is probably where we are right now.

    I’ll continue to try and educate people anyway. Adopting the tactics of those preying on humanity would merely become changing leadership and giving in to apathy is too much like joining them. I know, quite a conundrum…

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