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Beauty & Menace: The Perils of Rugged Mountain Life (Part Three)

Beauty & Menace: The Perils of Rugged Mountain Life (Part Three)

Snakes & Scorpions of South Yungas, Bolivia Introduction: I moved from New York to Bolivia in February 2020. It’s been quite an adventure. Having come dangerously close to stepping on a rattlesnake while living in South Yungas, Bolivia, I decided to research just how dangerous a rattlesnake bite can be. I found the subject so […]

Beauty & Menace: The Perils of Rugged Mountain Life (Part Two)

Life Happens I grew up in New York and though I’ve traveled a bit over the years, I’ve rarely been outside the United States. I once spent five weeks in Colombia, but other than that, the only foreign country I’d been to is Canada. So my move to Bolivia with my wife and cat, Louie, […]

A Reply To The Trump Administration & Their Attack On Tareck El Aissam

INTERNATIONAL CONCERNED FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF MUMIA ABU-JAMAL The following is a detailed, clear, and powerful response by Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissam to the US attack on him personally for extensive drug dealing and financial activities in violation of US law published on p. A5 of the New York Times, 2/22/17. In the […]

Congressional Letter Supporting Trump Attack On Democracy In South AMERICA

Newly elected Congressman Adriano Espaillat, the first Dominican-American member of Congress, has usually shown a sense of morality and sanity on issues in his political life. He was formerly a member of the NY State Assembly and NY State Senate and seems to be a good choice to fill in for the retired Charles Rangel […]