Is anyone paying attention to the continuing damage being inflicted on the U.S. Constitution or are we all happily fighting each other over whether or not the sexual predator and economic terrorist donald trump colluded with Russian gangsters and puts his own country as risk while trying to kiss the ass of his current favorite dictator (other than himself, of course)?

Of course he does business with anyone who will increase his bank accounts. Of course he doesn’t give a crap about anyone other than himself or anything other than increasing his bank accounts. Of course he’s a sexist, racist, morally bankrupt, behaviorally dysfunctional buffoon who wants everything he can get his tiny hands on. Of course he’ll allow the U.S. to continue a rapidly increasing descent into third world status – as long as he profits on it. Of course he’s a gangster. He always has been. And, finally, of course he’s a sick, perverted sexual deviant with no moral integrity whatsoever.

Now that we have those issues out of the way, maybe we can start paying attention to the relentless attack on civil rights that has been in full force since the selection of the original cartoon president, Ronnie Raygun.

One area too often overlooked in the U.S. is the deteriorating rights of the human beings in our prisons. When you need to fight hard for basic rights such as access to clean water and basic nutrition, something is seriously wrong. If the criteria used for assessing a nation is the level of civility, we already live in a third world nation. We just need people to wake up to the fact that we have gone from a powerful nation with the potential to spread democracy throughout the world to a nation in which more respect is given to a wealthy sexual predator than to dedicated soldiers sacrificing personal freedom for civil rights and democratic values.

This has happened because we’ve adopted the twisted values of Capitalism, a belief system with the powerful attraction of a religion and the moral integrity of a demonology.

Hedge fund managers, who create nothing but poverty, collect more wealth than is given to entire schools full of children who need an education to get by in this incredibly dysfunctional society.

Wealthy fossil fuel executives receive billions of dollars of taxpayer money in tax breaks and tax subsidies to continue their suicidal attack on the environment.

Walmart pays their employees less than is needed to survive which puts another economic burden on the government in social services given to these underpaid workers. According to Forbes, Walmart’s workers cost U.S. taxpayers approximately $6.2 billion in public assistance. This includes food stamps, Medicaid and subsidized housing. This is according to a report published recently.

It would make more sense to put the economic terrorists in prison instead of the people attempting to create a more just and compassionate society.

Herman Bell has expressed remorse for his crimes. donald trump and the other obscenely wealthy “people” who manipulate the system have not – and probably never will.



Rights On Paper Alone Are Utterly Useless

It’s disturbing to see, and attempt to understand, why so little is known about the plight of the disabled in this country. Stretching resources to cover the simplest necessities (that most of us take for granted) can become a life-threatening choice between obtaining nutrition and safeguarding personal safety.  When heartless politicians decide to subsidize corporate endeavors while leaving the most vulnerable of society to fend for themselves something needs to be done. The empire must fall. This is one woman’s harrowing story:

Time flies! I cannot believe it’s been almost 4 years since I created this blog, made one entry and forgot about it, until recently. The blog entry below is from October 11, 2013, while I was living in a shelter for disabled victims of abuse in New York City after literally escaping from a nursing home […]

via Rights On Paper Alone Are Utterly Useless — amileinmywheels


The Necessary (R)evolution Will Not Be Televised

Capitalism is oppression. It’s oppression delivered through racism, patriarchy, intolerance of “others”, religious zealotry and other tools of dividing us – basically the spreading of hate, greed and fear. It’s neatly wrapped and sprinkled with the sugar (and spice and everything nice) of patriotism, socially acceptable responsibility (working “hard”) and more ignorance & greed, then baked to a golden crisp of blind (and bland) obedience due to the fear of being different (strong) enough to think for ourselves.

Done. The rest is details and probably doesn’t matter. We need to face this Truth or continue to suffer in ignorant self-delusion. We’ve brought this upon ourselves and only We (the people?) can do anything about it.

The legendary prophet Gil Scott-Heron knew that we need a Revolution to throw off the shackles of obedience to a suicidal system based on inequality. The United States was born of genocide, nurtured on slavery and has feasted on the innocence of many millions of well-intentioned people, throwing most into a pit of broken dreams and confused disillusionment (and buried under the red, white & blue banner of progress). Those called “successful” have, for the most part, feasted on the carcass of what was meant to be a democracy but has been nothing but a capitalist scam on a level staggering to comprehend. They’ve also feasted on the lives of those they’ve buried while building their empires of destruction.

Brother Gil knew. He told us that the Revolution was necessary for Evolution and that it would not be something we’ll see over the airwaves pumped into our feeble minds by capitalist parasites. It will be a battle. The battle will start in our hearts, create inspired and inspiring concepts necessary to act upon to become civilized and will be fought in the streets and courts (without mindless violence) once enough of us have won the battle inside ourselves. That’s it. We need to take care of ourselves (as well as others unable to survive the decimated planet we’ve designed) or face not only suicide, but destruction of most life on the planet. It’s a choice.

The following brilliant song needs to be updated. The details of our oppression have changed, but it’s the same thing in different costumes. I’ll probably make my own version one day when I have access to my music equipment and a place to do it properly. Hopefully someone with an audience will take the time to do this service. However, if you LISTEN, this piece is timeless:


The Revolution will be live…


Did The ‘Cold War’ Ever Actually End?

Or have the combatants merely changed?

Corporate predators don’t shoot us (usually), but they use more discreet weapons to kill and maim. Many don’t appear to be weapons because we’ve been conditioned not to question the rules of engagement set by these manipulative rulers.

Fact: Pesticides and herbicides are actually biological weapons. And we use these weapons on ourselves. Amazing…

Bank owners control the printing of currency and manipulate the value of the work WE do while sitting in quiet, comfortable offices. They live a sterile existence outside the bustle of human activity and heartlessly pass judgement on the value of life’s many necessities. They lend money to people who already have enough simply so those people can collect more of it. They turn those of us in need into slaves for the privilege of borrowing the money for which we will work hard for many hours. And they have the cruel audacity to put us in prison when we seriously question why they expect us to work so hard for things everyone deserves and especially when we attempt to spread truth.

Food and transportation corporations (often owned by the same people) control the flow of food “products” around the world. They withhold food from many of those who live hand to mouth (of which there are many more than we are told) by keeping the prices too high for too many of us. They do this especially to those who want control of their own communities, but they give plenty to those who mindlessly do what they are told – especially if they live on top of fossil fuels and “precious” minerals.

Energy corporations destroy natural habitats, displacing non-human beings, many of whom die in vast numbers (often violently) because of our selfish desire to control everything – and they suffer horribly. Then the food corporations put animals that taste good (?) in prison cells and torture them until we decide to consume them.

These companies also poison the air we need to breathe, the water we need to drink and the soil we need to grow food. Why? Because they insist we continue a 19th century technology (despite the fact that it has become suicidal) and because we refuse to reassess our diets that are filled with toxins and cruelty. We all know it. How can so many people be convinced suicide is OK?

More facts?

According to the International Energy Agency, 6.5 million people die every year from air pollution. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 5.5 million people die from air pollution every year. The WHO reports that 4.6 million people die from air pollution every year.

From the Physicians For Social Responsibility website: “Air pollution exposure can trigger new cases of asthma, exacerbate a previously existing respiratory illness and provoke development or progression of chronic illnesses including lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema. Air pollutants also negatively and significantly harm lung development, creating an additional risk factor for developing lung diseases later in life.”

According to the WHO, 844 million people don’t have access to clean water. Across the world, 263 million people (usually women and children) need to walk at least thirty minutes a day to collect clean water in buckets to drink, cook and bathe. Another 159 million collect water from surface sources that aren’t considered safe enough to drink. Yet…

Lynn Good, CEO of Duke Energy, collected $21.4 million in 2017. John Pettigrew, CEO of National Grid, collected $6.15 million in 2017. Ready for an eye-opener? Takehiko Kakiuchi, CEO of Mitsubishi Corp. (a company involved in virtually every industry that exists), collected $262 million in 2017.

And in the U.S. we give tax breaks and tax subsidies to people who run companies that are destroying life.

Food corporations also determine what crops our soil is used for. Because they demand whatever increases their wealth, about 60% of U.S. cropland is used for genetically engineered corn and soy. Besides GE products contributing to various forms of cancer (especially corn which is used excessively for sweeteners), the clearing of natural vegetation and the reduction of crop diversity are factors in the desertification of soil which reduces the effectiveness of carbon capturing and increases the effects of climate change. 

Have you ever researched the names of the people serving on the corporate boards of these companies? If you do, you’ll see some of the same names on the boards of pharmaceutical companies. This is extremely disturbing. Doesn’t it seem insane for us to allow people to run an industry we expect to help safeguard our health if those people actually make an obscene amount of money on debilitating diseases? We know they care much more about corporate profits than the lives and well being of their fellow citizens so why would we allow people to sit on the boards of directors of food and pharmaceutical firms? {For an example, read this: https://ashiftinconsciousness.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/what-are-you-waiting-for/}

And to finish up this little rant, what about the field we expect to be a watchdog for government and industry, the field in control of the information we use to make decisions that have a life and death impact on our lives?

We expect media outlets to keep us informed of what matters in life, but how can we expect that when virtually the entire industry is controlled by corporate executives? The language used should be a key to this pathetic error in judgement – media industry. These are corporations. We try so hard to convince ourselves that we’re intelligent beings – yet we read and listen to corporate journalism hacks who’ve prostituted themselves for a fat salary and a bit of fame (sometimes infamy). These people do what they are told either because they lack compassion, are intellectually lazy and/or want to be recognized when they walk down the street. This is sad and despicable – and very simple: Corporate media executives care about corporations and corporate media employees obey their masters. How many people are aware that in 2003 the United States legalized deception in news? {Read this: https://ashiftinconsciousness.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/the-day-the-truth-died/}

Until we evolve can we expect things to change? How will we evolve? Can it happen if we refuse to look deep inside ourselves to find the courage to care about others as well as ourselves? We’ve designed and built many incredible things, but we’ve lost sight of the most important things in life. Intelligence is a wonderful thing, but it means very little without beauty, compassion, freedom and courage.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. ” – The Dalai Lama

“The secret to happiness is freedom… and the secret to freedom is courage.” – Thucydides








SPAM Isn’t Just Nasty Meat In A Can Anymore

I’ve written lately about having serious problems with online access and with the use of my old iPad. The problems didn’t happen all at once, they slowly crept up the way the loss of civil rights and decency have crept up on the people of the U.S. I decided that planned obsolescence is the reason for my iPad gradually breaking down. The internet access had been slowing for a while and I’d occasionally be kicked offline, then I started experiencing e-mail difficulties. Then very suddenly the internet access speed slowed significantly, I was kicked offline much more often and I had trouble accessing certain videos on Youtube. It escalated quickly after that.

For the past few weeks I haven’t been able to access my blog on my iPad. I’ve significantly cut down on blogging activity and have been going to libraries to do anything at all with the account. I have A LOT of partially written essays and research notes in my iPad “notes” section and didn’t want to take a chance of losing it due to a sudden, complete breakdown so I decided to e-mail as much as possible as a kind of backup. (It caused me to realize just how many pages I have of unfinished writings).

I’ve been storing them in e-mail and while trying to e-mail a page about something controversial enough to not be believed by most people (and shocking if it has any validity) I was prevented from doing so. I tried a few times and received this message each time:

“The message could not be delivered. Spam detected by content scanner. Message rejected.”

I’ve never been sure exactly what is meant by spam so I looked it up.

According to Optimum Online it means:

“Protecting Against Computer Viruses: A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without  permission or knowledge of the user. What We’re Doing Many computer viruses are propagated through e-mail…”

According to various dictionaries:

noun – irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.

Definition of spam: unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as e-mails, text messages or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places

1 Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.

1 Unwanted or intrusive advertising on the Internet.
as modifier ‘an autogenerated spam website’

This is the information labeled as spam by Optimum Online:

Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan” Az Actual War Nearz

Scheduled for April 24 & 25 & What You Need To Know
by Mac Slavo

False flag watch is now active.

A general alert is out for something major in the near or immediate future. Hopefully, it is just another false alarm, instead of another false flag. Either way, danger is at hand.

Given all that is going on in the world, it is downright eerie to discover that the federal government is once again staging mock disasters that draw disturbing parallels with current world events.

It is a tabletop, joint agency exercise involving FEMA, Homeland Security and a myriad of law enforcement and military agencies. WMD, chemical and biological units will all be on hand as a response is tested for a “simulated” nuclear detonation over the Manhattan and nearby shores of New Jersey.

The potential for a more explosive false flag to spin out of control, by hijacking and ‘converting’ the simulated actions, is all too real.

This is closely related to the mechanism that many researchers believe was at work on 9/11, nesting a false flag attack inside of a series of large scale training operations which invoked emergency powers and simulated attacks in locations that were actually hit.

According to the Voice of Reason:

On April 18th thru May 5th, 2017, state, local, and federal organizations alike are planning for Oper. Goth. Shield 2017 — a major nuclear detonation drill in the New York-New Jersey area, along with the U.S.-Canadian border. During this exercise, 4 nuclear devices, 2 of which are rendered “safe” during the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Vital Archer Exercise, and one successful 10kt detonation in the NYC/NJ area, along with one smaller detonation on the U.S./Canadian border are to take place.

Among the organizations involved are:

U.S. Department f Energy (DOE)

U.S. Department of Defense (DOD)

U.S. Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO)

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM)

State of New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

State of New York Office of Emergency Management

City of New York Office of Emergency Management

The preceding document comes from The Nevada National Security Service. Their primary role with the government is to help ensure the security of the U.S. and its allies by supporting the stewardship of the nuclear deterrent, providing emergency response capability and training and contributing to key nonproliferation and arms control initiatives.

Read more:

If nuclear war breaks out, which U.S. cities would be targeted first?

Here’s How the Deep State Is Trying to Lead Trump into a Nuclear War

Nuclear Power Plants On Alert Following Credible Cyber Threats: “Terrorists May Have Developed Ways Of Bypassing Safety Checks”

DHS Prepares For Nuke Attack With Massive Order For Radiation Detectors: ‘To Ensure Nuclear Devices Aren’t Secretly Being Transported In Public Areas’

source: Operation Gotham Shield: U.S. Gov’t To “Simulate Nuke Blast Over Manhattan”

WordPress post I received in my same e-mail last year containing this dangerous information:


Hmmm. I wouldn’t describe warning people of a possibly dangerous action taken by one’s government as inappropriate – regardless of the veracity of the information. It isn’t intended to take down any governments or harm anyone. In true Jeffersonian fashion it’s meant as a warning to keep an eye on the people we pay to run our government and to make sure they don’t become too severely addicted to power and control over us. (Too late for that, apparently). And since I was sending this e-mail to myself it couldn’t possibly be unwanted.

I’ve followed this blog for a few years. Interestingly, I’ve been “unfollowed” by and have “unfollowed” it three times in the past year – without either of us taking this action. The site posts mostly about civil rights, police and judicial brutality, imperialism, the history of genocide and slavery, is very pro-knowledge and pro-Black Panther Party, and educates about criminally violent actions against political prisoners.

That makes this entire episode a bit more interesting to me.

I “copy & pasted” the information into the “notes” section of my iPad almost a year ago. There didn’t seem to be a virus at that time. When I clicked on the link to see the page from which I received this information I noticed that the video attached to it had been deleted and a podcast that was posted in the comment section had also been deleted.

It’s important to notice the final paragraph which states that the information came from the Nevada National Security Service. Here is their stated mission:

“Mission of the NNSS: The Nevada National Security Site helps ensure the security of the United States and its allies by supporting the stewardship of the nuclear deterrent, providing emergency response capability and training, and contributing to key nonproliferation and arms control initiatives. We execute unique national-level experiments, support national security customers through work for others, manage the legacy of the Cold War nuclear deterrent, and provide long-term environmental stewardship for site missions.”

Here is a link to their website: https://www.nnss.gov

Even if this information was blown out of proportion and there was nothing to be concerned about, the fact that our government first published the information, then deemed it inappropriate is something to be concerned about. My point isn’t about the validity of the opinion given about the information (after all, it’s opinion), it’s about the freedom to discuss issues that concern us and not to have discussion limited to the what “the powers that be” want us to be concerned about (mainly shopping and celebrity worship). Maybe we should have more say in deciding what is important to us and what has validity. Maybe a democracy would be a nice change.

Some people might suggest that we don’t have all of the information that people at the DOD have. Yes, exactly. Maybe people that actually represent us should have access to more information without having to keep it secret. If we had a more open society it’s very likely we wouldn’t have the level of paranoia we see around us (dark, damp places tend to form rot). There’d be more trust that our concerns are the same as the people taking care of our “national security” issues instead of their priorities being how much control they can exert over the masses. We allow them to frame virtually all of our discussions and this infects it with a subtle censorship whether we realize it or not.

Benjamin Franklin: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Should knowledge be sold to the highest bidder or should it be a means toward freedom?


Just an added note: It took me hours of set-up to piece this essay together. I had to “copy & paste” it in sections from my iPad into my e-mail account, then go to a library and take it out of my e-mail section by section to copy & paste into a WordPress post. I had to cut it into smaller and smaller sections until it wasn’t detected as “spam.”


Just Saying…

I realized a while back that living life the way I was taught didn’t resonate in my heart. It didn’t seem right to simply go about “my life” while there was so much suffering around me.

I worked in a restaurant and saw carcasses of caged animals ripped up and cooked for people’s pleasure. And I saw some of these animals (as well as healthy food) carelessly discarded while there were people starving.

I repaired printed circuit boards that were used in aircraft instrumentation – until I discovered that some of the work, which required a higher standard, were being used in weapons to potentially kill people.

I worked in construction and saw people with plenty of money receive tax breaks for destroying a building that was in perfect condition and building a new one, while wasting materials, crowding our landfills with toxic substances, making significantly more money than the people who did the actual work and all the while knowing no one needed the building. It would eventually be purchased by a huge corporation to spread out their over-consumed products simply to prevent their competition from owning it. Or I helped build houses, often for wealthy people who already owned a house, that required the destruction of trees and other plants, the habitat of animals which were being forced to contend with an unnatural landscape in overcrowded conditions. I saw some of the victims mangled and flattened on the sides of roads.

To exist in a nice house, drive a personal vehicle, eat three meals a day (of food steadily decreasing in nutrition), spend an extraordinary amount of time and resources on entertainment and work a job that very likely does little except increase the bank accounts of people that have more money than they need is defined as normal. This definition is given to us by those who either develop the indoctrination used to control the majority or is “innocently” (ignorantly) spread by those among us who blindly believe it.

I bought it when I was a kid. I believed that working hard would bring an ever increasing income which would allow me to live a comfortable life in a house I owned in a neighborhood I enjoyed among people who enjoyed many of the things I enjoy. I thought that there were rules designed for most of us, obeyed by most of us. (I learned fairly young that there is a small group of predatory beings who direct much of what we think of as democratic legislation and the normal evolution of social issues, but felt far removed from them). I believed those rules were meant to ensure a modicum of justice and fairness, to “reign in” the few who were overly ambitious.

I wrote songs about it for years, but too few people seemed interested in weird (different than what they usually hear) jams of screaming and crying guitar, funky bass, percussive beats and trippy journeys of imagination fueled by snippets of dialogue enhanced with electronic effects. I tried to teach, I tried different avenues of thought in my lyrics – from political ideology to social issues to cryptic poetry, but nothing caught on. My voice didn’t cut it and the singers I worked with weren’t interested in teaching. They were interested in fame and fortune. Sadly, most of them wanted to sound like someone else.

Then, I figured I’d try simply writing words. I decided to continue trying to help people remove the veil of self deception from their eyes and the chains of mindless obedience from their hearts, the socially acceptable obstacles to actual freedom. It didn’t seem that life was worth living without that freedom.

I’ve struggled in recent years as I’ve straddled a constantly moving fence of  observations and feelings between believing I was doing my part to effect  change and sadly succumbing to a “realization” that I make no difference in the world whatsoever.

Through decades of experience I’ve learned that the rules most of us live by were designed by those who mean to control the thinking of the majority of us which, in turn, allows them to control our behavior. This has enabled them to design a well-oiled machine in which we are the moving parts and the false dreams they sell us are the lubricant. They’ve taught us not only to use this lubricant, but to use it on ourselves to “grease the skids” as we plunge into trapped lives of desire, ignorance and debt. The various versions of desire are the veils which disguise our ignorance as patriotic obedience, an honorable work ethic or some other clever deception created in a sterile laboratory of propaganda manufacturing. The debt is the wonderfully gilded cage we imprison ourselves inside while adding our own touches of self-delusional beauty to add layers of obedient acceptance which deflect attempts to break through to awareness. Instead, we see a reflection of what we want to see (or, at least, what the “powers that be” convince us to dwell on).

How much is self-induced obedience in the desire to fit in?

How much is manufactured by the prophets of deception?

Dogmatic belief is a powerful tool of self-deception. Standing up to speak out when you feel alone requires courage. Many a moral stance has been blunted by fear of the (sometimes) solitary confinement of selflessly educating those who accept things at face value. A comfortable imprisonment appears to be a more acceptable existence than a lone stand of courageous defiance against something we see as evil.

Comfort is nice, but at what point do we decide that the price is too high? Is it when we give up our personal dreams to become part of the inexorable machine that is modern society? When we sacrifice integrity to allow for the deceptively violent ambitions of the “leaders” among us to swallow whole the hopes and dreams of others? When we allow our brethren to suffer in silence the cold of a cruel existence in the filthy streets of our cities? When we expect some of our children to go without clean water and nutrition in order for some of our children to inherit obscene amounts of wealth unimaginable to most of us?

We write our essays and talk to each other about our concerns and we rant and rave about the disgustingly sociopathic behavior of those we charge with protecting us from perceived enemies, but what are we accomplishing? Are even those among us with a conscience and a healthy amount of empathy still a little too comfortable? Is personally suffering in poverty what it takes these days to develop the necessary intensity to fight past the many hurdles placed in front of us to create change in a system we know in our hearts and minds is deeply flawed? Is it OK to do just enough to assuage our consciences and go back to what we enjoy?

I didn’t intend this to be accusatory. Maybe it’s something of a challenge. I’m wondering what it will take for us to become civilized and, as usual, am becoming impatient as I see horrific conditions thrust upon so many fellow beings day after day. I’m trying to figure it out without indulging in violence. Violence is not the proper tool to use against violence. This should be obvious when you are up against people who are more violent than you.

I’m asking questions. I’m trying to provoke. I believe we need to be poked and prodded into taking actions that are unexpected by the rulers. I’m talking about actions that will inspire and bring more people to a place where we will no longer accept things at face value and simply “take care of our own.” That is an example of expected behavior that the powers against us count on. They manipulate us through behaviors they design and if we make an attempt at changing our way of thinking and come up with creative alternatives to the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” actions, we have a chance at not only survival, but at being who most of us would like to be.

I have to say that I honestly believe that everything that happens is meant to happen. I also believe that we are all paying the price we agreed to before we entered our current lifetime. However, I don’t believe that that’s the entire story. We need to learn and we need to act when inspired to do so. Passively feeling empathy and crying tears for those in need isn’t enough. We need to use those feelings as fuel to drive each other closer to that day when we no longer see people viciously inflict suffering on others. We need to reach out and make sacrifices. That is what many of us tell tell each other, isn’t it?

Just saying…


The Winds Of Destruction Continue

On February 26, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME, a case that could be detrimental to the well being of families throughout the United States (as well as to the well being of social justice and democracy). It could adversely affect the ability of public sector workers to improve their insufficient wages as well as the conditions of their worksites across the country. Approximately 17 million workers will be directly affected, with black women being hit harder than most groups as they make up about 18% of public workers in the United States.

If the Supreme Court votes in favor of this blatant attack on unions, it will have an impact on living conditions the working class might never recover from considering the relentless barrage of corporate indoctrination assailing the minds of the masses on a daily basis.

In this case, an attorney for anti-union organizations will argue that requiring union-represented employees to pay anything at all to unions would be a violation of their constitutional right to free speech because it could be viewed as forcing them to support political ideas they don’t agree with.

This is a pathetic assault on logic, especially considering the fact that the court addressed the issue in a 1977 case known as Abood v. Detroit Board of Education. A simple, straightforward compromise was devised which fairly settled the issue: union-represented workers who chose not to join a union would not be obligated to pay union dues (which could be associated with political views), but if state law allowed, could be required to pay “fair share” fees which cover nothing but the union’s costs to negotiate contracts representing all employees regardless of union membership.

Now, corporate tools intent on destroying any semblance of democracy in the country are moving forward (backward for justice and democratic values) with another small step in their plan to impart the corporate wet dream of Libertarianism on us by attempting to overturn this decision. The current argument is that any action taken by a union is political when the employer is a government.

Simply stated, everyone who benefits from the work of unions is justifiably expected to contribute toward it. Fairness. But, a corporate decision in this case will allow selfish people to get something for nothing. Greed, a driving force of Corporatism.

Need facts? Public employees in states in which unions aren’t allowed to collect “fair share” fees earn less than those in states that allow it.

If this argument were being explained to a civilized person with average or better intelligence the most common reaction would probably be a hearty laugh.

“Stop trumping. No one could be so stupid as to think that way. Who would purposely hurt themselves to help rich people? You’re being ridiculous.”

Apparently, short-term greed has become so deeply entrenched in the “American” way of thinking that a grown man is actually willing to spit in the faces of his fellow citizens by holding selfishness and obedience to his corporate masters over logic and fairness. An employee of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Mark Janus, is willing to side with manipulative predators intent on destroying democracy as he indulges in his short-sighted desire to save a few dollars of his paycheck.

OK, that sounds like an exaggeration, but corporate predation often starts with something that seems minor. What many people fail to realize (despite the obvious signs) is that the corporate machine relentlessly grinds on. There is no stop button. That’s the way the machine was designed by wealthy executives long ago. Their legacy has been carried on with eager enthusiasm ever since. There is no bottom to the pool of greedy takers willing to grab the baton to continue the destruction of democratic values. Republicans and corporate democrats alike are intent on corporatizing every single thing on the planet – including all living beings. Animals and plants were set aside as commodities long ago and human beings are well on our way to the same fate. Those in poverty, the disabled and the elderly have already been disposed of for the most part in the U.S. The rest of us, who aren’t affluent enough to purchase politicians, will slowly be ground into food to feed the endless hunger for wealth by the most sociopathic humanity has to offer.

If the court agrees with the plaintiffs in this case, it would be a financial hit to the public sector unions in 23 states. It would effectively be an imposition of the “right to work” (for less) policy on state and local governments across the country.

The back story:

The case began with Bruce Rauner, a private equity fund manager with a net worth estimated at close to a billion dollars and who won the November 2014 election to become governor of Illinois. One of the first things he did as governor was to sign an executive order halting the collection of the fair share fees. Rauner also filed suit in federal court arguing that the fair share requirement was unconstitutional. The judge in the case decided Rauner couldn’t be a plaintiff since he isn’t a union employee, but allowed the case to move forward with the aforementioned public employee being chosen to stand in for Rauner as plaintiff.

Janus is refusing to pay $45 a month to help the local union protect the integrity of his job. Instead, he expects his fellow employees to pay his “fair share” because the majority of them favor political positions he doesn’t agree with. He doesn’t feel that raising taxes to pay for social programs for the less fortunate in society is an acceptable idea. Apparently, he’s able to ignore the suffering of millions of people and admires the salivating predators stalking the working class viciously looking for an opening to wreak havoc. This violent Social Darwinism ideology helped select the self-proclaimed King of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a sexual predator/economic terrorist who uses political power and taxpayer resources to wage class warfare on virtually the entire population.

The onslaught of indecency continues. My rant is over (for now), but my concern for fellow beings is not. One day we will evolve if we can ever find a way to stop the relentless wheel of “progress” as it grinds us all into dust to blow throughout the desert wasteland we’re creating.