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Is anyone still wondering why Noam Chomsky called the republican party the most dangerous organization in human history?

They are attempting to increase death, debilitating illnesses and homelessness among the population they say they serve and, at the same time, want to divert the nation’s resources from the working majority to the wealthy, arrogantly priveleged ownership class who do not work or need the money so generously being given to them by economic terrorists.

If anyone out there believes I am engaging in sensationalism by calling wealthy sociopaths who take from people in need and give to people who have more than they could possibly know what to do with “terrorists”, give me an explanation of what terrorism is and explain how this does not fit the bill. The comment section is open and I have yet to delete or not “approve” a comment on this blog.

It is honest to say that these despicable “people” do not care about children other than those they gave birth to.

It is honest to say they care nothing about disabled people who’ve been given a difficult journey in life under the best of corcumstances (relating to social programs and their needs).

It is honest to say that they give very little thought to the elderly who would suffer greatly under the terrible conditions imposed on them by these austerity measures. The GOP basically wants to discard them into the gutter like garbage.

It is also honest to say that these criminals (who manipulate laws in a disingenuous way to appear to be lawful) care nothing at all about anyone other than themselves, their families and their “friends” – though I doubt people like this even understand the concept of friendship. They are nothing more than greedy prostitutes who want everything while giving nothing.

The hypocrisy of the stated intentions of these people is beyond belief. Their immorality and heartless demonization of “others” is the epitome of dehumanization. This is a character flaw that could not possibly be acceptable to ANYONE. How millions of people support this destruction of civilization is perverse.

If humanity does not get together, finally, and put an end to this savage organization, it is unlikely we will survive this century.

So, suicide and murder will be their legacy even though no one will be around to acknowledge it.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Normally, I avoid posting more than one article on my blog in a day. Recently, I rarely post more than once a week. But I just received the Monday Report my Congressional Representative, Rick Nolan, shares with his constituents. Below is an excerpt with crucial information that is important to share because the mainstream media may not.


Rick Nolan’s
Monday Report
From Minnesota’s 8th District Congressman

“A Wish List for the Rich”

House GOP Budget Targets Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid to Fuel Tax Cuts for Wealthy People and Corporations

Dear Ms. Hand,

So much for President Trump’s campaign promise not to cut Medicare and Social Security. Trump and House Republicans last week signed off on a catastrophic budget plan to slash Medicare by $500 billion over ten years and turn it over to costly the private insurance industry. Traditional benefits would be replaced with a…

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Oh yeah, I remember that thing we used to have called the U.S. Constitution. Now we call it toilet paper…



A Tale Of Two Worlds

There are these two distinctly different ideologies at odds in the Americas today.

One places all people at the center by providing affordable housing, affordable education, health care for all, a diverse economy which includes government-sponsored programs to give opportunities to artists and other people who are left out of “free market” economies, holds actual elections, has respect for nature and desires a government which includes people from all walks of life with everyone being given a voice.

The other places bank accounts of wealthy people at the center, prevents the vast majority of people from having a say in government, wages war on voting rights, promotes a caste system based on appearance and economic status, expects a large percentage of the population to die in poverty (including children), considers compassion a weakness and greed a positive trait, encourages people to take what they can get when they can get it regardless of who is hurt in the process, promotes violence against citizens of sovereign nations on foreign and domestic soil, poisons the air, soil & water of the entire planet and calls it progress, considers women inferior to men, promotes animal abuse for profit, encourages destruction of the environment, protects free speech when the subject is hate toward non-white people yet condemns free speech for free thinking people who hold opinions that differ from those of the dominant culture…

Need I continue?

The viciously predatory “leaders” of the United States of Corporations are interfering in the domestic dealings of Venezuela, a country in the process of creating a new constitution – which is an attempt to guarantee that democracy be allowed to flourish. (It may not be perfect, but it is an attempt at fairness and justice). The people of this South American nation realize that a true democracy needs to update its constitution to keep up with changes in the world as well as to rethink who might not be able to fully enjoy the fruits of the current system as these changes occur. Needs change. People must evolve to keep up with the rulers attempts to retain control over the masses.

Corporate manipulators constantly adapt their methods to continue to rape and pillage the working class (as well as government coffers). They adapt by manipulating language and spreading disinformation through the media. They conform their techniques to the changing attitudes of society. This is very easy to do when you own virtually the entire media in a country – the way it is in the U.S. They make sure that elections are corporate-sponsored events in which the biggest spender is almost guaranteed to win. They purchase media time to control the flow of information and presto! The corporate lapdog (or whore depending on niceties of language) is sitting pretty in a government position where they can divert resources that belong to “we the people” into the pockets of greedy business executives who often already have more money than they can spend. These pathetic, fake politicians are literally owned by their corporate overlords.

That this puts families in the streets, compromises the health of the entire nation, causes infrastructure to fall apart, destroys free speech, increases poverty across the nation, increases violence through desperation which increases crime (and therefore profits of the prison industrial complex), breaks apart families, breaks down the educational system, breeds apathy and complacency…

… never seems to become an important part of the discussion. The Capitalist Indoctrination Process has no room for compassion. It doesn’t have a tangible value to sociopaths. It can’t be added to the infamous “bottom line” in the corporate ledger.

All of which increases ignorance which increases hate and intolerance and the entire thing feeds on itself like a sick, twisted circle of cannibalistic barbarism.

I could continue with details, but this isn’t a news outlet. I merely write about observations I make and never know just what I will write about until I’m doing it. Yes, this is a blog about my opinions. Yet, I educate people much more efficiently than mainstream media sources. I provide information with my opinions, they obediently put people in formation.

The following is a link to a video by Abby Martin. She spent time in Venezuela and gives us a much more realistic idea of what is happening there than the corporate prostitutes many of us watch reverentially every night:


2016 Vote Fraud and Sanders’ Landslide

Thanks to the whining of obedient, morally questionable Clinton supporters, corporate criminals (treasonous agents working against “We the people”) were able to get away with election fraud as they put a despicable economic predator/rapist in the White House. It wouldn’t have worked against the strongly favored Bernie Sanders, who soundly defeated trump in ALL polls during the entire campaign.

Welcome to the United States of Corporations…

Source: 2016 Vote Fraud and Sanders’ Landslide


Lessons In Life #3

Howard Zinn’s simple, yet necessary, reply to the rulers’ First Commandment of Capitalism?

“But remember, this power of the people on top depends on the obedience of the people below. When people stop obeying, they have no power.”


Apparently, for many people freedom is a difficult concept to comprehend. This is obviously due to the indoctrination forced on us from the Hate & Fear Peddlers known as corporate media. However, if sane people who don’t cower in fear of acceptance in this delusional world of Capitalism continue to spread truth, we might evolve as a species. If not, we will be destroyed as the changes the planet is going through are sped up and life as we know it ceases to exist. Sure, the planet will still be here and other forms of life will adapt, but human life and most animal life will not be able to adapt so quickly to changes meant to take a much longer span of time to come about.

Of course, you would think that some of the people who are forcing these changes are somewhat intelligent. This begs the question of what they have in mind. Do they have a way of surviving a serious cataclysm that will change the entire planet? Or do they believe they do? A disturbing thought.

Regardless of whether the planet is destroyed due to the suicidal obsession with possessions that has consumed the minds of so many people today, the civilized way to live would be to allow for all people to enjoy the necessities of life. Is there anyone out there who honestly believes differently? Are there actually people who still believe Social Darwinism is an acceptable way to limit the human population? True, we have too many people on the planet, but there are more civilized ways of dealing with overpopulation and few have seemed interested in them. The ownership class seems content with allowing mindless breeding habits to create a never-ending supply of cheap labor.

Could the people who’ve designed our society actually have been haphazardly making incoherent rules as we move along in a slow, deliberate suicide? Sometimes it seems like a sick experiment that has gone wrong. Are these people as stupid as their spokespeople we see in the media every day? Is human life merely a big joke being played on those with the ability to think coherently? We see denigration of creativity and universal compassion. We see the encouragement and rewarding of greed, selfishness and exclusion of others. Moral courage is attacked as unrealistic idealism that is “unaffordable” today. We allow fear and hate to be a significant aspect of our existence and we’ve become conditioned to a level previously unacceptable to any sane and compassionate person.

This essay started as a spontaneous thought and it took off in its own direction. I’ll end it by asking readers to please put down your thoughts on the subject. At least we may have an entertaining post in which we ponder thoughts of our existence. Or maybe we can reassess our priorities and start demanding a change in the suicidal path we so mindlessly traverse.

Thank you.


No Laughing Matter

I was watching a comedic “liberal” talk show recently and something occurred to me: this isn’t actually funny. People are laughing at serious issues and undermining the attitude needed to correct society’s addiction to mindless ignorance. This ignorance has led to a disturbing pattern of dysfunctional obedience and has caused horrific corruption and rampant injustice throughout the world.

Too many people who describe themselves as “politically on the left” are content with looking clever while having fun making jokes about the ignorant and hateful people they believe are running the show here in the U.S. But that won’t prevent the ignorant and hateful people from stealing more elections and continuing to (appear to) run the show. And the spineless hacks in corporate media will continue to spread ignorance and hate (through fear-mongering) because these traits help them manipulate the ignorant masses into obeying the parasitic ownership class, the wealthy rulers who actually run the show. And they seem to enjoy their temporary hold on what they perceive as power. They’re simply unofficial employees of the rulers, of course, but that seems to be enough of an existence for them. These media hacks, along with low level political puppets in government, are paid well, but they’re nothing more than actors playing their roles.

I’m not saying that everything should be taken seriously, but making light of hateful, disingenuous propaganda that inflicts suffering on so many can be viewed as passive acceptance of a violent, predatory system. They can laugh all they want, but the fear industry experts are laughing back knowing full well that their indoctrination is resonating with hateful thoughts they so meticulously plant in the minds of the people who make it to the voting booths every November.

These Corporate Democrats have an echo chamber of their own. In it they congratulate each other on cleverness which only seems clever when compared to the dull-witted knuckle-draggers they oppose in political circles.

Circles – how apt a word. Most people think and talk circles around themselves to strengthen their dead-end philosophies which contain them inside prison cells of ignorance. A sharpening of awareness would allow them to cut through to the truth of the issues, but complacency (in this case being content with being smarter than simpletons and emotionally challenged barbarians) causes a stagnation of their mental acuity and compassion.

More important is the fact that most of these people fail to come up with possible solutions to serious problems that are leading all of us down a path of self-destruction. That’s nothing to laugh about.


Lessons In Life #2

The wild beast of creativity should never be suppressed. If it is, wildness will burst out of the void, turned into mindless violence. This is one of the dark secrets held by the forces that rule us. To be completely tamed is to be completely dominated and that is unacceptable to a human being. Even a person so deeply indoctrinated so as not to understand the concept will rebel subconsciously. That could lead to illness, likely to insanity. Submissive obedience should be considered a mild form of insanity. Instead, we have professional brain shrinkers who tell us that creative thinking is unhealthy. It’s only unhealthy to the manipulative ones who desire unimpeded control over society. Freedom is a much better choice.

Here are 2 pictures of sand mandalas by Joe Mangrum. I met Joe at Zuccotti Park during the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. He’s very creative and an amazing human being, very compassionate. He made a sand mandala at the park right after the heartlessly brutal Gestapo-like raid by NYPD ordered by former mayor and media billionaire, Mike Bloomberg. He hoped it would remind everyone not to be goaded into violence to match the brutality of the mayor, his Wall Street brethren and NYPD:

The following is a video of a song I recorded in my tiny apartment many years ago. I chose it because I don’t have many to choose from and I feel it’s creative – different than what most people listen to. I have to give a warning: there is some questionable language and an occasional line that appears more violent than intended. However, that might be appropriate since this is about the wildness of creativity without regard to norms. I wrote and recorded the song in a very short period of time. That was my style: spontaneity, usually one take on each track. It’s a low quality recording for having been done on an old analogue 4-track recorder. Also, it isn’t actually a video, but a video made from a still photograph. The photograph was the cover of the album this song was on. It’s a (crude) drawing I made myself. I hope some of you enjoy it anyway…