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Parasites & Idiots: Ignorance, Blind Loyalty and Obedience Can Be A Deadly Combination

Kentucky, USA: coal miners are in danger of contracting black lung disease and many are forced to travel more than 100 miles for proper medical attention. Families have tried escaping from the ever-present coal dust that permeates the area and causes severe respiratory illnesses by moving away, but end up unable to afford homes in areas less polluted. In 2000, more than 300 million gallons of coal slurry spilled into Kentucky rivers, killing virtually all marine life. Despite efforts at cleaning up this toxic waste left by heartless criminals commonly referred to as business executives, some areas have tap water that is still unsafe to drink.

And yet…

… over 60% of the people in Kentucky who voted in the 2016 election supported the presidential candidate who ignored the potential benefits of using modern technology to clean the environment and stop the ecological suicide this country is caught up in. The candidate who believes its acceptable to hire polluters to make decisions on the health of the environment. The candidate who believes wealthy executives deserve tax subsidies and lower tax rates, but that people who work for a living, who actually make things and provide services for people, do not. The candidate who admires Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler as well as modern day megalomaniacal dictators.

This bumbling knuckle-dragger also declared that he’d dump more money into the coal industry – a horribly dangerous 19th century business model that is contributing to habitat destruction while contributing to preventable deaths as well as rising rates of cancer and respiratory illnesses among the very people who mindlessly supported him to become president.

OK, that was 2016. People can change their minds when confronted with additional information. Four years later, even people who are horribly low in intelligence and with severe, fear-based psychological disabilities such as racism, sexism, homophobia, religious extremism and blind patriotism have had time to reassess their unconscionable fascination with supporting a racist sexual predator who openly showed contempt for a majority of the people on the planet while running a political campaign.


Now, with COVID-19 raging through the country, this psychopath acts as if everything is OK and things can soon go back to normal. (As if normal was actually acceptable). He lies as often as he breathes. If he’d been born poor in one of the many ghettos in the U.S. he’d be dead or in prison right now.

Recently, a poll published by RealClear Politics showed that in Kentucky 55% of people questioned are still willing to vote for this mentally ill monster in November.

Is it his fault? People voted for him after he admitted being a sexual predator and information was uncovered about his decades of heartlessly preying on fellow citizens. After inheriting a fortune. And today, after all he’s done to destroy whatever slight remnants of decency existed in the U.S. there are still people willing to risk their lives and the lives of others to show solidarity with this caricature of a parasitic madman.

Donald trump is a raving lunatic who would sell anything anytime to anyone as long as he could profit without risking his own money. He specializes in spending other peoples’ money to make money for himself. He is an insidious opportunist completely devoid of compassion, decency or integrity and is incapable of feeling the pain of others. He’s told the world that many times in various ways. And bragged while doing it. Yet, he sits at the top of the executive branch of one of the most powerful nations in history (though he’s rapidly changing that last part at a record pace).

Yes, ignorance, blind loyalty and obedience can be deadly…

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