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The Megalomanaical Miscreant? Misogynistic Madman? Monstrous Maniac?

I came up with a silly word game and it was so much fun I decided to post the result. I wrote something about the U.S.’s glorious leader and tried to use as many words as possible that start with the same letter. This is what I came up with:

A matrix of misused, moronic mutterings of methodically manipulative mental masturbation, a maelstrom of monstrous misdirection, mimicking meaningful mental mastery, morbidly marring morality and meandering malignantly through a multitude of monotonous mazes of misanthropic misadventure, merging mendaciously with a malicious mindset among miserable, malevolently maladjusted mental mutants who masticate mundanely misleading machinations maniacally massaged into a markedly murky message of mindless menace. A maniacal mutilation of moral merit..

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