Have We Missed Our Last Chance?

I’ve been stuck in a tiny village in the mountains of Bolivia for more than 3 months without access to wifi to use my iPad. The only internet access I’ve had lasted an occasional few minutes here and there when I was able to purchase a card that I could use on a phone I procured here in Bolivia. I was able to contact family and friends in the U.S. those few times, but I spent more time trying to get online than actually online. Life in remote mountains…

I occasionally received news about the U.S. and was so disturbed by Bernie Sanders being maliciously driven out of the 2020 election that I felt compelled to write the following short “hit piece” on voters in the so-called democratic party. It’s old news at this point, of course, but I decided to post it anyway to possibly assuage the anger that still lingers in my mind. This is why we don’t have democracy. We’ve given up on it, but some of us are too blind to realize it and some of us are too hatefully ignorant to care.


Bernie Sanders: ‘I will bring economic security to everyone; address the existential threat of human-affected climate change; seriously reduce homelessness, unemployment and poverty; attempt to provide health care for everyone; prevent corporate manipulation of our elections; eliminate multinational corporations from stashing money collected here in the U.S. in overseas accounts to avoid taxes; end state-sponsored terrorism against activists who speak truth to power and refuse to obey the dominant culture; bring actual justice to our criminal justice system and bring decency back to public discourse – and we’ll pay for our reworked economic system by having wealthy business executives who’ve gotten away with preying on fellow citizens their entire lives to pay a fair share of the tax burden.’

Democrat voters: ‘Fuck you, Bernie. You’re too compassionate, intelligent and courageous. We prefer a creep with average intelligence who cheated to get his bachelor’s degree, ignores the serious threat of climate crisis, obeys his corporate masters by going along with the foreign policy machinations of Wall Street parasites, disrespects women by fondling them and pretending to be a kindly grandpa, supports a racist criminal justice system, goes along with rewarding deeply questionable business practices and seems well on his way to developing dementia.’


A lack of compassion? Profound stupidity? A lack of courage? At the very least, choosing Joe Biden to represent the “sane” political party is a serious breakdown in integrity and decency in the United States. Anyone who’s willing to go along with this for no reason other than simply reducing the constant turmoil of the insane trump administration instead of putting forward someone who could potentially be one of our great presidents if actually given a chance deserves to continue this spineless spiral into societal suicide.

But do the rest of us deserve it?

9 comments on “Have We Missed Our Last Chance?

  1. Glad to hear from you. I was sadly disappointed by DNC’s decision.

  2. Being stuck in a tiny village in the Bolivian mountains may be the safest place to be right now in many respects.

  3. Thanks for the comment. I was only in La Paz for a day and didn’t have time to reply. I just arrived in La Paz today to bring two cats to a vet, drop off one cat in a foster home while we look for a permanent home for him and to pick up supplies we can’t get in the tiny town we live in.

    The cat we’re dropping off was wandering the woods by our house one morning, apparently separated from his mother. He was only about a month old and wouldn’t have survived such a dangerous place. That was April 6th. We’re going to miss him.

    I hope you and your family are surviving this craziness with your sanity intact. 😀

  4. Thanks for the comment. I couldn’t reply until now because I was only in an area with wifi (La Paz) for a day and just arrived again today.

    Yes, there are very few cases of COVID-19 in the area we live and compared to where I grew up – New York – there are still a low number of cases in Bolivia, although it’s increasing. There are serious travel restrictions in place and in the city of La Paz police enforce a curfew, fine anyone caught outside without a mask and arrest anyone outside more than five minutes after the curfew takes effect.

  5. I’ve been off line since the library closed but now have access thanks to the landlord providing wi fi to the house. Fortunately I borrowed a great book which I think you might appreciate. “How they rule the world: the 22 strategies of global power” by Pedro Banos an ex intelligence analyst. Read the strategies first, the intro is a bit dense. It could be hard to get hold of, but definitely worth it. Glad you like cats.

  6. Glad to see you’re back online. While I’ve happily taken breaks from the internet in the past, I’m now in a situation in which I’m completely cut off from the rest of the planet unless I take a 3 hour van ride on the worst roads I’ve ever seen – dirt roads full of holes & rocks and dangerously close to sheer cliffs – to get to the city of La Paz. While La Paz is a very cool place the altitude (almost 12,000 feet above sea level) prevents me from breathing properly. I’m among a small percentage of people who suffer seriously from altitude sickness.

    This tiny village has no wifi, I don’t own a TV, my guitar is temporarily unplayable and my portable CD/DVD player stopped playing DVDs a few days after I arrived here in February. And it often doesn’t play CDs. So entertainment is difficult at best.

    The book sounds very interesting. I’ll put it on my incredibly long list of books I want to read. I was looking at the list recently and was intimidated by the size of it. 😮 😀 I’m currently reading “Catch a Fire” – an in depth biography of Bob Marley.

    Yes, I love cats – much more than people, generally. My wife found a home in La Paz for the kitten that wandered by our house. We need to find a home for another cat, this one is disabled, before we move back to the U.S. Sadly, disabled cats are extremely difficult to find homes for.

    Thanks for the comment. Peace.

  7. We don’t realise how cocooned we are by civilisation until we leave it. Perhaps all of us should live outside the box for a time to reset our values. It is quite an adventure you are having. Meanwhile in mellow Yorkshire my only inconvenience under lockdown is the library and bookshops being shut, whilst I have my own small library at home to re-read. Take care of yourself and make it safely home and blog about your adventures, discoveries and insights. Looking forward to it.

  8. I hear you. There’s nothing like a precarious adventure to help you appreciate what you have. It’s cool that you have a nice library at home. Being in an extremely low economic class while in the United States of Corporations I haven’t had a steady place to live and keep my library for a few years. I have tons of books and old magazines, but almost all of them are in storage while I live a gypsy life of boxes, a suitcase and a backpack – sometimes in places too far from my storage u it to access it. It’s interesting. I’ll be posting about some of what’s happened while in Bolivia. One cool thing I’ll mention is the number of interesting insects.

    Until next time…

  9. All the best. Take care.

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