What Are We Afraid Of?

I feel disgust every time I hear someone call Bernie Sanders a radical. Needless to say, I feel disgusted every day. It shows how far to the “right” of the political spectrum the people of the United States have been pushed by feamongering whores who are on the payroll of the parasitic executives who run this country.

Is slightly increasing taxes on wealthy people to help people who are dying from preventable deaths really a radical idea? How about asking people to stop mindlessly destroying our planet by reducing some of the pathetically self-absorbed behavior we’ve been conditioned to associate with success in recent decades? Is it crazy to want to move past the 19th century technology of burning fossil fuels and join the rest of the world in the entrepreneurial advancement of cleaner technologies that won’t drastically increase cancers and respiratory illnesses?

Anyone who’s read up on the subject knows Bernie Sanders can barely be considered a Socialist. He’s actually a very reasonable step in the proper direction toward a type of governing that can save us from ourselves.

People think Bernie Sanders is unelectable? What?? Donald trump is in the White House! Donald trump the racist, misogynist parasite. People who support corporate candidates say Bernie Sanders is mean and gruff? What’s meaner, speaking truths a lot of people don’t want to hear or allowing poor people to suffer needlessly? I think by “mean and gruff” corporate hacks mean honest. What’s going on here is that these people don’t want their friends to pay their fair share of taxes.

We’re listening to people who work extremely hard to reduce intelligence and increase mean and irrational behavior. How did that happen? Actually, a better question would be – why did we allow it to happen? I’ll leave that for people to ponder.

While I was sitting on a bench today a woman struck up a conversation with me. She told me how disgusted she was by how heartless so many people have become these days. I agreed and pointed to the powerful evidence that a heartless creep was our president. She then asked if I was a fan of Barack Obama and looked confused when I said I wasn’t. She mumbled something unintelligible, then told me she supports trump. Still?? 🤯 I asked how she could support someone who fights to give tax breaks to wealthy business executives while cutting benefits for disabled people. She said meekly, “he’s given us a good economy.”

That was it. Nothing more. I stared at her in disbelief. The irony could have leveled Brooklyn.

15 comments on “What Are We Afraid Of?

  1. Lately I’ve been realizing how important it is to have conversations with people who think differently from us – even though they can be very difficult.

  2. A good economy for whom? We have a crisis of homelessness here in Los Angeles. We like to fool ourselves that these people are living in our streets because they want to.

  3. I agree. I still engage trump supporters (though I don’t meet many in N.Y.) despite feeling like I’m banging my skull against a brick wall when I do.

    I know someone – a white man in his fifties (surprise, surprise) – who supports trump religiously.

    Religiously, that’s the key word.

    I don’t understand how a violently sick person can be idolized by millions of thinking adults, but I engage in conversation with people like that. There’s a serious problem here.

    I give this guy a multitude of facts and he has a clever system of denying truth. He either ignores the facts and points out supposed crimes committed by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama or says I’m a stupid, obedient democrat who hates trump for no good reason and is manipulated by “fake media” put out by the “deep state.”. And when I tell him that I don’t vote democrat, don’t support any of those three politicians (though I cut some slack for President Obama), he’s countering proven facts with questionable opinions and even if his claims are true they absolutely do not justify deeply cruel, criminal behavior by an elected (?) official; he ignores it and goes on another rant about me being a stupid Socialist and once – “commie scum.” That made me laugh. It sounded so 1952.

    I know we need to educate a lot of deeply scared people, but I don’t know how. I haven’t figured out a way of breaking down that wall of “clever” ignorance built with fear and hate. That’s why I rarely post anything these days. I don’t know what to write. My last two posts have been aimed at democrats who fear Bernie Sanders because of all of the corporate attacks that say we can only defeat trump with a corporate democrat. I want people to understand that if enough of us find a bit of courage we can not only get rid of a sick, twisted criminal, we can elect a good person who is strong enough to stand up to the corporate whores running the show.

    I know Congress will still be filled with a majority of people of means who will fight the plan Bernie Sanders has that can save us, but at this point we don’t just need to change the president, we need to change direction. That won’t happen with the corporate democrats.

  4. We have a homeless crisis in many cities. It’s amazing how people can be convinced not to care.

    Corporate media. Manipulation of truth, framing the discussion. Remember “it’s the economy, stupid” from a while back? Now it should be “it’s survival, stupid.”

    I guess decades of powerful indoctrination have finally culminated in millions of people willingly giving up their right to an opinion. They seem to be content with borrowing opinions from media hacks – half of whom don’t believe the bile they spew. It’s just a job to them. And those vile people are apparently OK with hurting millions of people as long as they get their share of the winnings.

  5. But it’s only a good economy for people with money to invest in the stock market which is not the poorest among us. It confounds me as well and I’m not sure how to convince about half of our country of the insanity of how we’ve been behaving as Americans. 😩

  6. I hear you. If I’d been discussing economic policy with this person I would have pointed out the disingenuous way corporate media discuss some statistics related to the economy and ignore others. For example, showing increasing profits and employment and ignoring how many people have moved from a good paying job to one at a significantly lower wage or how many people are no longer counted in unemployment statistics because they’ve been out of work too long.

    I have no idea either how to get through the thick skulls of people who admire a misogynistic, racist narcissist with low intelligence and a tendency for adolescent temper tantrums, but it’s something that needs to be done. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it.

    (I replied late because I spent an entire day traveling – 3 flights – and another two days trying to adapt to living in a different country. I moved from an English speaking city at sea level to a Spanish speaking city at around 12,000 feet above sea level. Not an easy task for someone with weak lungs and without a facility for languages.)

  7. Wow, you are really walking the walk with such a move! Good luck!!

  8. Thank you. The change is incredibly demanding… but donald trump is no longer my president. 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽 👏🏽

  9. Let’s hope others see it that way in November.

  10. Yes, we need to get trump out, but not by selling our integrity. The senators who voted to keep him in office deserve long prison sentences for obstructing justice and making a mockery of the impeachment process and of the country.

    However, I’m extremely unhappy with the democrats for ganging up and unfairly giving Joe Biden so much unwarranted support for the Super Tuesday fiasco.

    Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the only true democrats in the race. The corporate democrats may be better than the GOP, but they are still corporate controlled. They should actually be the republicans in this election with Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang and Julian Castro vying for the democrat nomination – and trump in prison.

    The immoral tactics of the establishment democrats are sickening. They refuse to endorse the best candidate for what the democrats “say” they stand for – democracy, a strong working class, justice, diminishing the horrendous wealth & salary gap pushed by corporate types – things of that nature. They are protecting their jobs and huge tax breaks while pretending to care about the people they are supposed to serve. They truly serve themselves while throwing crumbs to the majority of the country.

    I believe it’s time we stopped settling for the lesser of two evils. We need to avoid all “evils” and support good people who actually care. Bernie Sanders fought for civil rights in the sixties while Hillary Clinton was a republican campaigning for racist, warmonger Barry Goldwater and Joe Biden was plagiarizing law articles and finishing 506th out of 688 at Delaware University and 76th out of 85 at Syracuse Law – yet black people voted overwhelmingly for Clinton in 2016 and this year for Biden. This is wrong.

    Information is disseminated in a cleverly disingenuous way in the U.S. in order to continue the ignorant acceptance by the masses of a cruel, horribly unfair system. The corporate democrats are deeply committed to staying the course while Bernie Sanders and a few others want to bring at least a semblance of democracy to the country.

    Yes, I know I rambled, but it’s so frustrating to see people give press conferences about bringing democracy to the country while making sure it doesn’t happen.

    Thanks, if you had the patience to finish the comment. 😆 And please come back.

  11. I hear you and I also had no idea that Biden did so poorly in school. What do you think about a Sanders/Warren ticket?

  12. I’d be happy with a Sanders-Warren ticket. Elizabeth Warren is too middle of the road for me, but as a VP I wouldn’t mind her. She has a few views I strongly disagree with. She’s OK with probably the most evil corporation in the history of the U.S. – the Federal Reserve and, in my opinion, she’s too supportive of Israel and doesn’t seem to care much about the freedom of Palestinians.

    Of course, even as president she’d be better than most we’ve had. One thing I know for sure is that we do need a woman in the White House soon and I would prefer Elizabeth Warren as the first rather than Hillary Clinton.

    However, I think Eleanor Roosevelt should have been the first woman president back in the forties. She was an important part of FDR’s long run as president and on some issues was ahead of him (particularly civil rights).

    OK, I rambled long enough. 🙂 Thanks again for commenting. I haven’t been posting much lately. I’d like to write something to trump supporters, but so many of them are mentally ill, ignorant and violent, living in an insane bubble of delusional ranting. Scary…

  13. Eleanor Roosevelt for President! Love it! Someday we’ll be able to take some DNA and voila! That person is back with a new improved body. I know, that’s a creepy thought, but it would be awesome to get her opinion on a few things. 🤣

  14. Sorry to reply so very late. 😀 I’ve been in a tiny, remote village in the mountains of Bolivia since the day I wrote my last blog comment – to you, on this post. My wife and I left the city of La Paz that very day and went to a cabin (with inferior electricity, no hot water and cracked walls that allow scorpions and huge spiders to enter) in a tiny village in the middle of huge, beautiful mountains that has no wifi. If you read my first post since this one you’ll see how out of touch I’ve been: I posted about the political party “coup” against Bernie Sanders a while back. 😳 The democrats have done it again. They just can’t seem to support democracy – despite the name of their party.

    I hope you’ve kept your sanity through this insane pandemic. Life has changed for all of us, apparently permanently.

    The post is very outdated, but if you’re interested here’s the link:


  15. 🙏 Have fun in Bolivia!

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