Why This Election Is Different by David Swanson

The world is full of ugly truths and pretty lies. Honest, courageous people fear the potential destruction that can be wrought by the pretty lies while fearful, obedient people fear the ugly truths which could set them free.

It’s long, long, long past the time to step back and see not just what’s arrogantly pushed into our collective faces by despicably corrupt hack journalists in The Fear Industry but to see what’s possible.

If a majority of U.S. citizens won’t support Bernie Sanders over donald trump for president in 2020 then we don’t deserve to be a democracy. We don’t deserve anything. We’ve lost the battle for compassion, justice, decency and integrity as a nation. Seriously. Maybe this is the final test to determine whether or not the experiment of the United States of America has completely failed.

Think about it…

via Why This Election Is Different by David Swanson

4 comments on “Why This Election Is Different by David Swanson

  1. Very powerful opening paragraph, Swift. Thanks for sharing Swanson’s article. I fully support his vision.

  2. I think there’s no question that the majority of Americans over Trump. The question is whether Americans will be allowed free and fair presidential elections this fall. I think the experience in Iowa suggests not.

  3. Thank you for the kind compliment.

    I believe a lot of people who vote for corporate politicians would support what David Swanson wrote, but don’t attempt to think beyond the GOP brain deadening poison or the corporate democrat scam journalism. Too bad, for all of us.

  4. I doubt we’ll have fair primaries or a fair election with Bernie Sanders running. We’re run by corporations and when it comes to important things, they almost always get what they want – or at least something close to what they want. I’m still hoping that enough people fight for democracy this year and, who knows? Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised. The way things are going in recent years this may be our last chance to have something even slightly resembling democracy.

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