Happy New Year! Who Was The Radical MLK? by The Anti-Social Socialist

The world of the corporate executive in the U.S.: a “booming” stock market; “strong” economic growth; “America” (their version) is great again; an inordinate effect on elections – uh, make that selections; companies that destroy the environment while diverting billions of dollars from the working class to the parasitic class (like Chevron, Halliburton, Kinder Morgan, Duke Energy, Exxon-Mobil, Devon Energy, EOG Resources, Pioneer Natural Resources and Occidental Petroleum) and which do not pay federal income tax and some, amazingly, even profit from taxpayer money by receiving tax subsidies from their employees in Washington…

The world of the working class in the U.S.: tens of millions of people living paycheck to paycheck; approximately 600,000 homeless; approximately 200,000 people sleeping on the street, in abandoned buildings or other locations “not suitable for human habitation”; housing and food costs rising more rapidly than income; millions of people needing to choose between clothing and food; millions of children receiving a level of nutrition below accepted standards; millions of people insidiously prevented from voting…

Does anyone still believe democracy and Capitalism are compatible?

via Happy New Year! Who Was The Radical MLK? by The Anti-Social Socialist

21 comments on “Happy New Year! Who Was The Radical MLK? by The Anti-Social Socialist

  1. The television I bought in 2002 gave out in July. My life has improved about 500% without one. I highly recommend that people who still have TVs smash them. It’s time for people to stop voluntarily enslaving themselves.

  2. Though I gave away the last television I owned in 2015, I still enjoy watching an occasional movie or episode of an old TV show. However, I spend much more of my leisure time listening to music, reading books, playing guitar and playing with animals.

    Very few people understand that they are addicted to entertainment and have been conditioned to value convenience over truth. I’m not sure we’ll ever find our way out of this self-built maze.

  3. My dad and I used to have this discussion all the time and I think, ultimately, he was right when he said capitalism is a good system if left alone. That means, the market always controls. But we have a system of partials where the government gives partial subsidies and partial tax breaks but only to its friends like big oil and gas while solar and wind struggle to gain a footing, but even with such a disadvantage they still gain ground. Perhaps this has been all one grand failed experiment and we are soon to live in a world where people matter more than profits. 🙏

  4. In my opinion, Capitalism can’t be just an economic system. When you put such vast profits in the hands of a relatively small amount of people it eventually becomes a significant motivating factor to a large percentage of the population. Virtually everything is for sale, including free speech. It then is no longer free speech. When this happens Capitalism becomes a belief system, it permeates everything about society. It conditions people to behave a certain way. Many of the greediest people become the wealthiest in society and they are able to manipulate the direction society takes. They set the standards. And the type of person that is motivated strictly by personal gain tends to be the personality type of a narcissist. They don’t take other people’s needs into consideration when making decisions. This decreases costs in industry and increases profits, eventually wiping out the competition – unless those people adopt the same heartless techniques. It spreads a type of thinking that is a sickness – profit at all costs.

    Also, because wealthy people are able to pay so much money for things they want, it becomes too difficult (expensive) to live a life in which people are more important than making money. Everyone gets caught up in the race to make more money – otherwise they can’t afford not only things they want, but some of the things they need.

    I could go on with reasons why Capitalism is actually a deceptively violent system, but I’m trying not to ramble. A system in which everyone is allowed a certain minimum – access to shelter, running water & electricity; access to a quality education; equal access to information (in order to be able to make informed decisions and partake in democracy); access to nutritious food – things the authors of the constitution would call “the commons” would be an actual democracy. We definitely do not live in a democracy. With Capitalism as our social system, the more money you have the louder voice you have in our government. One person, one vote was decimated long ago. We need to keep money out of politics and have serious regulation of media ownership to even have a chance at democracy. Greedy people could still make more money, they just wouldn’t be able to make 1,000 times as much as the people who actually perform most of the work to manufacture things we need. It’s a matter of degree… and a matter of keeping compassion, justice and integrity in the mix.

  5. Totally agree with many of these points. My point is that our system is rigged and what we have is not actually capitalism but a hand out to the most powerful people. Capitalism was designed for the market place to decide who thrives and who fails because the best products will have the greatest market share. That’s assuming people act ethically toward nature, the environment and other people though, and doesn’t take into consideration the many biases that go into what our system looks like today such as tax breaks and the government’s failure to regulate. I think we agree fundamentally. How to get there is anyone’s guess. I like the idea of a minimum income for all because it means we won’t have homelessness or hunger. If you want to make more money you can go do so and if you’re happy with what you get that’s fine, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the direction we go in since it will probably save the government money in the long run.

  6. Likewise, I agree with most of what you wrote.

    Where we see things a bit differently, which isn’t much, is that you’re describing Capitalism on paper. That is an idea that couldn’t possibly exist at this point in the evolution of humanity. We haven’t yet evolved to the point at which we could trust people to not become mindlessly greedy. Many of us individually are able to avoid that trap, but not until that became virtually 100% of the population would a system that relied heavily on honesty and integrity work.

    In reality, Capitalism allows everything to be for sale. That includes truth, opinions, elections and anything else you can think of. When a select few can collect enough wealth to pay millions of dollars for advertising to easily swing an election, democracy can’t exist.

    When people can collect enough wealth to pay off government employees to bypass important regulations that affect water quality, air quality, the nutritional level of our food supply, the safety of medications and other products, democracy can’t exist.

    Today, it’s much worse than even that. We have been conditioned to accept serious corruption as “business as usual” and dysfunctional behavior as normal. (“Oh, they’re ALL like that” or “everyone does it so I will, too”). And we’ve been conditioned to passively obey the rulers’ dogma as truth. When a group can control the flow of information, set the framework of discussion and define truth, democracy can’t exist.

    Conclusion: democracy and Capitalism can’t exist in the same place at the same time.

    I’m sorry to go on for so long, but some things can’t be discussed intelligently in soundbites and tweets. I believe that limiting discourse can limit intellect and cloud perspective. It’s another way that we are conditioned for convenience and comfort to be more highly desired than truth and discipline.

  7. Haha – I totally agree with all this, especially the part about limiting our intellectual discourse because that is leading to the downfall of our country. Debate became a 4-letter word when the Fair and Balanced Reporting Act was done away with thereby allowing space for unsavory individuals like Rupert Murdoch to take over the airwaves. It’s no mistake that as authoritarianism rises, the role of the press is diminished. Also, I should add that it was my dad who believed wholeheartedly in capitalism. He and I would always debate the issue. While I don’t really know what the alternative would be — all the isms come with their own baggage — I think we owe it to our citizenry to provide basic housing, health care, and a healthy environment. That guy in the White House would make homelessness a crime if he could. 🙄 perhaps if I had been a student of economics I would have some answers, but I’m an environmental lawyer working for a governmental agency (USEPA) and from my POV, everyday we’re getting closer to the bottom falling out. EPA is rolling back regulations like Armageddon is coming and because the cause and effect are really spread out, people aren’t paying attention. As to the environment, capitalism has failed us immensely and ultimately may be the death of us all either through bad health or climate change. 😕

  8. Yes, Capitalism is making us sick and slowly killing us.

    All of the heartless deregulation in the fossil fuel, chemical & manufacturing industries imposed on us is destroying the balance of nature, and with it, the entire chain of life. In acting as if Armageddon is upon us, they’re actually starting an environmental Armageddon.

    And deregulation of media, mostly since the Reagan Inc. administration, has destroyed truth. That’s the saddest part – the stealing of minds.

    Thank you for commenting. Intellectual discourse, it’s becoming a thing of the past.

  9. Haha – I always say this 💩 we are going through today started with Reagan, too!! Also the mental health of our society. He closed the mental health facilities and many of those people became homeless which also increased the chain of cyclical poverty and on and on… 😡🤬 And just say no to drugs?! Anytime you declare war on anything you increase its presence in the world. It’s simple law of attraction. 🙄

  10. It’s interesting that you brought up mental health. I remember cringing when that decision was made, I believe it was in 1986. We put many people in need of mental and emotional help on the street. Now we have a mentally and emotionally ill person in the White House. If it wasn’t horrible it would be funny.

    I find it frightening that we now – officially – consider the questioning of authority and refusal to mindlessly obey authoritarian figures by our children to be mental illness today. They can legally be prescribed medication to make them more pliable and obedient to “acceptable” mainstream thought. THAT is scary.

  11. Yes these are strange and dangerous times. 🤬😱

  12. You should come to my great country of Spain (the land of the wild bulls) run by the Socialist coalition with the Communist backed by Venezuela and other 2 coalition parties that I won’t go into since this could end up being a dissertation paper for a politics class in my half of year of university I spend.
    With those parties governing…… we are doing great! Unemployment you have at 3.6% in the U.S, that’s a bunch! We are way below with socialist policies and their on top regulations on regulating even the regulators. Great system. Come and join the fun, Capitalism? …. Terrible.

  13. I have no need to move to Spain. I’m moving to Bolivia in two weeks. There’s was a Fascist coup d’etat there in November, but we’re hoping that’s temporary. There will be elections in May and democracy should be restored – as long as wealthy business executives from North America and Europe don’t continue their menacing involvement in Bolivian politics. History says they won’t and there just may be blood running in the streets since Bolivians aren’t as obedient as the people of the United States.

    I agree with your comment about Capitalism. It’s not only terrible, it’s a violent plague that destroys everything that doesn’t fit into its malevolent pattern, especially minds.

  14. God choice Bolivia, I´m thinking of moving back (since as a former soldier I was already there once but with weapons) to Afghanistan meet the Taliban un armed and just sit down, talk BS to each other, laugh, have a a whiskey and a blunt and where do you people live in?

  15. Are you asking me where in Bolivia I’m going to live? That last sentence was a little confusing. 🙂 If so, I’m moving close to Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flats on the planet. It’s an extremely beautiful place, almost otherworldly.

  16. I still love ya inspire opposing political views, I just write my little bad poetry blog, and some crazy thoughts and once in a while get into politics in other blogs, not mine it is called crazy life for a reason, can´t be serious I have to make an effort to be serious and that is taxing for me. I´m just weird. Hope you had a great Valentines Day (that is serious)

  17. It’s all good. Essays, poetry, stories, music.

    I don’t celebrate silly Capitalist holidays intended solely for selling products.

    However, I would celebrate an election defeat for the parasitic buffoon, donald trump, or a jail sentence for him or for anyone in his administration or a victory for a compassionate leader such as Bernie Sanders in the U.S. or a MAS party candidate in Bolivia or Madura in Venezuela. Those are worth celebrating. 🙂

    I’m hoping for celebrations in May and November. 🙂


  18. Each to his own with politics, although in all seriousness I wouldn’t go to Venezuela. They are literally on a civil war. Why? Won’t go into it, for you to decide. But I wouldn’t travel to that country in the midst of a civil war. Unless I had my 19 years old back and was back in the army with my supercool rifle a.k.a Sara-the name I nicknamed that beauty after my little sister.
    Well hope you celebrate (I´m from Spain), each to his own. I know either you literally want to kill Trump and want to put this real compassionate guy Bernie on the pedestal. Again, each to his own.

    I would go with you to some country in a vacation though, with the only condition that there is a MacDonalds there…… and you pay! 😉

    Take care

  19. I see donald trump as a cancer, but wouldn’t kill him. I don’t murder.

    The political situation in Venezuela is seriously misunderstood. The trump administration is financing a slow corporate takeover, but the majority of the people are resisting it by continuing to support Maduro. The people who support the fascist movement there are generally light-skinned and fairly well-off financially.

    I wouldn’t buy you McDonald’s since I don’t eat animals and try not to support corrupt businesses, but I would buy you a delicious, nutritious meal in a nice restaurant. 😆


  20. O.k, to make it official you are the one who contact me without me asking any questions to you, I just stated a comment that I thought ( seems I was wrong but unfortunately for you I was born into political operatives) I thought I was playing the dummy, and that is more than good. I just know how your mind works, yes my blog is Crazy Life (thanks for the promotion… see? Bad promotion, the vegetarian, give me more promotion, you loose, and I know this before I wrote the first comment to … you! 😉 I would advice you not to keep it going though, it is not in your best interest. Hope as you said that is, that Trump goes to jail and that Berie Sanders comes president.

    Is not going to happen, I can predict that. Information, mam, is everything in this world.
    For me you seem like a shallow thinker, information brings knowledge, there is also disinformation which you are bringing up. And I might even believe that you are not aware of it.

    Each to his own, again, you can´t beat me that I can promise. You can insult me which is a good tactic, and I am as of right now controlling the message by your own message.
    Think about it all day long, I´m thinking about it while I just ate my little bulldog, a lot of meat good protein, and then killed a vegetarian, killed a plant and you bore me, you are a joke. Truly and I a m sorry.

    I guess you´lll keep on responding, not in your best interest if you want me to expose you for what you truly are.

    Have a great day.

  21. Wow. Apparently, there is at least one person reading my blog who is unbalanced enough to take friendly, well-intentioned dialogue as – I don’t know, an attack, I guess?? And who I never heard of until seeing comments from him/her in various posts of mine. Oh well, we have a lot of diversity in the world. That’s a good thing. 😃

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