The Wisdom Of Master Po

The Wisdom Of Master Po

We can often find wisdom in unexpected places. Lessons not only come in the form of what to do in certain situations throughout life, but from making observations about what not to do.

I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve learned as much from foolish, reckless people as from wise people. We can also learn from children as there is often wisdom in their simple observations untainted by a judgemental mind.

Here is a nugget of wisdom from Master Po, via the amazing television show Kung Fu, which aired weekly from 1972 to 1975. The very talented actors in this scene are Keye Luke and David Carradine.

10 comments on “The Wisdom Of Master Po

  1. I so relate to young grasshopper!

  2. 😀 I hear you, Robert. I’m in touch with my inner grasshopper. 😆

  3. Hello, I am so amazed. This is truly a profound quote, I mean I haven’t thought about this game in that way. Truly wisdom can be attained everywhere only If u keep your mind open and untained by judgement and prejudices.
    The last part where he says, u should keep it in your deeds. 💖 amazing. Thank you for sharing 💖

  4. You’re so welcome. I’m very glad you enjoyed it so much. Like I told you in an earlier exchange, this television show blew my mind as a youngster and had a profound effect on my life. To this day it is my favorite show ever. I own the entire series on DVD.

    It’s true that we can learn a lot from children or foolish people as well as from enlightened people. I just thought of a line in an Aerosmith song – “Live and learn from fools and from sages” – it’s from the song, “Dream On” on their first album.

    We can find wisdom in many places that others might overlook. My favorite author is Frank Herbert. He’s labeled a science fiction writer and most people never get beyond that. I think of him as a wise philosopher. I probably own about 15 or 20 books he’s written. Every time I read one I feel inspired.

    Thanks for commenting. I’m sure I’ll find more clips from the show to post. Have a nice day. 🙂

  5. I’ll eagerly wait for those post.
    Frank Herbert is a new name for me. Science fiction never held much charm for me but I guess it’s time to give it another chance.
    And truly we learn the most from books.
    Btw, you have an amazing way to narrate things that are so profound and deep through such references. It immediately clicks. Thanks for sharing 💖

  6. You’re welcome. And thanks for the compliment. 😀

    As far as Frank Herbert, I’m not saying that you’d like his writing. We all interpret things differently. To me, he was a brilliant philosopher. His writing might not resonate with you, but someone that doesn’t get a second glance from someone else could become your favorite writer or favorite musician or favorite something. 🙂 There are no absolutes. The world is fluid and talent is not a science.

    Thank you very much for checking out my posts. I appreciate it and especially appreciate your contributions to the conversations. Have a beautiful day. ❤️

  7. 💖💖💖
    Nothing flows the way you want, surely. It might or might not resonate with me but that is for later. I love trying out new authors and that too lesser known. It will surely be interesting if not much.
    Welcome and
    Have a beautiful day yourself 💖

  8. Some things flow the way we want, some don’t. Some of the things that don’t flow the way we want, turn out to flow the way we need. The universe is wise.

    It’s good to be open to new authors. One day my brother gave me box of books to bring to a used book store I visited regularly. The woman was only looking for science fiction, apparently it was what sold best at the time. I looked at the books and didn’t recognize any names, but randomly chose four books that were part of a series. I figured that if I liked one it would be cool to have more by the same author. It was the first four books of a six book set called The Dune Chronicles. By Frank Herbert. They blew me away. I’d never read anything like it before. After that I bought every book written by Frank Herbert I could find. They are still my six favorite books, after many years. Yes, it’s good to try out new authors.


  9. Carl sagan says that universe in not hostile, it is merely indifferent. I would recommend u to try his books. They are not sci-fi but source of wisdom derived from universe and our shared history. You would enjoy It, I’m sure about that.

  10. Carl Sagan was awe-inspiring. I read Cosmos years ago and still have the entire set of the PBS series on tape (though I no longer own a VCR). 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll come across a VCR and rewatch the series. It’s great.

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