Fear Is The Only Darkness

My favorite television show ever, “Kung Fu”, ran from 1972 to 1975. Master Po was amazing. Here is a sample of his wisdom:


10 comments on “Fear Is The Only Darkness

  1. Loved that show. I was in high school when it started, and we were captivated!

  2. The darkness spreads across our land. Yet, we do not see.

  3. I watched every episode and waited patiently all week for the next one to air. I learned a lot and was impacted by the show for life. Seriously. I started my first martial arts training soon after the show started – Judo. I liked Bruce Lee’s movies at the time (I was in jr. high school), but only learned from Kung Fu. I later read books by Bruce Lee and learned from him – especially how to flow around obstacles in life like water flows around boulders.

    This is my second “Kung Fu” post. I’ll probably do more of it. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment, Robert.

  4. Sad, isn’t it? We have an entire system based on fear and the insidious manipulation of it by corporate executives to control the masses.

    Thanks for the astute comment, Rosaliene.

  5. I want you to do more of these because this is truly inspiring. It has depth, I actually went and thought about this a lot. It truly is beautiful.

  6. I’m pleased that you got so much out of it. That’s beautiful.

    Imagine an 11 year old kid who grew up on silly cartoons and sitcoms watching something like this on television for the first time. It literally changed my life. It introduced me to the discipline of martial arts and opened my heart and mind to questions I’d never asked. The show is very special to me.

    I’d already decided to post more about it. Check out this earlier post. It doesn’t have a video, just one line of dialogue from an episode. I was unable to post video at the time due to unexplained, long term technical problems:


  7. snack the pebble
    after you figure out
    which hand it’s in 🙂

  8. I believe you were “autocorrected” in this comment. 😎 Nice humor. Or maybe it’s wisdom – or both. 😀 Needing to know which hand the pebble is in before snatching it at first reminded me of the old shell game scams I remember seeing as a youngster on the sidewalks of NYC. Perhaps there is wisdom there. Perhaps we need to understand the questions (which hand) before snatching the wisdom? 🙂

    Thank you for sending my mind on an interesting flight of thought.

  9. nice wp is looking after us. generally
    i wouldn’t snack on the pebble, unless
    it’s really a gummy bear. and yes, we are sometimes a little quick with the wisdom before understanding the question 🙂

  10. 😎 We’ve had rock candy and pop rocks, maybe gummy pebbles could be the next candy sensation. 😎

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