Just a Paranoid Weirdo?

This is something I wrote a few months ago that I was unable to post due to not being able to access my blog account. It’s just another rambling thought about something imaginary (invisible?) to most people:

I occasionally sign online petitions, though not every one that is sent to me. Hell, there are so many. Like everyone else, I have my own set of priorities. I have a tendency to sign petitions aimed at trying to lessen the horrific damage we do to the planet such as trying to get people to stop the use of the synthetic chemical compound, glyphosate, which is reducing the nutrient content in our soil; requesting all levels of government to start a responsible system of testing our water and attempts to convince members of Congress to ban hydro-fracturing, offshore drilling, strip mining, murder of wolves and bears (especially the young while innocently sleeping in their dens) and other crimes against nature. These seem like good things to fight for – healthy soil, clean water, nutritious food and respect for living beings.

Other petitions will depend on the previously mentioned “set of priorities.”

A few months ago I had trouble getting a particular petition to send. It failed a few times before I decided to give up on it. A few weeks later I received another petition in my inbox on the same subject. I wrote my own letter instead of going with the pre-written version and when I hit send, it failed to go through, multiple times.

Hmmm, this was only the second time this had happened to me and both incidents dealt with the same issue. I’d been able to send various other petitions during the same span of time and even from the same site. I tried to send the letter to Congress a few more times, unsuccessfully. I have a very suspicious mind 😀 so I immediately thought about the censorship problems I’ve dealt with in recent years – especially since it was one of the top two issues I’ve learned are the most relentlessly fought by the powerful in this country, but I didn’t assume it was definitely the case. I just considered it.

Today, I received a third e-mail about this same issue. I wrote my own letter, put all of the requested information in properly and hit send. It didn’t go through. Over these few months, I have signed dozens of petitions and only had a problem three times. All three petitions are aimed at protecting Palestinian children who are separated from their families and held in brutal prisons by the Israeli Occupational Force.

The possibly dangerous e-mail I received:

“Right now, supporters of justice are in Washington, DC, rising against the racism of the self-proclaimed “largest pro-Israel organization” in the US as it holds its annual conference and meets with lawmakers. This isn’t AIPAC, though. It’s CUFI: Christians United for Israel

As the Palestinian people call for freedom, justice, and equality, CUFI actively works to undermine their freedom struggle and our solidarity movement. They even claim to have led the charge for the Trump administration to declare recognition of occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

CUFI’s hateful agenda has flown under the radar for too long, and we’re taking a stand. I’m outside CUFI’s annual summit right now with hundreds of supporters of justice, protesting the fact that many of our elected officials are inside cosigning a hateful agenda of continued US support for the Israeli government’s human rights abuses.

You can also take a stand by taking action in support of Palestinian rights in the face of oppression. One vital way to support the rights of the Palestinian people is by asking your representative to support H.R. 2407. This is the bill, introduced by Rep. Betty McCollum, that would prevent your taxpayer dollars from funding the Israeli military’s detention, abuse, and torture of Palestinian children.

Stand Up for Palestinian Children

H.R. 2407 addresses ongoing US complicity in the oppression of the Palestinian people by supporting Palestinian rights and insisting on accountability. It’s an important way to #CounterCUFI and reject a right-wing agenda—grounded in white supremacy—that advances Zionism, racism, and antisemitism.

CUFI’s agenda is an affront to every one of our values. CUFI insists that people must be separate and unequal, cynically supports Zionism out of a hatred and exploitation of Jews because they believe Israel will hasten a prophecy of Christian salvation, and denies Palestinians’ humanity.

Stand up against this hatred by taking action for Palestinian rights. When you do, you’re joining us in advancing the alternative: a progressive vision for US policy that uplifts freedom, justice, and equality for the Palestinian people in a world without racism. We need you with us.

Director of Programs Operations

P.S. Once you’ve taken action to urge your representatives to support H.R. 2407, please spread the word of the #CounterCUFI actions today on Facebook and Twitter.

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
PO Box 3609
Washington, DC 20027
United States | (703) 312-6360”

Wow. This is weighing the “rights” of a powerful military force to use military tactics against an occupied nation with the rights of minors not to be imprisoned and tortured.

Who hates Palestinians enough to want to prevent helping children?

Is this even possible? Am I imagining a level of hate that doesn’t exist simply because this country was born of genocide, nurtured on slavery and has developed into a nation with the most powerful military machine in human history, allowing it to be directed by wealthy business executives searching for free raw materials and cheap foreign labor?

I must be. No one could be that insanely cruel as well as be able to convince other people he/she is sane.

To get to a more important point, and one that is factual and detestable: how about the U.S. politicians who refuse to sign on to this bill? What’s going on inside our government that this is even an issue that needs to be discussed – never mind ignored by hundreds of human beings that are trusted by other human beings to look out for the rights of human beings? Who thinks this is OK?

What people or corporations or organizations can benefit, either directly or indirectly, from the appearance of people in the United States being more interested in Israel continuing to terrorize other nations in the Middle East than in the protection of children? Is it about Arabs? Islam? Oil? The profits of war? Some combination of these things?

Would it be powerful Christian Fundamentalists who revere the state of Israel or politicians paid to obey the wishes of these people? (Despite the ample evidence showing Israel to be a brutal police state with a deeply cruel apartheid system?)

Would it be the wealthy executives of the fossil fuel industry who are so vile and devoid of decency that they are willing to do anything in order to increase their bank accounts?

Could it be a program set in place by war profiteers to systematically cut off the opinions of people who don’t serve their agenda? (Even if these people have little or no effect on public opinion?) That sounds far too paranoid for powerful people to engage in. Why would busy people waste their time with powerless people?

Yeah, I’m just a paranoid weirdo who sees things that aren’t there.

5 comments on “Just a Paranoid Weirdo?

  1. Awesome. I got into my blog for a second day.

  2. Sounds to me like a pro-Israeli agent has infiltrated Stand Up for Palestinian Children and inserted some malicious code into their petition landing page. We had this happen several times in Seattle with our single payer health coalition. We would discover intelligence plants were working in our office after they deliberately sabotaged our database and volunteer lists.

  3. Damn. So despicable. Yeah, I guess that’s a reasonable possibility. What a fucked up world we live in, huh?

  4. it’s not just your imagination, dear one!
    i’ve been keeping a safe distance
    from the wild west www 🙂

  5. 😎 I have such mixed feelings about the internet. I love having so much information at my fingertips, but I despise having so much filth and indoctrination falling on my head whenever I attempt to research interesting information. People that tell me how great the internet is bring up the ease with which to find information, but rarely address the fact that there is more crap than worthwhile information.

    Thanks for the comment. I hope you are enjoying life. Keeping a safe distance from insanity and dysfunction helps, of course. 😎

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