Wackjob Propaganda Or Political Satire? You Decide…

”Time for President Trump to Unleash Military Arrests”

This is the title of a very detailed blog post by a media outlet that I know for a fact, from my own research the past few years, is definitely far right wing. I was initially fooled into thinking the site was run by someone who cares about people due to reading interesting articles on health. Then, I was appalled by pathetically heavy-handed opinions inserted in articles in a clumsy fashion that didn’t appear at first to be political. A hatred for government, social programs and the questioning of fundamentalist Capitalism became obvious.

I found this editorial a few months ago and added my observations in one day, but was then unable to access my blog until today. It’s a bit out-dated (since an impeachment inquiry is currently underway against donald trump), but I decided to print it anyway since it is so incredibly fascinating – and possibly scary. I didn’t change any of the original content, not even the grammatical errors.

Here are the first two paragraphs of the article that prompted me to write this:

“(Natural News) Events are rapidly coalescing to the inevitable conclusion that America must either rise up and defend itself or fall to the lawless, lunatic Leftists and globalists who seek to destroy it from within.
“Soon, it will be time for President Trump to take decisive action to eliminate the domestic enemies of America (see full list below) and restore the rule of law to this sovereign nation. Although I don’t have any special inside information about Trump’s plans, an analysis of accelerating events points to an historic showdown as pro-American forces face off against anti-American traitors throughout every level of government and society.”

Is this creative satiric commentary? Is this possibly the insane ramblings of a lone nut sitting on the floor of a log cabin in the woods planning to defend himself from a government attack that will never take place? If it was written as a serious warning to the people of the United States, are there other people in this country who think this way? How many lunatics live in the U.S. today who are willing to use force against fellow citizens merely because they think differently?

Even worse, are these people willing to use physical force against fellow citizens because these unpatriotic subversives refuse to obey the twisted, irrational inanities of a racist, misogynist parasite who hired degenerate (though clever) hustlers to corrupt the ethics of millions of voters and redirect their anger and frustration in order to gain the presidency? Could the cult of personality of a narcissistic predator be large enough to cause blood to run in the streets of a nation this size?

Is this possible in a country that is one of the most influential on earth? A society of people who believe themselves to be civilized? Let’s take another look at one sentence from above in particular…

”Soon, it will be time for President Trump to take decisive action to eliminate the domestic enemies of America (see full list below) and restore the rule of law to this sovereign nation.”

“… eliminate the domestic enemies of America…”


Eliminate us? Does that mean killing everyone who disagrees with their glorious leader? Or just eliminating us from the streets by throwing us all in prison? Will they separate parents from their children? Will they withhold toothpaste and soap, expecting people to use filthy toilets in the middle of a cell? Eliminate. Wow, that isn’t a friendly word to use about fellow living beings.

“… domestic enemies of America…”

America? Does the author mean all of America or just the United States of America? Is the intention to take control of the entire hemisphere or is the author merely ignorant of geography? I’m going to go with the latter. After all, this person might have quit school in junior high school since conservatives don’t like education, right? Only Socialists like education. And finally, enemies of the country. Enemies of what this criminal administration stands for, I presume. Hmmm…

Well, that would mean enemies of censorship; cutting off access to resources for those with different opinions; privatizing education to increase obedience and keep the “less desirable” in their places; eliminating regulation of the financial industry to keep the money where it’s always been – in the hands of the privileged few who own the country; destroying pristine wilderness for the economic well-being of a few wealthy executives in the fossil fuel and mining industries; slowly destroying the mechanisms of democracy; attempting to control the inner workings of other nations for the benefit of the greediest, most corporate-controlled members of each nation (such as in Venezuela); illegally baiting nations into war to enrich mercenary pimps like Erik Prince and war profiteer corporations such as Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, Boeing And General Dynamics (as the current maniacs are trying to do in Iran) and basically insuring corporate control of virtually everything on the planet – especially as much as possible by donald trump.

What would be next? Declaring a national emergency to prevent elections until all of the subversives have been locked up and/or executed? An amendment creating a mandatory oath to support the MAGA administration for all citizens in order to stay out of prison? The article continues:

”With deranged, lawless Democrats now demanding the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr for completely fabricated reasons — i.e. they don’t like the fact that he won’t go along with the Russia collusion hoax that was fabricated by the treasonous deep state — we are getting closer each day to the need for military arrests of those lawmakers and domestic terrorist organizations (see list below) who are actively conspiring to defeat America as founded and turn this country over to globalists to be looted, dismantled and erased from history.”

“America as founded” Uh, the United States as founded? Does the author mean a return to actual slavery being legal? And women not being allowed to vote? Would that include giving back about two thirds of the country to the rightful owners (actual Americans) since they still controlled it in 1776 before the genocide had been completed?

The democrats – most of whom are horribly flawed due to deeply entrenched corruption, merely without the dingbat insanity and vicious hatred for those who aren’t white, male, mindlessly Christian and slavishly anti-democracy – intend to “turn this country over to globalists to be looted, dismantled and erased from history” – did I get that right?

Who exactly is doing the looting in the U.S.? Isn’t it corporate parasites, a vast majority of whom are white males? The wealthiest people around certainly are. The use of the term “globalists” is interesting. To me, globalists would seem to be the high priests of modern Capitalism. They want to eliminate borders for the purpose of “globalizing” the economy, though of course, they want to keep borders in the conversation about that extremely lucrative industry – war. Then, borders are convenient. It helps locate and sometimes corral and control “the enemy.”

All I see being dismantled are the rights of “we the people” and the mechanisms of government intended to help humanity evolve (oh, another dirty word among conservatives) into a system reflecting the ideals of democracy and freedom.

And finally, what we see being erased from history are facts such as the inventions and contributions of non-white people to our collective history.

“President Trump must know that We the People are ready and willing to defend this nation against domestic enemies.
“The President needs to know that We the People wholly support his efforts to drain the swamp and “lock them up.” We are law-abiding patriots and defenders of the both First and Second Amendments, and we are ready to back President Trump’s decisive commands with city-by-city, county-by-county defenses to identify and arrest all enemies of America who are attempting to destroy this nation from within.
“Get more news like this without being censored: Get the Natural News app for your mobile devices. Enjoy uncensored news, lab test results, videos, podcasts and more. Bypass all the unfair censorship by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Get your daily news and videos directly from the source! Download here.”

(This is interesting: a commercial during the article. God bless Capitalism, the true faith.)

”To be clear, yes, I’m talking about armed, law-abiding citizens all across America who are willing to defend America from the traitors who are trying to destroy it.
“From idiotic lunatics who would push America into an all-out economic collapse (Ocasio-Cortez) to high-level treasonous criminals who armed America’s enemies with nuclear weapons and leaked U.S. military secrets to China and Iran (Barack Obama), all those who threaten the United States of America must be identified, arrested and removed from power as part of the process of restoring the rule of law in America.”

In case some people have never read about the origins of nuclear technology in Iran (and Pakistan), here is a brief summary:

Iran started its nuclear program in the 1970s under Reza Pahlavi, the notoriously violent dictator and puppet of the U.S. and U.K. (Research Operation Mongoose, the first CIA operation during the Dulles Brothers administration – uh, I mean Dwight D. Eisenhower administration operated in tandem with Great Britain). It was acquired through friendly terms from the Gerald Ford (Henry Kissinger) administration for a paltry sum of cash and, of course, continued access to oil, the profits of which went to the Shah and his cronies instead of the people of Iran.

And A.Q. Khan received significant financial help with his nuclear research in Pakistan from U.S. tax payer money funneled secretly by members of the Ronald Reagan Inc. administration during one of the most insidious scandals in U.S. history (that didn’t involve genocide or slavery): the notorious Iran Contra Scandal.

Yes, three conservative GOP administrations, the patriotic party, contributed to nuclear technology being acquired by two governments that are currently hated by the GOP. Interesting, to say the least.

“I don’t have any special inside information of what Trump is planning, and I don’t speak for Trump in any way. But some of the actions that Trump could take to restore the rule of law in America and eliminate the sabotage actions of the domestic enemies currently operating in America include the following:
* Deploy the military police nationwide to arrest and detain the CEOs of all tech companies and financial institutions that are systematically de-platforming conservatives, Trump supporters and Christians.
* Every CEO of every tech company (Google, Twitter, etc.) or financial institution (Chase, Mastercard, GoFundMe, etc.) that has de-platformed users for being conservatives must be charged and prosecuted for willfully denying Americans their basic civil rights to engage in speech and commerce.
* The domain names of all such tech companies and financial companies should be seized by the State Dept. and held in escrow until such time that the corporations sign consent decrees that guarantee the freedom of speech and freedom of commerce for all Americans, without interference, shadowbanning, de-platforming or algorithmic censorship.
* RICO Act racketeering laws can be used to level felony criminal charges against all those engaged in these activities.”

Wow. Calling for military police to arrest people with dissenting views? And talk about oxymoronic sentences…

“… should be seized by the State Dept. and held in escrow until such time that the corporations sign consent decrees that guarantee the freedom of speech and freedom of commerce for all Americans, without interference, shadowbanning, de-platforming or algorithmic censorship.”

Demanding people to sign “consent decrees” to guarantee freedom of speech? Damn, I don’t even know how to respond to that one.

Using RICO laws to arrest people who run large corporations wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that this person wants to do it to help someone who has built a criminal empire bilking legal businesses while cooperating with career criminals.

I’ve decided not to include anymore comments of my own. I’m going to leave you with the rest of the words of this imaginative patriot who has spared no passion in defending the true faith of the United States.

*Every fake news media organization that actively participated in the sourcing and publishing of fabricated “leaks” what were intended to further the political coup effort against President Trump should have its conspirators arrested and removed from public influence. CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Buzzfeed, among others, have collapsed into “journo-terrorism” hubs where they attempt to terrorize the American public with fabricated news hoaxes with the aim of destabilizing the Trump administration. These activities are not expressions of a “free press” but rather active efforts to commit sedition and treason as part of a coordinated, deep state political coup to overthrow the results of the 2016 election and nullify the will of the voters. The left-wing media has essentially merged with the deep state and now functions as the propaganda extension of the very treasonous groups that are attempting to overthrow America’s democracy.
* Every member of Congress, in both the House and Senate, who has actively participated in furthering the Russia collusion hoax and attempted coup against the United States of America should be arrested by military police and charged with sedition, then removed from public office and held to face military trials. Sen. John McCain should be charged posthumously for his role in the “Trump dossier” which was used to obtain an illegal FISA warrant application to spy on Trump campaign and administration personnel (in total violation of U.S. law).
* As part of the cleanup operation to eliminate domestic terrorist groups that are operating inside the United States, Antifa must be designated a domestic terrorism organization, and all those who collude with Antifa to carry out acts of violence against conservative Americans must be arrested and charged with terror-related acts of conspiracy. This will include a very large number of college and university professors who exploit their positions of academic power to recruit and deploy domestic terrorist groups against the United States government.
* The mayors of “sanctuary cities” and the governors of “sanctuary states” must be declared to be engaged in an active insurrection against the United States of America, then arrested and subjected to military tribunals for their active roles in undermining the nation through willful complicity with criminal felons and terror-linked groups.
* All governors who signed laws authorizing the voting of illegal aliens must be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit voter fraud. A national voter ID law must be put into place and fully enforced. Until California or any state agrees to enforce voter ID laws, that state’s members of Congress must be suspended and prevented from participating in federal legislation in any way whatsoever. The message to California? If you don’t enforce voter ID laws, you will lose your Senators, members of Congress and your Electoral College votes. You cannot participate in democracy if you aren’t willing to follow the basic rules of democracy.
* Activate American patriots to defend the national borders. Militia groups must be called up by the President to defend America’s territories against foreign invaders. Those attempting to illegally enter the United States via border crossings must be ordered to turn around and go home. Those caught inside the border must be arrested and immediately deported to their home countries. The message must be clear: Immigrants are only welcomed in the United States through legal processes, not illegal border crossings. If you want to become an American, wait in line like everybody else who immigrated legally.
By now, President Trump knows that the American people are ready and willing to activate their Second Amendment responsibility nationwide, to protect and defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. There are millions of military veterans and both active duty and former law enforcement Americans who are ready and willing to enforce the rule of law and, at the direction of the Commander in Chief, do their part to identify and eliminate the threat of “enemies within.”

Most real Americans have reached the point where they now realize their country will be completely overrun and destroyed if something isn’t done to halt the enemies within. Time is growing short. The will of the American people to defend their nation is stronger than ever, but most Americans will not act unless they are given authorization by the President.

That authorization will not come before the 2020 election, but once Trump wins a second term, there’s nothing holding back a full-fledged defense of America and the complete rooting out and elimination of America’s domestic enemies.

I have no doubt that President Trump already knows the American people are with him and are ready to defend his presidency and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Get prepared while you can, since the Democrats are desperately trying to disarm the American people before the “big showdown” takes place. I am also directing you to this very important tactical analysis of how a civil war might go down and why the treasonous Left will “suffer a brutal loss” as power, water and food supply lines to their cities are cut off by pro-America forces who are defending this nation against traitors and terrorists. That article is based on this article by Matt Bracken at AmericanPartisan.org. It’s also a very important read.

God bless America. #MAGA like a MOFO.”

Source: https://operationdisclosure1.blogspot.com/2019/05/time-for-president-trump-to-unleash.html

6 comments on “Wackjob Propaganda Or Political Satire? You Decide…

  1. Glad that you’re back, Shift. What disturbing news! Civil war in the United States would be the greatest gift to our foreign enemies and economic rivals.

  2. Thank you.

    This is indicative of what the current administration brings to political discourse in this country. We haven’t had such intense hate shown for fellow citizens without shame in many years. It’s an amazing thing to witness. Who would have thought that barbaric GOP voters would support what a sane person would consider terrorist-like behavior – on one hand encouraging destruction of the environment while on the other, attacking civil rights, condoning racism, treating women like objects and spewing hateful rhetoric at virtually everyone while acting like an insane cowboy in the old Wild West who’s just found nuclear weapons and gives the impression he wants to use them.

    These are interesting times. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Sounds like Deep State propaganda to me.

  4. Thanks for the comment. Care to elaborate?

  5. Well, it sounds like something either written by the CIA or military intelligence with a goal of further driving a wage between right and left leaning factions of the working class. I think it’s safe to assume that Mike Adams gets a monthly check from one or the other.

  6. Interesting.

    A few years ago (before the 2016 election) I read articles on that site and while definite pro-corporate, anti-government opinion was freely expressed, it wasn’t nearly as violent as this crap. I guess you could say the same people behind it decided to amp things up… I don’t know.

    Amazingly, I spoke with someone a few months ago that I’ve known for a while who always expressed a strange mix of opinions – some open-minded and some definite right wing extremism – and he told me about an organization that is deeply anti-government and is determined to clean up “the swamp” in Washington D.C. The insane thing about it is that they seem to revere donald trump, as if he is a person of conscience who wants to end corruption.

    I laughed at first, assuming it was a joke, but he then got angry and told me to “wait and see” because once trump uncovered all of the political corruption and pedophilia among (only) Democrats in government I’d come around and embrace him as the wonderful leader we’ve always needed. At that point I got extremely nervous because I didn’t know if he was serious or playing a prank on me. I discovered that this guy actually believes this stuff and expects trump’s Department of Justice to hand out tens of thousands of warrants to arrest every Democrat, Socialist and unpatriotic person in the U.S. any day now. This article sounds like what he’s been reading on online the past year.

    I think there could be more than one source behind this – basically anyone who wants discord and confusion to spread throughout the U.S. I’d rather see the empire fall due to its own ignorance and arrogance.

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