Who Actually Believes America and Its Flagrant Attempts To Corner Iran? by Finian Cunningham + Vijay Prashad: Where Are the Skeptics? + Wilkerson: US Further Isolates Itself

I know this post is a bit late, but I fear that the rabidly relentless conditioning of U.S. citizens to believe that the U.S. ever has good intentions when it comes to foreign affairs is still amazingly effective. Even educated people seem to lose a few dozen points in their IQ when it comes to discussing certain issues – issues such as Iran, Venezuela, Israeli terrorism in Palestine and the violence inherent in Capitalism as a state-sactioned religion, to name a few.

We’ve allowed a piece of filth like donald trump to pull out of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, aka the Iran Nuclear Deal), then have his warmongering psychos Bolton and Pompeo continually attempt Gulf of Tonkin-style incidents to gain support from the obedient, flag waving sector of the country to start a war with Iran merely to direct attention away from the most corrupt, crime-laden administration in U.S. history. People should be protesting in the streets to stop this.

We already allow these monsters to help their financial constituents to make money selling weapons to the Royal Saudi Terrorist Family to kill helpless people in Yemen. Now, donnie wannabe Putin Jung On wants to force people to forget about impeachment and show his former supporters that he’s a strong dictator, too, just like the people he admires.

“Forget about the fixed election, forget about children suffering on the border with Mexico, forget about the economic plan that continues to enrich wealthy people and causes more distress for everyone else, forget about the slow destruction of our economy from my tariffs, forget about the fast destruction of the remnants of democracy, justice and decency! None of that matters because we’re GREAT again!”

I occasionally get emotional when writing, but don’t like to lower myself to the despicable ugliness I see that has become “normal” in political discourse in the U.S. just in the last couple years. But sometimes it’s difficult to stay calm when you feel surrounded by the viciousness of hate and greed that permeates the U.S. And it has gotten worse since the 2016 election. Who actually thought that was possible?

Too many people in this country have given away their minds. Seriously. Centrists laugh at the “idiots” who support the GOP (an organization I believe to be terroristic), but how many of those fake liberals sit in their comfortable chairs in their comfortable houses in their sterile communities where almost everyone plays it safe (and expects “other” people to make necessary changes) and turns on a mainstream newscast or goes to a mainstream online media site and believes they’re getting the full picture of what’s going on? How many read articles by Palestinian writers? How many read articles by Iranian or Iraqi writers? Or Indian or Pakistani writers?

Let me tell you something: the New York Times is not a liberal newspaper. The mainstream television news outlets that many people call liberal are just playing their role as partners in making a lot of money by keeping us engaged in fighting each other. They show different views, but they never cross the line into that fantasy world we’ve all heard about: “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

I’ve ranted long enough. This week old piece is still good reading…

via Who Actually Believes America and Its Flagrant Attempts To Corner Iran? by Finian Cunningham + Vijay Prashad: Where Are the Skeptics? + Wilkerson: US Further Isolates Itself

9 comments on “Who Actually Believes America and Its Flagrant Attempts To Corner Iran? by Finian Cunningham + Vijay Prashad: Where Are the Skeptics? + Wilkerson: US Further Isolates Itself

  1. Thanks for the excellent article. We need more truth, as you know.

    I feel sick when I see how ignorant so many of my fellow citizens are. It’s disgusting. I’m a peaceful person, but when I see rampant hate and violent ignorance I feel shame. Educating people doesn’t seem to be enough. I’m starting to feel like humans, as a whole, are a plague. Apparently, I need some balancing.


  2. thanks for your caring!
    consumers want bargains
    and not to be inconvenienced knowing
    or paying the full the cost of their commodities.
    sad 😦

  3. That’s very perceptive and so true. In Consumerist societies, consumers always feel good after receiving a bargain. Apparently, that includes getting a bargain on exchanges of information as well as purchasing goods and entertainment services. People are fine with shelling out a dollar for a newspaper or paying a monthly fee for an online service, but aren’t willing to pay the price of caring about those they don’t know personally – the “others” we indirectly affect with our learned callousness. Compassion for all beings doesn’t fit in our budget so we slash it along with necessary social programs. I think most of us call that “growing up” since we teach it to our children.

  4. Good looking out. We need to spread truth, it’s dying.

  5. yes, so true dear one!
    & the costs of untold
    environmental damage, wars for oil and other goods, & destabilizing societies to keep control
    of resources, while letting immigrants die at the border. these and other unwholesome actions make compassion more challenging, sadly 😦

  6. I used to tell people that I wished the gas pumps at gasoline stations had two gauges – one for the monetary cost and one for the cost in blood. I usually got a blank expression in response.

    It’s insane that there are people willing to do all of these horrible things just for money, but it disturbs me much more that so many people that don’t directly profit from them allow it to continue without trying to do anything about it and many even support these violently sick people that make fortunes from deeply immoral activities.

    Yes, very challenging.

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