No More Zombie Elections: Vote For The Right To Vote

“Voting is a fundamental right of our democracy and must be accessible to all Americans. And yet, voter suppression and gerrymandering continue to threaten our democracy. We, as voters, deserve to know how our presidential candidates will defend our voting rights, but how can we know if they aren’t asked? During the 2016 race not one single voting rights question was asked during the debates.

Sign the petition: We demand to hear exactly where Democratic candidates stand on voting rights!”


This is from one of the saddest e-mails I have ever read. In a country that considers itself civilized and calls itself a democracy, people who want us to cast votes for them need to be forced to discuss the fact that we no longer have a democracy. And to make matters worse, this e-mail is aimed at the political party that actually does care, a little, about the rights of the people – unlike the strong, manly, aggressively patriarchal,  patriotic party which cares about nothing other than continuing the status quo of corporate control, consolidation of personal wealth among the (mostly white male) parasitic class and keeping the masses dazed and confused – as long as we inspire fear and keep “The Others” under our boot heels. Apparently, no one considers it even possible to get GOP voters to care about voting rights. After all, almost all of them are the proper skin tone, exist in a bubble of self-congratulatory ignorance (oxymoronically known as arrogant ignorance) with an acceptable level of docility and obedience  and are virtually devoid of intellectual curiosity.

It sounds to me like material for a skit on the old Monty Python television series. When I was a little kid I’d watch that crazy show that made jokes about things I’d never heard anyone on television talk about – ridiculous things. I used the word ridiculous because back then (pre-Ronnie Raygun Cartoon Administration) it would have been just as ridiculous to think that we’d have to demand our politicians to discuss something so vital to freedom as it was to slap someone with a dead fish. (Those not familiar with Monty Python and the Flying Circus will have to do some research to understand the previous sentence).

What type of society do we have if we don’t have the right to discuss important issues in the political forum? How could we possibly be informed about the people to whom we entrust the well-being of our health, our children, our food & water and our societal structure if we don’t ask them the most pertinent questions related to the duties we need them to perform? How could we get people who care into OUR government? We obviously wouldn’t want a megalomaniacal money-grabber with no moral courage or intellectual curiosity and more desire for personal gain than for the well-being of her or his fellow citizens to take over our government.

Would we?

How could voting rights not be considered important enough to discuss? Is that why we have a racist sexual predator in the White House who embraces the corporate agenda of trading away civil rights in exchange for the right to pollute the planet without penalty? (And we call them trade “agreements” – despite the fact that most of us don’t agree. Remember, slavery was a corporate-inspired trade “agreement”)

Who actually wants things to be like this? I need to know that.

Who doesn’t care that we have children who go hungry, disabled people who are kicked out of their homes, forests necessary for our survival being destroyed every day (along with millions of animals living in them), people in prisons across the country who risked their lives and freedom defending our rights, oceans becoming sewers, working people whose tax burdens are growing while the wealthiest among us either pay the equivalent of a tip for a waitress or, if they’re large enough, no longer even pay taxes…?

This is not in any way an endorsement of the democrats who, though they aren’t nearly as despicable and heartless as the GOP, are merely the junior partners in a huge, centuries long scam to deaden the creative and critical thinking skills of the population in order to allow the ruling class to continue telling us what to think and how to live. We live extremely unnatural lives in which we have learned to ignore compassion, integrity and justice because we break under the pressure of the fear of standing up for what’s right. We seem to expect a “hero” to come along and fight for us. We’ve been conditioned to take care of number one while telling the less fortunate to bite the bullet, stay the course, pull themselves up by the bootstraps (whether they have boots or not), that patience is a virtue (while the least patient often reap financial rewards), turn the other cheek (especially when wealthy people steal our hard-earned wages by raising prices with the setting of the sun) while rewarding obedience and punishing free thinking.

“The Others” look different, the others are different, the others might be dangerous, the others are dangerous – they will take your job and rape your wife!

The connection looks ridiculous, but somehow it seems to work. You just need to pull the strings while people are looking in the direction of the distraction you set up. Our system is a huge, multi-faceted parlor game of manufactured fear, hate, desire and misdirection. Join the game. Just don’t complain when you get hit in the face with the dead fish of ignorance and hope that one day you don’t wind up one of “The Others.”

No More Class War Zombie Elections:

Link to the e-mail I received (though it’s probably been deleted by now): https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/sign-the-petition-tell-the-dnc-to-include-voting-rights-in-the-debates?source=2019VotingRightsinDebates_DK&link_id=0&can_id=b9e4cb204cac5232e4869a524917a51f&email_referrer=email_541024&email_subject=sign-the-petition-include-voting-rights-questions-in-the-debates

7 comments on “No More Zombie Elections: Vote For The Right To Vote

  1. creative plea for thinking and participating in the process!
    the romans called it divide & rule.
    others call it divide & conquer.
    a lot of resources are spent to keep
    the citizens at each other’s throats.
    hate radio has paid off handsomely.
    meanwhile, a small number make profit.
    may the rest of us not be so
    afraid of each other 🙂

  2. Yes, fear is the key for the rulers. Fear gives birth to hate, ignorance nurtures it and predatory types use it as a tool to manipulate, divide and conquer the rest of us.. We need compassion, intelligence and courage to blossom in order to dissolve the hateful ones. I believe that when compassion tempers intelligence it becomes wisdom and the courage to use wisdom will set us free.

    Thank you for insightful comment, always a pleasure. 🙂

  3. And now for something ridiculous, “The Fish Slapping Dance” from Monty Python’s Flying Circus:

  4. Yes, it’s all a game and we the masses of humanity are just pieces to be used and disposed of like the rest of non-human nature.

  5. Yes, a deadly game with potentially suicidal consequences. It’s difficult to understand that people actually use people like things. We’ve progressed technologically, but not spiritually. We’re so out of balance.

    Thank you for caring enough to to this work of attempting to inform people – so many of whom don’t want to be informed.

  6. We also need to get rid of voting machines and return to paper ballots – voting doesn’t do much good if your vote isn’t counted.

  7. No doubt about that! And, there’s no doubt whatsoever that many elections in the U.S. have been tampered with through election fraud. There was discussion about 15 years ago about the danger of voting machines, particularly after a republican politician stated publicly that the owners of the machines, devout republicans, guaranteed the vote in any particular race could be automatically flipped from a democrat win to a 51%-49% GOP win. The public lost interest and few people seem to care anymore.

    Thanks for commenting.

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