Just Because No One Is Looking Over Your Shoulder It Doesn’t Mean No One Is Watching

While I was happy that my ban from WordPress was done after almost four months, it appears that, for the moment, some sites are more difficult for me to engage than others. I wonder if other WordPress bloggers experience this.

I saw a post by Uprootedpalestinian’s Blog titled “Belfast councillors vote against sending rep on Israel trade trip — Rebel Voice” in the “Reader” section and was prevented from commenting on it. Then I figured I’d tap on “visit site” to leave a comment and nothing happened. I tried many times and was unable to get to the site. I don’t want to automatically assume it’s more censorship, but then, it is about Palestine and Israel, one of the issues I’ve found over the years to be taboo to discuss open-mindedly in the United States – not only online, but even in person where I live, in New York. (I once had a rabid man angrily tell me that Palestinians are literally inferior to Israelis and don’t deserve to live in Palestine. Huh?)

Now, that site has posted regularly for years about the Palestinian struggle for civil rights and freedom and obviously is still online. But I’ve had no problem commenting on a few other sites the past few days. Maybe those who use censorship in the U.S. aren’t consistent on purpose. It’s easier this way to deny anything is going on, that there are just technical difficulties and coincidences.

“How could there be censorship? I see posts all the time about Palestine.”

Well, complete censorship would be obvious and therefore easier to condemn. Maybe people employed to censor just mess with certain sites irregularly to make telling the truth a bit more difficult while keeping the ability to call us crazy people paranoid.

“The United States is a bastion of freedom and democracy! There’s no censorship. Those people are just unpatriotic agitators. They probably work for Socialist billionaires (😂) or some Communist country (😮) trying to destroy democracy!”

Well, I don’t know what’s going on and I’m not going to pretend I do, but I know that after a while “coincidence” just doesn’t cut it. When a pattern develops, to ignore it is illogical.

I’m not going to rant, I already have. I’d like to hear from people about any similar experiences, especially when dealing with Israel, Venezuela and Fundamentalist Capitalism.


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17 comments on “Just Because No One Is Looking Over Your Shoulder It Doesn’t Mean No One Is Watching

  1. Yahoo has been censoring, anything negative “news” pertaining to Trump, economy, Foreign policy, etc. Also FB has banned me twice,for days at a time, for negative remarks about Trump & his mob Administration, of crooks & thieves! It’s difficult to NOT to call’m as you see’m! Some Trump trolls probably complained! FB now works for Trump! Always thought FB was way, over-rated! Twitter has yet to sensor me! Yes, we are being watched….

  2. Yes, there’s definitive proof that certain agencies have utilized vast resources for decades for keeping tabs on those who don’t enthusiastically wave the U.S. flag or who behave differently than an obedient “patriot” who allows the ‘powers that be’ to do his/her thinking.

    However, under the direction of a paranoid, obsessive narcissist who snuck into power and who seems to believe that he deserves anything he can get his tiny, dirty fingers on, things appear to have gotten worse. Relentless attacks on peoples’ perspectives from a fearful, obedient corporate media have conditioned millions of otherwise caring people to distrust those who don’t conform “enough” to the dogma of the dominant culture.

    Probably the most important tool at their disposal is the way people can be frightened into thinking in a way that previously made them cringe and to fear standing up for what they know is right. People know it’s despicable to reduce the already low funding of necessary care for the elderly & disabled, social programs for the poor, proper nutrition for poor children and other political manipulations of that nature, yet they sit in their comfortable chairs eating toxic, highly processed food products, swallowing toxic medications – most of which are completely unnecessary – and watching brain-deadening entertainment that helps them ignore reality. Well, reality will slap them in the face soon enough when our collective ignorance starts to show more obvious signs of the destruction we’re wreaking on the planet. Censorship is never acceptable.

    Thank you for commenting.

  3. I found the site but couldn’t like or comment on it. When asked to sign in I was told that I don’t exist. How I wish some days…

  4. Did that happen when you went to Uprootedpalestinian’s Blog? You’re outspoken. Have you had problems in the past similar to what I’ve been going through?

  5. Sorry you have had this experience. I hope it is getting better for you. A couple months back my comments were going straight to other’s spam folders; quite frustrating. After contacting the askmet? people who provide the spam service, they resolved the mysterious issue after a few days. As far as censorship, likely happens increasingly with the state of our corporate govt. Wishing you moments of feeling free of the darkness 🙂

  6. Well, the “forced hiatus” has ended – for now. I still have minor difficulties with certain sites, but at least I can post and comment most of the time.

    Thank you. Fortunately I can see in the dark. 🙂

  7. Happening all the time. Free thinking blogs, emphasise thinking get removed – no explanation. Like you I am heartily sick of all media platforms being used to tell me what to think, as apart from telling me what is going on, the facts, so I can make my own opinion.

  8. It’s obviously despicable for the corporate rulers to play these games, but it bothers me even more that so many people allow it to happen without saying anything. They condone censorship and other horrible things and somehow fail to realize it’s mostly their fault. The parasites aren’t going to stop on their own, WE have to stop them.

    Thanks for commenting.

  9. More like pesticide-laden celery stalks. We might as well be soylent green. We mindlessly consume whatever the rulers feed us and they devour our hearts and minds. (Collectively speaking, of course)

  10. The truth doesn’t exactly make you happy, does it? the frustration is what can anyone do about it. When you realise what is happening now, you realise this is what has always happened historically. by the time some realise, it is too little, too late – precisely my experience.

  11. I guess all we can do is to continue educating whatever people we can reach and hope more hearts & minds open up to the ugly truths around us. We can’t give up, as hopeless as it sometimes seems. The biggest weapon the rulers have is their ability to spread hopelessness and the apathy & complacency that stems from it.

  12. I have just read a book I think you might find of interest. “Thieves of State” by Sarah Chayes. She is an eminent anti-corruption analyst. The book is focused mainly on the Middle East but corruption follows the same path in every country.

  13. “Thieves of State” by Sarah Chayes. Thank you. It sounds very interesting. I’ll look for it at the library.

  14. Yes, I found it by chance in the library. Best book I’ve read this year! 🙂

  15. Yeah? Cool. Now I’m really intrigued. I’m currently reading a book by Francis Crick (Life Itself It’s Origin and Nature), but I’m going to look for Thieves of State soon. Thanks again for the recommendation.

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