Manufacturing Dysfunction

I recently saw a video on youtube that I found disturbing. It may seem naive to some people for me to be disturbed that a mentally and emotionally ill person with below average intelligence would put effort into an untruthful attack on someone and post it on social media, but then again, maybe it isn’t healthy to take shameful acts of hate for granted simply because they happen so frequently.

Maybe they happen so frequently because we’ve taken them for granted for so long.

Call me unrealistic – many people that know me, do – but I don’t want to become immune to being appalled at such sordid behavior.

The video was about a talented actor, but I’m not going to name him. This rant isn’t about him, it’s about the cancerous individual – and others like him or her – who’ve learned to put aside decency and integrity in order to lash out at people who think differently than they do.

Even more so, it’s about the sadistic manipulators who manufacture these mindlessly hateful automatons like so many toys on a shelf. They then push the buttons and flick the switches they’ve placed in the emotionally charged minds of their army of defective thinkers in a war on the human mind (and heart) designed to convince more people to follow their directions and surrender the ability to think creatively and critically. It’s basically just one of the tools of distraction used to sedate the masses. (Though mindless anger mind not seem like sedation, I’m talking about sedation of creativity and logic, while enhancing and rewarding obedience).

“The public is not to see where power lies, how it shapes policy, and for what ends. Rather, people are to hate and fear one another.” – Noam Chomsky

The video associated this actor with the vile sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein. It showed him in various still photos with Weinstein, all of which showed other people involved in the movie industry as well. It showed the actor with scruffy facial hair in a couple of unflattering shots, something we subconsciously associate with being dirty and dingy. I was surprised at first because I’d heard nothing of this in the media and it would definitely be big news if there had been actual evidence.

Then, the reason for this pathetic farce became obvious: a short video of the actor saying something derogatory about donald trump.


The disingenuous yet persuasive aura of powerful respectability surrounding donald trump has reached a level of insanity that is surreal – and frightening. I find myself wondering how so many people can see something worthwhile in such a contemptible human being. There have always been public people who were respected and/or admired who turned out to be deeply flawed. This is nothing new. But this phenomenon with trump is something very different.

There has been ample evidence for quite a few years about his lack of compassion, vile behavior and obsessive desire for wealth and fame. It may not have been as obvious outside of the New York area (I honestly don’t know since this is where I’ve lived most of my life, I watch very little television and don’t pay attention to celebrity nonsense), but far more than enough information about this man’s wretched and loathsome character became public during his campaign in 2016 and I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that he couldn’t possibly win the election. I KNEW it.

Holy shit, was I wrong about the country I’ve lived in my entire life.

“I did try and fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

(I’m sorry to publish something so disgusting, but I’m making a point). The person who said that is the president of one of the most powerful countries in the history of the planet?

53% of the white women who bothered to vote in the 2016 U.S. election supposedly voted for that person? After that comment was made public?

He got 100% of the white supremacy vote and was (s)elected to the highest office in the land? Despite the fact that he ran against a person who supported a deeply racist crime bill while her husband was president?

What’s that? He’d be good for the economy?

“Oh, he’s a successful businessman. He’s made billions of dollars, he can run the country. He’ll reign in “liberal” spending.”

This man is the world champion of conspicuous over-consumption. CNNMoney reported that his only public company went belly-up & lost tens of millions of dollars for investors while he took in $39 million. He has had 6 bankruptcies & lost $900 million in one year.

Yeah, that’s who we want to reign in spending?

How have we gotten to this point? How can so many people choose not to care about truth? How can people who wave the U.S. flag and who identify with a political ideology that has a strong sense of nationalism wear t-shirts that espouse the idea that to be in the “other” political party in the country they live in is worse than identifying with the so-called enemy they’ve hated for decades? At the flip of a switch.

We need to talk to each other and address just how deep our fear and hate go. It is the root of the ideology of tens of millions of our fellow citizens. Can we survive this? It certainly can’t continue much longer. Lying to “others” has become commonplace in modern society. It’s an integral aspect of the system we live in, actually, the dominant belief system in much of the world. But it takes a lot of effort to lie to yourself. I think that most liars know they are lying. How much longer can they keep it up? The people who’ve sold their integrity and support this insanity don’t even get a share of the proverbial pie that the rulers consume every day. The only satisfaction I would think they get is having their “team” win the championship, having their fears and prejudices justified, being given a license to hate and feeling that they don’t have to apologize for it.

Too many of us have built a wall in our minds, a wall of dishonesty constructed from our crushed hopes and forgotten dreams. It’s time to expose the lies and address the cracks in our wall of manufactured reality. Those cracks are the ugly truths that frighten us. And they can lead us to a certain amount of freedom.

Noted author Edward Abby had some much needed wisdom on this:

“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”

16 comments on “Manufacturing Dysfunction

  1. thanks for confirming
    this living together
    in an increasingly
    hostile environment!
    may we find sources
    of freshness & beauty 🙂

  2. Before he got into politics, the only thing I knew about Trump was his TV show (which I never watched), occasional news stories about him, and late-night comedy shows (e.g. Johnny Carson) which periodically lampooned him. Still, my intuition told me he was a 1st class asshole. Not scientific, but it was accurate.

  3. There’s a delicate balance between staying in touch with and on top of the horrible things happening in the world today (to be able to address them) and finding “sources of freshness and beauty” to keep love in our hearts.

    Thanks for the comment. 😎

  4. “We need to talk to each other and address just how deep our fear and hate go.”
    ~ Our fear and hate run deep, Shift. Deep into our nation’s psyche. Deep into our nation’s colonial past. Fear and hate are the greatest tools of mind control by the Masters of our World set in motion from the early days of the European colonial expansion.

  5. I thought that might have been the case. I was born in Queens, the same place trump was made (I believe he was created in a vat of slime, chemicals and hate) 🤣 and heard first about his wealth, then about his blind greed. I thought some people in other parts of the country might have remembered when he made a quick dip in the pool of politics in 1988 by entering the GOP primaries. I believe he got about 1% of the vote and bailed out before being branded as a loser.

    I had two friends a while back who were union carpenters. They made good money, worked hard, had fun and were saving toward buying a house. Each of them, at different times, came home from work at the end of a work week and told us (their friends) they had been laid off not long after being given the impression that the company had months of regular work scheduled. In both instances their bosses told them they had gotten a raw deal (much different language was used at the time) by the general contractor on the NYC building they’d been working on. The contractor had held back payments for work that had already been completed despite the fact that there were no complaints and that everything had been done properly. The contractor had said almost the exact same thing to each sub-contractor – “I don’t want to pay you any more money. F#%K YOU, sue me!” It was donald trump in both cases.

  6. No doubt about that.

    Basically, the same people who made fortunes in slavery, war, weapons manufacturing and illegal drugs in Europe opened shop in the Americas and continued their violent conquest of the planet. They kicked the violence into high gear with genocide and rampant habitat destruction and continued the other enterprises.

    They’ve covered the iron fist with a pretty, colorful glove and been successful in fooling the masses into delusional self-imprisonment.

  7. What really grinds me is that the Republican Party knew all this and could have blocked Trump’s bid for the presidency. But they chose not to.

  8. I hear you. It’s despicable, insane and unacceptable in any circumstance whatsoever. I have no sympathy for frightened, ignorant, hateful white people who think it’s OK to help put a parasitic psychopath in the White House simply because they’re scared and confused – especially since they’ve had their lives destroyed by parasitic psychopaths.

  9. Trump did the same thing to U.S. banks, so they stopped lending to him. Then he did it to Deutsche Bank, and they stopped lending to him. With no way to finance his schemes, he turned to Russians banks who were eager to help Trump out… with a very big catch… he would be beholden to them and to Putin. The rest is history.

  10. And yet…

    … according to the PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist Institute survey you quoted recently, only 57% of registered voters would definitely not vote for trump for reelection. Thirty per cent of the registered voters replied that they would vote for him. THIRTY! Damn! I find that mind-blowing. Seriously. I have a lot of trouble accepting that as fact. I’m deeply ashamed.

    While some people might smile reading that 91% of registered democrats would definitely not vote for him in 2020, I don’t understand why it isn’t 100% of democrats. And 1/4 of “independent” voters would definitely support him? Independent? Independent of what, sanity? Morality?

    And think about this: 69% of the registered GOP voters still support him. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise when you consider that the GOP could very well be considered a terrorist organization due to the fact that they deny human civilization has any impact on climate crisis (so refuse to do anything about it) and continue to support an admitted racist sexual predator who supports white supremacy, corporate profit over living beings, destruction of our oceans, lakes & rivers, the poisoning of drinking water, is low in intelligence and high in anger, is incredibly thin-skinned and admitted publicly that he wouldn’t hesitate to use nuclear weapons on a perceived enemy.

  11. Regarding your comment: “The contractor had said almost the exact same thing to each sub-contractor – “I don’t want to pay you any more money. F#%K YOU, sue me!” It was donald trump in both cases.”
    ~ It would appear that he’s using the same tactic with federal government workers. Now, he’s playing games with the American economy.

  12. That’s his MO. He’s a mindless parasite.

  13. It’s true. The ones in power are distracting the people (like in the old Rome with gold and games) to divert them from the truth. Instilling fear is effective to keep people in their group-thinking and legitimize their questionable authorities. Thanks for sharing your articles.

  14. Yes, Rome’s “Bread and Circuses” has been refined and custom designed to fit the deep dysfunction of modern society, but it’s extremely disturbing that despite having the advantage of centuries of experience since then and people having learned so much about the diversity of the planet we are still able to hate each other with such passion.

    Thanks for the taking the time to read my essay and leave a comment.


  15. Hi Roy. Yes, that’s the correct term, thanks. I find your observations very accurate. The problem is that people don’t know who they really are. They identify with their mortal bodies and perishable possessions. If they knew that we are all an eternal one (one humankind, like the branches of a tree), they wouldn’t hate. What makes them “hate” is the material fear from the sense of separateness between physical forms. We need to focus the soul, but that’s unfortunately not what is taught and advertised in our societies. Not yet:-)

  16. I know.

    People think we are our minds instead of souls temporarily inhabiting human form. Most of us exist in a world of mind and emotion and in the past and future instead of finding stillness and living in presence. If more people could still their busy minds they’d see the interconnectedness of all life, not just human life, and we’d be able to form a civilized society that helps everyone. There would be little, if any, suffering.

    Thank you for your wise words and kindness. Peace.

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