The Time To Act Is Now

There was some trash talking recently by a parasitic megalomaniac who has lived a life of lies and had the disgusting audacity to use the word “honesty” in public. It was a truly embarrassing thing to behold since this particular person has never understood the meaning of the word throughout an entire life of hate, greed, deceit and obsession with money. This is the type of person who talks about things to be able to profit financially, then does the opposite, for the most part, a person who helps make rules for “others” to follow. It reminded me of how far into an abyss of immorality and indecency we’ve fallen as a society. Here’s a quick story about someone a bit different who managed to play the mainstream game and become mildly successful:

There was this boy who grew up with the idea that many people call “the American dream” and who actually acted upon it. (Let’s set aside, for the time being, the fact that this idea is a clever and sordid tool of manipulation, this boy was born with the “proper” skin tone). He didn’t have much as a child, but he got up at 4 o’ clock in the morning and used what he had, turning a small profit, taking that and investing it along with hard work to grow it larger and continuing this until he had enough money to buy land.

It wasn’t a large piece of land, but he had made himself a landowner. From there he continued working hard, living simply and making sacrifices – without personally doing violence to others – paused to join the U.S. Navy to help fight Fascism during WWII, then continued working, often for the benefit of others until he made it all the way to becoming president of the United States.

This sounds like the basic blueprint of a successful, politically conservative person who screams incoherently about how the U.S. was built by unswerving entrepreneurship, waves the flag (of genocide, slavery and economic terrorism) and preaches dogmatic adherence to the state religion of Capitalism.

Who was this intelligent, patriotic, hard working entrepreneur who showed what a strong work ethic and perseverance could accomplish when the ministers of Capitalism haven’t completely taken over economic control of the country?

Was it wealthy businessman donald trump? Was it one of the wealthy Bushes? Was it the figurehead of Greed & Manipulation Inc. Ronnie Raygun? Maybe the charismatic fake democrat Bill Clinton?


It was not a parasite (the first three), an imbecilic actor playing the role of a politician (the fourth) or a very clever politician who knew precisely what strings to pull to get what he wanted no matter the cost to others (the last).

It was the last person to be president of the United States whose honesty and moral courage were stronger than his ambition: Jimmy Carter.

Yes, yes, say what you will about the corporate indoctrination of “a failed presidency” or a “weak president” who didn’t have what it takes. There is some truth to the latter description. Jimmy Carter definitely did not have what it takes to kneel at the altar of fear, hate and greed, massage the egos and fatten the bank accounts of our corporate rulers and to swallow his integrity and shit it on the heads of the people of the world. He was not perfect, but no one who has been president since the Great Depression was close to as decent of a person.

However, this is not about “nice guy” Jimmy Carter. And to those who laugh derisively at the idea and loudly proclaim that being a good person is meaningless when it comes to leading people and that strength and aggression are all that counts, I say that you have forgotten what it is to be moral and what the true definition of leadership is. Strength without compassion is not courage, it is recklessness. It takes courage to stand up against hate and put its practitioners in their place, to expose them for the cowards that they are.

We’ve developed a barbaric habit in recent decades to put either vain, ambitious people (who makes us feel good) or immoral, reckless people (who make us feel protected, often from an invisible enemy) in government instead of people with the courage to show compassion and the integrity to tell the truth. It’s easy to make people smile and actually say nothing while asking them to vote for you. It’s even easier to give them a big smile and make false promises. And it’s easier still to frighten people into following you when they’ve been reared on fear and hate. It’s another thing altogether to tell people the truth and ask them to find the courage to do something they’ve never done before – in this instance, to take responsibility for our collective actions and sacrifice comfort for compassion and integrity.

And for survival.

We’ve been traveling a path toward suicide for quite a while. There are people who’ve been pointing it out and asking us to face reality and take responsibility, but the parasites who care about nothing other than personal gain tell us it’s acceptable to continue on this path. They question the wisdom of science and facts – they make war on truth – all to get us to put them in control and continue our suicidal dive into the aforementioned abyss.

“It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein

Those among us who refuse to stand up for truth, justice and integrity have been taken in by the manipulations of those who lurk about in corporate boardrooms and exist without putting anything at all into society, the parasitic rulers who want to own and control everything but have no empathy, no love, no compassion. These rulers who call themselves leaders (but who rule instead of lead) are narcissists and psychopaths who present themselves as successful by pushing the buttons of fearful people and convincing them that possession and control over others is the definition of success.

A quote from a GOP president that might be of help to those who still can’t find the decency to stop voting for a terrorist organization: “To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”

That was Theodore Roosevelt, not exactly a liberal in his day and definitely not someone who could be described as weak.

What will it take to climb out of the abyss? Maybe, instead of asking self-described leaders this question we need to ask ourselves. What can each of us do to stop this madness?

Working a job without regard to the consequences of that particular business or that industry, obediently making more babies, obediently consuming whatever the con men in advertising obediently tell us we “need” and blaming only “others” instead of looking at what we can do just won’t work. It never has. Industry still gets a free ride on the taxpayer’s “dime” while brutalizing the workforce and contaminating the planet. Overpopulation is strangling all of us. Our repugnant selfishness has become mindless suicide.

And who we elect (if we finally choose electing over selecting here in the U.S.) to lead us into a possible future is a reflection of who we are to the rest of the world. The United States is at the end of its reign as the dominant force in global politics. The end might drag on, but it is upon us. Consider the state of affairs in this country (shithole?) and it should come as no surprise to those who have retained some capacity for understanding. The section of the U.S. population who gave away their ability to think for themselves and who dwell in an echo chamber of self-indulgent preaching to the insane choir due to a delusional, oxymoronic combination of ignorance and arrogance will be bludgeoned with the inevitable club of reality one day.

Is it too late to reach them? Is it too late to teach them? Maybe. Maybe we need to do what it takes and let them wallow in their fear and hate while we save them as well as ourselves. Maybe that’s the lesson we need to learn. Whatever choices we make, the time to act is now.

17 comments on “The Time To Act Is Now

  1. Are you channeling Nick Yemana from Barney Miller? 😀 If you have no idea what I’m “talking” about I apologize, but if Robert Vella, the Secular Jurist, reads this I think he’ll enjoy it. 😀

    Thank you for the compliment. I always enjoy your posts and hearing from you on my blog.

    Peace & Love.

  2. Truth in a slam dunk. This is great reading… and pondering. Currently, my own idea of “acting” is to live frugally, debt-free and boycott, boycott, boycott, from Amazon and down the line of products from billionaire-owned corporations,refusing to even consider any of the advertised lures of their predatory capitalism. Imagine if everybody did that, what it would do… and it’s really quite simple, and violence-free.

  3. I hit “like” for your comment, I would have hit love. 😎

    I haven’t used a bank or driven a personal vehicle (despite spending more than half of my time in a suburb with horrible mass transit) in over a decade, don’t shop online, barter when I can, don’t own a television (although I own CDs and DVDs so am considering purchasing a portable DVD player), don’t eat animals, don’t eat pesticide-ridden produce (that I’m aware of), use a flip-style phone with no contract, research the corporate practices and politics of every company I’ve ever heard of and ask everyone I know to do the same (they usually don’t). My amazing wife does all of these things, too, but yells at me for dressing like a bum. 🙂

    I’m also in the process of moving to Bolivia, a place where the needs of Pachamama (Mother Earth) is taken into consideration and where the government is run mostly by Indigenous Americans. Being of European descent, I will be a minority.

    The empire is crumbling, it’s just a matter of time. Remember the words of Frank Herbert: “all empires carry the seeds of their own destruction.”

  4. Intriguing editorial, and well-written. Yes, Jimmy Carter’s morality stands out. It’s too bad he wasn’t as exceptional in other areas.

  5. Wow, you got me beat, but you’re a good example of the possible when all the propaganda insists its pointless and impossible. Who would have thought, some 40+ years ago that Bolivia would “get there” and become an example to the rest? They fought hard to get there… I think they finally got rid of that slimeball corporation, Bechtel. Sending you good vibes on your move. Yes, the empire is imploding and however much we are about to suffer from that, it is long overdue. Better “poverty” than the miasma of moral filth we have to endure now. Thanks again for that great and truthful article.

  6. I believe Jimmy Carter got a bum rap. He told us the truth when we didn’t want to hear it, asked us to make a concerted effort to decrease our “dependence” on oil and use of electricity, worked hard for CAFE regulations, set aside money to clean toxic waste sites, worked at bolstering Social Security, actually expressed the opinion that health care should be a right in the wealthiest country in the world and many other important things that just aren’t considered important by the Capitalist Fundamentalists who vilified him.

    He even compromised from his Washington outsider stance by taking advice from corporate heavyweights like David Rockefeller after being ripped in the media for ignoring their “wisdom and experience” and hired some of them in his administration. Years later he was accused of being a member of the Trilateral Commission (which was a fairly new organization in 1976).

    While he was in office, Wall Street parasites paid their many corporate spies in Congress to unofficially shut off the legislative process, OPEC and U.S. oil companies (the infamous “Seven Sisters”) conspired to increase oil prices astronomically, the CIA punished him (through non-CIA family member Stansfield Turner) by withholding information about student protests in Teheran (which affected his decision to allow the despicable Reza Pahlavi to be allowed medical attention in the U.S. – which he took full responsibility for) and the corporate prostitutes have basically never stopped their war on his administration.

    If we had been a bit less arrogant and were willing to reign in our disgusting greed as a nation things might have transpired a bit differently over the years. The Reagan Inc. administration more or less did the opposite and gave us the most scandalous pre-trump administration in our history.

    I’d love to hear different opinions. I know I’m not the smartest person around. 🙂

  7. Of course, it isn’t a competition. 🙂

    For all of us some sacrifices are easier than others. I have a friend in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC who eats a strict vegan diet, rides a bicycle everywhere she goes, refuses to use air conditioning in humid 90 degree weather (she walks around her apartment in a bikini in Summer), grows plants in her refrigerator which she makes juices from, uses an extreme minimum of water and paper products – but doesn’t hold back on economic matters. Full Capitalism.

    If we all made a serious effort to reduce waste, be more efficient, not overindulge, be honest with ourselves and each other, fight corruption instead of accepting it, think of the health of the planet more, whatever we can do – the world would be in much better shape and we wouldn’t be looking at a dire need for extreme measures simply to survive this century.

    Thank you so much for your input. I enjoy throwing around ideas. That’s why I enjoy the blogs of the people I read regularly – too many to mention here. They know who they are. I believe that exchanges like this can lead to great ideas.

  8. I certainly have no arguments against what you say here-it’s simple truth. That is not only how I feel but how I’ve read our current history from mid sixties, perhaps a bit earlier even, until today. The pattern is obvious for anyone who cares to look at it without blinders. And thanks for the additional info on Jimmy Carter.

  9. I agree, Carter got screwed royally in many ways. I’ve always liked him. He is an honorable man. Politics, however, was not his strong suit and that cost him dearly.

  10. Yeah. It’s sad that politics are about to what degree you will sell your integrity. Moral people just aren’t aggressive and brutal enough to survive in that world.

  11. No problem.

    While most of what I wrote is, of course, fact, there is definitely room for varying perceptions of events and variations in opinion of what is good for the people and whether corporate rule is valid or not. I have a tendency to be emotional in my writing style, but I will never pretend to be a reporter. I write my perceptions of things that I see and make no apologies for how I feel about them. There are intelligent people that don’t like Jimmy Carter, but they obviously have a different set of values and priorities than I do.

  12. Quote: “Moral people just aren’t aggressive and brutal enough to survive in that world.” That is the reason why after one successful run, I quit active politics permanently. There is no room in real politics for any aspects of morality. Anyone who denies that either knows nothing of the inside world or is already compromised and ready to do more of it to achieve a personal goal all the while claiming it is for the good of all. A good movie to watch about that (there are many!) is “State of Play”

  13. Yes, we’ve blinded ourselves to what really matters. That may sound like a cliche, but it’s true. We’re far out of balance, prioritizing technological advancement over quality of life and confusing the two. An interesting movie about that is “Koyaanisqatsi” from the early 1980s. It’s a very different type of movie. There are no actors and no dialogue, just images and music. The title is a Hopi term that means something like “life out of balance.” I highly recommend it. The music was written by Philip Glass.

    I’ll look into that movie “State of Play” – thanks.

  14. Indeed, the cause has always to do with fear when love is compromised. I also love the Einstein quote, as well as your whole article, because we need encouragement always again to do the right thing fearlessly. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Yes, fear is an opposite to love. We need to encourage people to find their strength if we are to climb out of this hole of fear and indecency we’ve dug for ourselves. I was writing specifically about the United States, but of course, this applies to many other countries as well.

    I’m glad you liked the essay and the Einstein quote. 😎 Albert was an amazing person.

    Thank you for reading and commenting.

  16. I agree. I’m not into local politics, instead, try to assume a global mindset. And, although it is not a merit at all, I like to mention that Einstein went to college in the same city (Aarau, Switzerland) as I did. It reminds me how close we all are, even across generations, and that we should believe in ourselves to be part of the same intelligence Einstein accessed so courageously using his imagination.
    Always appreciate to read and hear from you.

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