Red Tide, Lake Okeechobee and Big Sugar

The parasitic behavior of U.S. corporations never ceases to increase death, habitat destruction and illness wherever our corporate overlords extend their despicable tentacles. When did mass killing and slow suicide become acceptable? A civilized society would place vile, delusional predators like Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and members of the Fanjul Crime Family in prison. The United States Of Corporations puts them in charge and gives them tons of money.

Here’s a look at what some of their violent business tactics have wrought on the west coast of Florida this past year:


Red Tide

Those of you who don’t live around here think of Florida as a paradise of  Disney for the kiddies, palm trees and pristine beaches.  Indeed we have some of the finest beaches in America.  I am lucky to live within a short drive of several of them.

Well southwest Florida beaches are in dire straits this year.  From Naples to Sanibel Island here in the Tampa metro area we are seeing the scourge of Red Tide; “pristine” beaches covered with dead fish and pinkish waters which will make swimmers sick.

The first thing you notice is the smell. It’s not a scent, exactly, but a tingling in the nose that quickly spreads to the throat and burns the lungs. But then you see the carcasses.

Southwest Florida beaches

Thousands of sea creatures now litter many of southern Florida’s typically picturesque beaches. Most are fish—mullet fish, catfish, pufferfish, snook…

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12 comments on “Red Tide, Lake Okeechobee and Big Sugar

  1. Many thanks for the re-blog! best from Florida.

  2. It’s the least I can do to help raise awareness about the continuing war against nature being waged by Fundamentalist Capitalists. We’re committing suicide and millions of our fellow citizens refuse to acknowledge that truth. They don’t seem to understand that ignoring REALITY doesn’t make it go away.

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into this important post.


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  4. From the article:

    The inland lake is clogged with yet another bloom of vibrant green cyanobacteria. Runoff from cattle farms, sugar plantations and residential developments that lie north and south of the state’s largest freshwater body carries in nutrients, turning its waters into a thick green smoothie. The current “Herbert Hoover Dike” completed by the Army Corps of Engineers was completed around 1960 and completely encloses the lake.

    Development and sugar farms south of the lake prevent the natural trickling and filtering of overflow through the Everglades. Instead, to prevent flooding of nearby towns, heavy rains force engineers to release polluted water into the estuaries that lead out to the sea.

    This was not the natural pathway of the lake before the dike;

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  6. Thanks for reblogging this important work. Visit the site of the original author and give it a “like” – Toritto is a great guy. 🙂

  7. Thank you for reblogging this important essay. People need to wake up.

  8. We’re so sick… and making ourselves sicker.

  9. Solutions aren’t rocket science either. Healthy land and water resource management is well understood. But, politics get in the way. What a shame. Fortunately, I live in a state that has at least basic environmental standards.

  10. It’s definitely a shame that so many people consider obsession with corporate profits as more civilized than taking care of our home and ourselves.

  11. sad state of affairs.
    best look at it
    & make wise
    peaceful holidays
    to you & your loved ones 🙂

  12. Yes, it is very sad that some people have contempt for all life other than themselves and use the planet like a toilet. Worse still – many, many people allow those sick people to run the show.

    Few people today make wise decisions – at least when compared in number to those who make fearful, selfish decisions. (See first paragraph)

    Thank you. I don’t really celebrate holidays the typical way, I try to celebrate life daily, but fail miserably. 😎

    I will be spending the next few weeks with two pugs and seven cats. I will only see people when I walk to a market for organic produce and a nearby deli (owned by some very nice Egyptian people) for other food items. I’m looking forward to that. 😻 🐕 And I may take a walk to Central Park to say hello to some of my squirrel friends. 🐿

    I hope you enjoy friends and family and have a beautiful time.

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