Jason Walker attacked by prison clansmen for reporting their brutality

6 comments on “Jason Walker attacked by prison clansmen for reporting their brutality

  1. how sad.
    may we all
    feel safe & cared for.

  2. Yes, the way it would be in a civilized society. 🙂

  3. yes, perhaps there is a civilized place
    where there is a diverse population!
    mono-cultures such as those in Asia
    have seemed relatively civilized & peaceful, to me.

  4. Possibly, though they’ve had their times of unrest throughout history.

    Also, theoretically speaking, a culture with a scarcity of diversity among its people may be exhibiting a subtle lack of peace in that scarcity. What is the reason for it? Is it based on intoleranc or arrogance? Suspicion? A lack of aggression may not necessarily be a sign of peace.

    What do you think? 😀

  5. well, my friend, this, just a personal observation of mine from stays, living in other cultures. seems humans migrated from Africa, & over time adapted developed unique characteristics to local environments across the planet. Asians, Africans, Europeans, and N & S Americans with differences in language, looks, religions, values and connections to mother earth.

    thinking as human populations grew out from tribes & villages into industrial societies, the rulers & economic systems created some haves & a lot of have nots. easy to make those who are perceived as different to be the ones demanded to do the dirty work. the problem is not people, it’s the wrong view of our inter-connected nature. When not feeling/thinking connected, man can do unkind, ignorant things. tomorrow i’ll have a different perception 🙂

  6. There’s no doubt about that.

    If we were all aware of our interconnectedness, there would be no discussion of the physical differences between people of different regions of the world. We’d see each other as the beautiful souls that we are, simply inhabiting these vessels we call bodies temporarily. There would be no intense wants, no manipulation of others, less thought of owning, more simple appreciation, cooperation instead and of competition, kindness, decency and virtually no misery because violence would be an aberration instead of a tool for gaining possessions.

    More people would live in the moment instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. It would be a beautiful world. 🙂 Maybe one day…

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