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Kevin “Rashid” Johnson is Back at Red Onion — and In Solitary

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Kevin “Rashid” Johnson has been moved to Red Onion State Prison in Virginia. His lawyer’s office received a letter from him sent from Red Onion on Saturday.

All Rashid’s property was transferred with him, but the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) confiscated it and won’t give it to him. He has none of his legal materials, no reading glasses, no medications, nothing. This is in a situation where he has litigation deadlines coming up in lawsuits regarding mistreatment in the Oregon and Texas prison systems.

The prison administration had him placed in a pod with all empty cells, totally isolated. They have him in the wing of the prison created to cause sensory deprivation (B-3 pod). Rashid wrote about B-3 pod eight years ago in his article Abu Ghraib Comes to Amerika: Torture Unit under Construction at Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison.

Indeed, this is not the first time…

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