Political Prisoners Of War: Who Are The Criminals?

As usual, we’re pointing fingers at people while putting on a big show to block them from seeing what’s going on in our own backyard. 

Would you listen to Josef Mengele on the issue of humane treatment of patients?

Or to David Duke on the issue of racism?

Would you listen to Benjamin Netanyahu speak about the proper way to achieve world peace?

Amerika Uses Military Grade Weapons On Prisoners That It Bombs Syria For Using In Civil War:

10 comments on “Political Prisoners Of War: Who Are The Criminals?

  1. In the U.S. Army, I was exposed to tear gas on two occasions. The first was in a controlled environment, and the second occurred during war games maneuvers when our platoon was “attacked” on a dirt road cut through a thick forest.

    Upon contact, your body instantly reacts by excreting fluids from your eyes, nose, and mouth in an attempt to flush away the irritating substance. But, this reaction has little effect. Very quickly, your eyes and exposed skin feel an intense burning sensation. This triggers a panic response causing victims to run wildly in any direction to find an escape. Victims who can distance themselves from the gas begin to recover in about 5 minutes. Their faces are red and swollen and covered with mucus. They are extremely disoriented and exhibit shock-like symptoms.

  2. I’m sorry you were subjected to that.

    I wish people would stop, breathe deeply, shut their overactive mouths for a while and look around. There are things going on that need to be addressed. Making a lot of money, buying more stuff, consuming whatever we want whenever we want it while continuing to poison the planet and pretending it’s someone else doing it is murder and suicide.

    And we complain about the price of something we don’t even need while people (some of whom have done nothing deserving of imprisonment other than speak truth to the powers that be) are punished in horrible ways and are suffering virtually every day of their lives without the basic necessities we all take for granted.

    Once in a while I sit quietly for a moment, take a drink of clean water and appreciate how good it tastes and feels. It’s a good reset.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. And your wisdom.

  3. if there was a veil
    over this empire’s actions
    of greed, power & hatred,
    for better or worse,
    it’s been removed 🙂

  4. The only good to come from the installation of the current U.S. regime of hatred, greed and indulgence in vile behavior is that more people should become aware of how despicable these people are – and hopefully, become involved in the running of our society.

  5. The vail has been removed now it is time to resist and stand will all political prisoners (PP)/prisoners of war (POW’s).As komrade Stokely said Organize, Organize, Organize

  6. Yes, Brother Kwame knew that we need to prepare for a long battle in order to be Ready For Revolution.

    And yes, we need to do a much better job of organizing since the despicable Powers That Be are clever at dividing us. Look at how they’ve been able to increase the level of racism and misogyny in this country and get a White Supremacist Sexual Predator into the White House. They’ve dumbed us down and increased hate, ignorance, desperation, poverty and corporate power. All in the name of Capitalism. It’s time to tear the system down and it won’t happen until more people realize they’ve been conditioned to support parasites instead of fellow living beings. It’s time to end the politics of hate and rebuild the Politics of Liberation.

  7. I fight for the liberation of all oppressed people here in amerika and those around the world just as i taught from the Elders in the BPP and would have wasted a lifetime if i did not continue their fight and to keep the BPP history (Our-story) alive.

  8. I hear you. The truth about the Black Panther Party must be told and more people need to be exposed to it. Their legacy should be one of helping people overcome racism, patriarchy and other devious forms of oppression that have been in place the entire history of the U.S. as well as encouraging truth, knowledge, courage, justice, compassion and true freedom.

  9. Facts. I will continue this wwork for as long as i can and at the same time give this same information to grandchildren as i did and do for my children, and let them decide if they want to pick the mantle and run with it as my grand-daughter has.

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