When Assisted Suicide Becomes a Viable Option

Is “The greatest country in the world” actually the greatest scam in the world? Perceptions of the United Corporations of America care of Madison Avenue.

It’s interesting how we preach ‘take care of those less fortunate than yourself”, but practice “take care of number one” instead…

A Mile In My Wheels

One of my most controversial opinions is related to the subject of euthanasia. I strongly believe that if all one has to look forward to is a life of pain with no hope of relief (for example: a person riddled with terminal cancer and suffering horrendous pain), one should have the RIGHT to put an end to that pain and suffering in a loving environment–surrounded by family and friends, rather than having no choice other than doing it in a desperately violent way (throwing oneself into incoming traffic, shooting oneself, etc).

HOWEVER, when people are forced to contemplate suicide as a way out of a hopeless situation in which they are given very few options; that’s completely unacceptable. A system that pushes people to those extremes, is a failed system that needs to be dismantled.

The only two things that keep some of us from running our wheelchairs into traffic…

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2 comments on “When Assisted Suicide Becomes a Viable Option

  1. Difficult issue. Life with dignity must be a consideration.

  2. Yes. My intro rant addressed the situation for the disabled community in western society, particularly in the U.S. Gandhi had it correct when asked about western civilization: “I think it might be a good idea.” We are far from civilized.

    As far as assisted suicide, I believe people should have the right to die peacefully at a time of their choosing and surrounded by loved ones rather than suffering needlessly because mindlessly greedy and barbaric corporate executives believe their bank accounts are more valuable than living beings.

    The issue of the plight of the disabled in this country needs to be addressed. Thanks for the comment.

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