Rights On Paper Alone Are Utterly Useless

It’s disturbing to see, and attempt to understand, why so little is known about the plight of the disabled in this country. Stretching resources to cover the simplest necessities (that most of us take for granted) can become a life-threatening choice between obtaining nutrition and safeguarding personal safety.  When heartless politicians decide to subsidize corporate endeavors while leaving the most vulnerable of society to fend for themselves something needs to be done. The empire must fall. This is one woman’s harrowing story:

Time flies! I cannot believe it’s been almost 4 years since I created this blog, made one entry and forgot about it, until recently. The blog entry below is from October 11, 2013, while I was living in a shelter for disabled victims of abuse in New York City after literally escaping from a nursing home […]

via Rights On Paper Alone Are Utterly Useless — amileinmywheels

4 comments on “Rights On Paper Alone Are Utterly Useless

  1. Thanks for sharing this. We fail those in need while we pour our wealth into maintaining world dominance.

  2. yes, dear one
    empires fall!
    thanks for your caring
    for those in such need 🙂

  3. It’s so very sad – not only that this insidious situation exists, but that so few people care about others enough to see it.


  4. It’s easy to care about such vulnerable people when you keep your eyes (and heart) open and don’t ignore them. 😀

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