Just Saying…

I realized a while back that living life the way I was taught didn’t resonate in my heart. It didn’t seem right to simply go about “my life” while there was so much suffering around me.

I worked in a restaurant and saw carcasses of caged animals ripped up and cooked for people’s pleasure. And I saw some of these animals (as well as healthy food) carelessly discarded while there were people starving.

I repaired printed circuit boards that were used in aircraft instrumentation – until I discovered that some of the work, which required a higher standard, were being used in weapons to potentially kill people.

I worked in construction and saw people with plenty of money receive tax breaks for destroying a building that was in perfect condition and building a new one, while wasting materials, crowding our landfills with toxic substances, making significantly more money than the people who did the actual work and all the while knowing no one needed the building. It would eventually be purchased by a huge corporation to spread out their over-consumed products simply to prevent their competition from owning it. Or I helped build houses, often for wealthy people who already owned a house, that required the destruction of trees and other plants, the habitat of animals which were being forced to contend with an unnatural landscape in overcrowded conditions. I saw some of the victims mangled and flattened on the sides of roads.

To exist in a nice house, drive a personal vehicle, eat three meals a day (of food steadily decreasing in nutrition), spend an extraordinary amount of time and resources on entertainment and work a job that very likely does little except increase the bank accounts of people that have more money than they need is defined as normal. This definition is given to us by those who either develop the indoctrination used to control the majority or is “innocently” (ignorantly) spread by those among us who blindly believe it.

I bought it when I was a kid. I believed that working hard would bring an ever increasing income which would allow me to live a comfortable life in a house I owned in a neighborhood I enjoyed among people who enjoyed many of the things I enjoy. I thought that there were rules designed for most of us, obeyed by most of us. (I learned fairly young that there is a small group of predatory beings who direct much of what we think of as democratic legislation and the normal evolution of social issues, but felt far removed from them). I believed those rules were meant to ensure a modicum of justice and fairness, to “reign in” the few who were overly ambitious.

I wrote songs about it for years, but too few people seemed interested in weird (different than what they usually hear) jams of screaming and crying guitar, funky bass, percussive beats and trippy journeys of imagination fueled by snippets of dialogue enhanced with electronic effects. I tried to teach, I tried different avenues of thought in my lyrics – from political ideology to social issues to cryptic poetry, but nothing caught on. My voice didn’t cut it and the singers I worked with weren’t interested in teaching. They were interested in fame and fortune. Sadly, most of them wanted to sound like someone else.

Then, I figured I’d try simply writing words. I decided to continue trying to help people remove the veil of self deception from their eyes and the chains of mindless obedience from their hearts, the socially acceptable obstacles to actual freedom. It didn’t seem that life was worth living without that freedom.

I’ve struggled in recent years as I’ve straddled a constantly moving fence ofย  observations and feelings between believing I was doing my part to effectย  change and sadly succumbing to a “realization” that I make no difference in the world whatsoever.

Through decades of experience I’ve learned that the rules most of us live by were designed by those who mean to control the thinking of the majority of us which, in turn, allows them to control our behavior. This has enabled them to design a well-oiled machine in which we are the moving parts and the false dreams they sell us are the lubricant. They’ve taught us not only to use this lubricant, but to use it on ourselves to “grease the skids” as we plunge into trapped lives of desire, ignorance and debt. The various versions of desire are the veils which disguise our ignorance as patriotic obedience, an honorable work ethic or some other clever deception created in a sterile laboratory of propaganda manufacturing. The debt is the wonderfully gilded cage we imprison ourselves inside while adding our own touches of self-delusional beauty to add layers of obedient acceptance which deflect attempts to break through to awareness. Instead, we see a reflection of what we want to see (or, at least, what the “powers that be” convince us to dwell on).

How much is self-induced obedience in the desire to fit in?

How much is manufactured by the prophets of deception?

Dogmatic belief is a powerful tool of self-deception. Standing up to speak out when you feel alone requires courage. Many a moral stance has been blunted by fear of the (sometimes) solitary confinement of selflessly educating those who accept things at face value. A comfortable imprisonment appears to be a more acceptable existence than a lone stand of courageous defiance against something we see as evil.

Comfort is nice, but at what point do we decide that the price is too high? Is it when we give up our personal dreams to become part of the inexorable machine that is modern society? When we sacrifice integrity to allow for the deceptively violent ambitions of the “leaders” among us to swallow whole the hopes and dreams of others? When we allow our brethren to suffer in silence the cold of a cruel existence in the filthy streets of our cities? When we expect some of our children to go without clean water and nutrition in order for some of our children to inherit obscene amounts of wealth unimaginable to most of us?

We write our essays and talk to each other about our concerns and we rant and rave about the disgustingly sociopathic behavior of those we charge with protecting us from perceived enemies, but what are we accomplishing? Are even those among us with a conscience and a healthy amount of empathy still a little too comfortable? Is personally suffering in poverty what it takes these days to develop the necessary intensity to fight past the many hurdles placed in front of us to create change in a system we know in our hearts and minds is deeply flawed? Is it OK to do just enough to assuage our consciences and go back to what we enjoy?

I didn’t intend this to be accusatory. Maybe it’s something of a challenge. I’m wondering what it will take for us to become civilized and, as usual, am becoming impatient as I see horrific conditions thrust upon so many fellow beings day after day. I’m trying to figure it out without indulging in violence. Violence is not the proper tool to use against violence. This should be obvious when you are up against people who are more violent than you.

I’m asking questions. I’m trying to provoke. I believe we need to be poked and prodded into taking actions that are unexpected by the rulers. I’m talking about actions that will inspire and bring more people to a place where we will no longer accept things at face value and simply “take care of our own.” That is an example of expected behavior that the powers against us count on. They manipulate us through behaviors they design and if we make an attempt at changing our way of thinking and come up with creative alternatives to the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” actions, we have a chance at not only survival, but at being who most of us would like to be.

I have to say that I honestly believe that everything that happens is meant to happen. I also believe that we are all paying the price we agreed to before we entered our current lifetime. However, I don’t believe that that’s the entire story. We need to learn and we need to act when inspired to do so. Passively feeling empathy and crying tears for those in need isn’t enough. We need to use those feelings as fuel to drive each other closer to that day when we no longer see people viciously inflict suffering on others. We need to reach out and make sacrifices. That is what many of us tell tell each other, isn’t it?

Just saying…

20 comments on “Just Saying…

  1. Keep asking questions, trying to provoke, poking and prodding. It does have worth, and it might just make a difference in the long-run.

  2. You are fully awake and aware. Awaken those within your reach. If you don’t already do so, live simply. Never give up.

  3. deeply reflective saga!
    ahh to live in the world
    with a heart undisturbed by it!
    somewhere close, like-minded,
    simply living, happy, caring
    supportive friends might be found ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Even in the best of times, most people live superficial lives. Those who have a deeper vision, do what they know to be right, sane — independent of success or reward.

    But it is not too lonely, I hope. There are many, many, many people dedicated to the Good Fight. They are not likely to be “televised.” Still, like you, they are out there.

    I did mention one of the more well-known good-fighters to my neighbor the other day. She looked blank and then said, “Ralph Nader… I think I remember him.” Here he’s been fighting the Good Fight, on her behalf, for decades.

    The disconnect!

    Whenever possible, particularly for personal experiences, look for the cosmic humor.

  5. I hear you. I know I’ve got to continue trying to educate people who seem to be lost, but I’ve become concerned that I’m not reaching the people who need to be educated. People like us, who care about others and want to “spread the love”, aren’t the only ones out there. There are people with dark agendas, whether economically motivated or ideologically motivated, who publish “information” on the internet with the sole purpose of making money or feeding poisonous ideas to impressionable people (or both). They often have no compassion, some suffer from the common affliction of selected compassion (which, in my opinion, isn’t truly compassion) and believe everyone is looking out for themselves without concern for others. They feed on that type of indoctrination and feed it to others. It spreads like a plague and has infected so many people it makes life difficult for fair-minded people.

    I’m starting to ramble so I’ll cut it short. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m starting to believe we need to pickup the energy level and become creative with our techniques in teaching. We need to reach, to teach. Otherwise our heart-felt words fall on deaf ears. If there’s no one in the forest do we actually make a sound? ๐Ÿ˜€ (I made myself laugh with that one).

    Thanks for all you do to help in this process. Peace, my brother.

  6. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know about my being “fully awake”, but we’ve obviously discovered something that eludes many of our fellow human beings.

    I feel a bit more pain than most. Maybe that has something to do with it. Too many people dull the pain they feel with distractions and become misdirected instead of using it for inspiration. After all, that IS part of the plan the “rulers” built into the system. It’s working for now… until we figure out new techniques that they haven’t planned for. They have contingency plans for contingency plans. They are precise and incessant and have virtually unlimited resources so we need to change the rules and get around them. Yes, living as simply as possible is necessary. It limits our weaknesses (openings for them to attack) and reduces their resources. If enough people realize that, and simplify, we can start to break down the walls they’ve built and pick up the awakening process.

    Thank you for the comment and support and for doing such amazing things. Peace.

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ That must be a beautiful existence, to be able to observe your surroundings without indulging in emotion. It would be nice to awaken, the way someone like Eckhart Tolle did. Whenever I hear him speak I become peaceful and still. The key would be to learn to keep that stillness. Aaahh, that must be nice…

  8. Yes, I hear what you’re saying. The revolution will not be televised, it will occur in our hearts and minds and unfold silently, without the help of mass media or corporate control. And, once it spreads to enough people, it will not be stopped by them either.

    In the meantime, I’ll try not to lose the humor. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for commenting and for working so diligently to educate the blind masses. We need to open their hearts to open their eyes to see…

  9. Peace, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. they say it’s
    an endless
    of returning,
    the painful feelings ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Endless. Such an amazing word. ๐Ÿ™‚ If the pain inspires it’s a good thing.

  12. It is difficult to understand a systems perspective when you oppose the intensions. I struggle with the above.

    Perhaps, Without confusion, there is no wonder. Paint your canvas at your hearts content. Living does not have to be a labor or a struggle, but somehow it is. This I wonder happily.

  13. Mad respect for this piece fam. You are more awake then many and that is your power

  14. Thanks. You know that Love and Respect go both ways…

    Check out this new post, a little Love for Brother Gil: https://ashiftinconsciousness.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/the-necessary-revolution-will-not-be-televised/

  15. Another great piece of writing fam. Big brutha komrade Gil was dropping a powerful message when he wrote and recorded the “The Revolution Will Not be Televised”. Truthfully that was more than just a little love for bruth Gil. Thank for today’s lesson.

  16. I had the privilege of seeing Brother Gil at BB King’s in NYC in 2009. Great show, though a bit tame for my tastes. I met another legend, Richie Havens, in front of the place just before the show and had a ten minute conversation with him. He was a beautiful human being. I mean that. He practically glowed with it. Then, after Gil finished his set I went to the bar, saw Richie and continued our conversation. He was so friendly that after we finished speaking a woman came up to me asking me to introduce her to him. She thought I was part of his entourage.


    Gil had a powerful message and even though he wanted people to rise up and hit the streets he wasn’t preaching violence, he was preaching take back your power. Everyone except the PTB are actually oppressed – of course some more than others and differently. Some people (especially white people) just don’t see it because their oppression is an oppression of the mind. They’re blinded by the indoctrination.

    Enough preaching, I’ll leave that for the more eloquent people around.

    Panther Love

  17. I agree with you, thanks for sharing! It is indeed a challenge how to effectively engage people in thinking and taking action against injustice.
    What I feel is that it is difficult to ask people to โ€˜sacrifice,’ even for the best cause. However, I think a solution lies in the concept of “joy,” which is different from empty pleasure or meaningless happiness. Joy could be defined as being the result of having sacrificed for a good, an experience of re-balance of longing and achievement. But, joy can even be experienced while in a state of ‘imbalance,’ meaning that the mere remembrance or outlook to a joyful experience enables a joyful will to sacrifice. Maybe that is an approach to motivate people to do the right thing without having to point to the issues themselves, which often evokes guilt and therefore justification and resistance to change mechanisms. The prospect of joy for oneself in return for caring more about others could represent a win-win situation for many to consider.
    But again, your work is revealing so much insight that for sure informs more just attitudes and actions, and therefore is very much needed and appreciated! Thanks and all the best!

  18. You’re right, of course, but I’m far from enlightened and most people in modern society are as well so I guess I’m just trying to connect to people in a “human” way – as opposed to a “being” way in which a person is in tune with the universe. I hope I don’t sound like I’m making excuses, I guess I’m just explaining the way it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I believe we need teaching on many levels. Enlightened people (like yourself) can teach not only with words of universal intelligence but with beautiful energy. I teach with the tools I have, an awareness of what’s going that’s different than most people and a style of educating that reaches compassionate people who aren’t necessarily enlightened and people who need a little push to see truths.

    Thank you for your insightful comments. I’m honored that you even bother reading my blog. ๐Ÿ˜€


  19. You make an excellent point in distinguishing different approaches to communication, without judging them, as they are all important and can complement each other. Learning a lot from you, thanks! All the best!

  20. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank YOU for spreading truth and knowledge in a peaceful way.

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