The Winds Of Destruction Continue

On February 26, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME, a case that could be detrimental to the well being of families throughout the United States (as well as to the well being of social justice and democracy). It could adversely affect the ability of public sector workers to improve their insufficient wages as well as the conditions of their worksites across the country. Approximately 17 million workers will be directly affected, with black women being hit harder than most groups as they make up about 18% of public workers in the United States.

If the Supreme Court votes in favor of this blatant attack on unions, it will have an impact on living conditions the working class might never recover from considering the relentless barrage of corporate indoctrination assailing the minds of the masses on a daily basis.

In this case, an attorney for anti-union organizations will argue that requiring union-represented employees to pay anything at all to unions would be a violation of their constitutional right to free speech because it could be viewed as forcing them to support political ideas they don’t agree with.

This is a pathetic assault on logic, especially considering the fact that the court addressed the issue in a 1977 case known as Abood v. Detroit Board of Education. A simple, straightforward compromise was devised which fairly settled the issue: union-represented workers who chose not to join a union would not be obligated to pay union dues (which could be associated with political views), but if state law allowed, could be required to pay “fair share” fees which cover nothing but the union’s costs to negotiate contracts representing all employees regardless of union membership.

Now, corporate tools intent on destroying any semblance of democracy in the country are moving forward (backward for justice and democratic values) with another small step in their plan to impart the corporate wet dream of Libertarianism on us by attempting to overturn this decision. The current argument is that any action taken by a union is political when the employer is a government.

Simply stated, everyone who benefits from the work of unions is justifiably expected to contribute toward it. Fairness. But, a corporate decision in this case will allow selfish people to get something for nothing. Greed, a driving force of Corporatism.

Need facts? Public employees in states in which unions aren’t allowed to collect “fair share” fees earn less than those in states that allow it.

If this argument were being explained to a civilized person with average or better intelligence the most common reaction would probably be a hearty laugh.

“Stop trumping. No one could be so stupid as to think that way. Who would purposely hurt themselves to help rich people? You’re being ridiculous.”

Apparently, short-term greed has become so deeply entrenched in the “American” way of thinking that a grown man is actually willing to spit in the faces of his fellow citizens by holding selfishness and obedience to his corporate masters over logic and fairness. An employee of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Mark Janus, is willing to side with manipulative predators intent on destroying democracy as he indulges in his short-sighted desire to save a few dollars of his paycheck.

OK, that sounds like an exaggeration, but corporate predation often starts with something that seems minor. What many people fail to realize (despite the obvious signs) is that the corporate machine relentlessly grinds on. There is no stop button. That’s the way the machine was designed by wealthy executives long ago. Their legacy has been carried on with eager enthusiasm ever since. There is no bottom to the pool of greedy takers willing to grab the baton to continue the destruction of democratic values. Republicans and corporate democrats alike are intent on corporatizing every single thing on the planet – including all living beings. Animals and plants were set aside as commodities long ago and human beings are well on our way to the same fate. Those in poverty, the disabled and the elderly have already been disposed of for the most part in the U.S. The rest of us, who aren’t affluent enough to purchase politicians, will slowly be ground into food to feed the endless hunger for wealth by the most sociopathic humanity has to offer.

If the court agrees with the plaintiffs in this case, it would be a financial hit to the public sector unions in 23 states. It would effectively be an imposition of the “right to work” (for less) policy on state and local governments across the country.

The back story:

The case began with Bruce Rauner, a private equity fund manager with a net worth estimated at close to a billion dollars and who won the November 2014 election to become governor of Illinois. One of the first things he did as governor was to sign an executive order halting the collection of the fair share fees. Rauner also filed suit in federal court arguing that the fair share requirement was unconstitutional. The judge in the case decided Rauner couldn’t be a plaintiff since he isn’t a union employee, but allowed the case to move forward with the aforementioned public employee being chosen to stand in for Rauner as plaintiff.

Janus is refusing to pay $45 a month to help the local union protect the integrity of his job. Instead, he expects his fellow employees to pay his “fair share” because the majority of them favor political positions he doesn’t agree with. He doesn’t feel that raising taxes to pay for social programs for the less fortunate in society is an acceptable idea. Apparently, he’s able to ignore the suffering of millions of people and admires the salivating predators stalking the working class viciously looking for an opening to wreak havoc. This violent Social Darwinism ideology helped select the self-proclaimed King of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a sexual predator/economic terrorist who uses political power and taxpayer resources to wage class warfare on virtually the entire population.

The onslaught of indecency continues. My rant is over (for now), but my concern for fellow beings is not. One day we will evolve if we can ever find a way to stop the relentless wheel of “progress” as it grinds us all into dust to blow throughout the desert wasteland we’re creating.




10 comments on “The Winds Of Destruction Continue

  1. I’m worried. Workers losing even more power than they already have is a very scary possibility.

  2. More “Right to Work” ideology? “Social Darwinism” for sure, as people light-years away from an elite class try to emulate the billionaire master’s self-serving stinginess and greed. Sometimes I wonder if paying obeisance to the rich is part of some fantasy that poor guys entertain: someday they, too, might be a wealthy capitalist.

  3. The capitalist machine grinds onwards, until nothing is left but a barren Earth.

  4. Yes, it is scary. The scariest part to me is that so many people ignore these events when they don’t directly affect them, without realizing they affect us all indirectly. Corporate disruption of democratic values is relentless whether we fight back or not and will not go away simply because we ignore it.

  5. Of course that is an important component to the dogma of Capitalism, one of the commandments: Thou shalt become successful if one obeys your rightful rulers and acts in accordance with expected behavior.

    The rulers manufacture false dreams and dictate to us what our goals should be. These goals are always something which can provide a small dose of instant gratification to feed our addictions while deceptively pushing forward the ruling class goal of ever-tightening control over our lives.

  6. Yes, it does. Isn’t it insane? It makes you wonder what the (somewhat intelligent) individuals among the ruling class believe will happen once we’ve left the planet a desert wasteland incapable of sustaining human, plant and animal life and if they truly know something we don’t. They must believe technology will provide a small percentage of the population with an alternative…

  7. thank you for speaking
    out for so many workers
    and have nots 🙂

  8. You’re welcome. 🙂 Just planting some seeds. Maybe something will grow.

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