Battle Of The Airwaves Part 2

I was attempting to comment recently on a blog posted on The Secular Jurist and was unable to log into WordPress. I spent about a half hour trying to make a one word comment and was continually prevented from doing so. Yes, my iPad is old, but that shouldn’t matter. Plus, it isn’t nearly as old as many devices I’ve owned in the past.

In 2015, I moved out of a house and was unable to afford a place where I could bring my belongings. I spent a while traveling like a nomad, something which would most likely terrify many people in these days of expected comfort, instant connection to the internet and mindless over-consumption of virtually everything on the planet. We’ve developed an entire “instant gratification” culture in modern society, a weakness which has made us much easier to control.

I had rented a storage unit months prior to moving out and stuffed it with my belongings – music equipment, books, old magazines, CDs, mementos (including pictures that you can actually touch!), DVDs and other assorted items. (I even kept my old baseball glove – a Rawlings outfielder’s model that I’ve had for about 25 years). One of the items I got rid of was a television that was 29 years old – and worked.

Yes, I’m serious. Twenty nine years old. It had the date it was manufactured on the back: 1986 – and it was still in good operating condition. I put it on the curb (with a sign stating that it was in working condition) for someone to take along with other items I thought people would like. (Almost everything was taken within hours and everything except the 29 year old TV that worked was gone by the following day).

My guitar is 36 years old. One of my guitar amplifiers is 28 years old. One is 23 years old, another is 21. Between 1973 and 2015 I owned four televisions and was never without one that worked (though I have spent years without watching television) – and one was second hand. That’s 42 years, for the mathematically challenged.

No, I’m not a computer designer or manufacturer. No, I don’t understand computer “language” or codes of any kind. True, I know very little about the manufacturing process of electronic devices. But I do not believe that these devices cannot be built to last more than a few years. I refuse to believe that in this era of space travel, manipulation of genetic material, drone deliveries (of purchased items and death) and detailed surveillance of most of the planet that we don’t have the ability to build electronic devices that don’t break down every time a company decides to sell a new “bell” or “whistle” to its eager, purchase-obsessed customers.

Back on the home front, I decided to make another attempt at logging into WordPress. This time I was asked to give Google my e-mail address and password to be allowed to sign in to WordPress. Apparently, I’m not the brightest person around. I’d like someone to explain why I suddenly need permission from Google to sign in to WordPress.

I thought Google might have acquired WordPress. I researched Google’s corporate acquisitions and found 215. Yes, 215 companies have been acquired on some level by Google since 2001, but I didn’t see WordPress among them.

I thought it might be temporary. I’ve been temporarily prevented from posting on Twitter about ten times. I figured this could be similar. The next day I was still not allowed to log in. A few days later, no change.

Instead of lazily giving in and doing the expected, I’ve decided to try a different path. I’ve curtailed my internet activity significantly. I rarely check e-mail or read blogs, most of the time I spend online is listening to music on Youtube. I’d reduce that if I had an option, but since I don’t own a CD player or electronic device that holds music my choices are limited. And I love music.

I chose to go online occasionally in a library, but being thousands of miles from home at this time I needed to search for one in this area (and was kept busy lately taking care of a sick quadriplegic woman in dire need of help). So, here I am in a library in Oakland, birthplace of the Black Panthers. (Why has COINTELPRO been on my mind lately?) I read a post on Dandelion Salad about the new ads on WordPress. This difficulty logging in began the same day.

Obviously, unless this situation changes, I will be posting, commenting and “liking” other people’s posts less often on WordPress. (I apologize for the apparent lack of interest or support). However, I’m not angry. To the contrary, I see this as an opportunity to decrease the time I spend on the internet, a welcome change. I was becoming complacent so this is actually a good thing for me, in one way.

Having written that, I despise the fact that this is still a form of censorship. Planned obsolescence creates a caste system in the area of information gathering and dissemination. And, as with virtually everything in a Corporatocracy, the more access to resources one has, the better your access to information and having your opinion heard. This has, of course, a direct impact on the concept of democracy in action. Our democracy here in the United States is more of a public relations version. It looks good on paper, but we’re getting rid of paper – in more ways than one. (No more paper ballots to ensure elections are not selections and no tangible proof in your hands in business dealings. Internet-based agreements can theoretically be changed by those with exceptional computer skills. Some day we might not have paper currency. I dread the day when everything might need to be done online.

I have many books to read and can still write on my “ancient” iPad. And when the iPad craps out I’ll write the way I did for decades – with pen or pencil on paper. I kind of miss that, anyway.

So, here I am, arming myself with ink and paper for the battle of the airwaves currently underway. Will enough members of Congress back the U.S. Constitution or continue the corporate consolidation of power over information?

Will enough “sheeple” care enough about freedom, justice and democracy to force THEIR representatives to stand up for people or will they bow down in apathetic obedience to their corporate masters?

Well, time’s almost up on the library computer. I’ll be watching. Will you?

22 comments on “Battle Of The Airwaves Part 2

  1. Sorry to hear this. Hopefully, it can get straightened out. You also might be interested in this: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/shortcuts/2015/mar/03/has-planned-obsolesence-had-its-day-design

  2. I have difficulty writing comments on other people’s blogs, so I use the Reader and make the comments there.

    As far as the login goes, WP gives us the opportunity to login via our Google but it certainly isn’t necessary. I would advise not doing that as Google tracks you everywhere.

    I wrote the blog post about the new giant ads and multiple ads on every blog post for the bloggers using the free hosting on WP about a week or so after they started doing that. Many of us complained in the Forum posts and were successful at getting the ads removed. I did look at your blog with a browser not logged into WP and noticed the multiple ads on your blog. You really should at least take a look at your blog to see what it looks like to readers not logged into WP. The ads are huge!

  3. I like your positive attitude, i.e., seeing offline time as an opportunity. And I share your concerns regarding the exclusive nature of the invasive Internet. We won’t be able/required to avoid technological advance, but we need to make sure that the people own it and not the corporations! Take care

  4. Sorry for replying so late. Limited computer time. It’s all good. I’ve adapted.

    Cool article. The French are a bit more civilized than we are. Example: Europe has a list of over 11,000 toxic substances that are illegal to use in manufacturing. The list in Canada and the U.S. was 9 the last time I researched. Yes, nine. Good luck making headway into corporate control here to get something done for someone besides wealthy executives and their families.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Sorry to reply late. Yes, the ads are huge, it’s crazy. I’m unable to log into WordPress in any way on my iPad. I’m only able to post, comment, edit, like or do anything with my blog while on a library computer. This is one of the topics I’ve been writing about lately – corporate manipulation of our infrastructure (as well as planned obsolescence) and how, when it comes to information gathering and dissemination, has censorship built into it. The better your access to resources, the louder your voice.

    By the way, your previous help in giving me links to the classic version of posting and editing has been indispensable. Thank you very much.

  6. You’re right on with that. People need to be educated to the fact that free speech is only applicable when it applies to everyone. Here in the U.S. we discuss democracy without practicing it. We need the same level of access to information, as well as all other necessities – shelter, clean water, nutritious food, clothing, health care, voter rights – there can be no exceptions if we are to be considered civilized.

    Interestingly, the U.S. voters who fight the hardest against this often mention the U.S. Constitution without realizing the these things make up “the commons” – an important aspect of that document. πŸ™‚ One day…

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. Glad to hear your computer got straightened out. 11,000 vs 9 – wow, that’s shocking!

  8. No, there is no change. I’m unable to log into WordPress on my iPad. I can only post, comment or like anything from a library computer. I can only make it here (I’m in a library in Oakland) on days I’m not helping a quadriplegic woman I came to California to help). I can only read posts outside the library. I have nothing other than my iPad to get online. I listen to a lot of music online. πŸ™‚

  9. Hell, yeah. I’m doing what I can. Fortunately the Fascist rulers haven’t YET eliminated public libraries. Otherwise I’d basically be offline.


  10. Great piece of writing. And let me tell you that you are not aloneevery television in my apartment is 15 years old and still work. Stay strong fam and keep writing

  11. Thanks. I hear you. Growing up we kept everything until it broke, then we used whatever we had lying around to try and fix it. Consumerism is an addiction that’s killing us and making the rulers wealthy beyond imagination. Thanks for commenting.


  12. Can you log into other accounts on your Ipad?

    Glad you are still using the classic editor. WP has been gradually moving many of the settings from the “classic” WP-Admin over to their “new” platform. I tried to change colors the other day and found that WP eliminated the setting in WP-Admin entirely! So, stuck with these colors forever now.

    Have you complained about the ad placements yet on the Forum posts? WP thinks it’s OK when the bloggers don’t let them know otherwise.

  13. I can log into every other account I have, but have different problems with everything. I can’t scroll down an e-mail, for example. I have to hit “reply” to be able to see an entire e-mail and when I do that I am then unable to click on a link, they’re “unclickable.”

    I can RARELY attach a photo to an e-mail. I’ve spent 20 minutes trying. I usually give up after a minute or two, sometimes I get it after just a few tries.

    I was kicked off Youtube years ago, during the Occupy Wall Street movement. I’m sure anything Google controls is more difficult for me to access without problems. Google is all over the place. Sometimes when I try to log in on some wifi system I see the place of business has partnered with Google. I’m currently in the San Francisco/Oakland area and saw an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that said Google is buying up office space all over the Bay area.

    I can only use my WordPress account in libraries or another person’s device. Soon I probably won’t be able to do anything on my iPad. The same thing happened with my first iPad. It broke down in steps, one problem at a time.

    Thanks for all of the help you’ve given me. Peace.

  14. UPDATE:

    Just an additional observation: I haven’t had much of a problem with my WordPress account since I started going to libraries. Today I noticed a change while posting a new essay and it’s on the same library computers I’ve used for almost two weeks. I had difficulty doing a “copy & paste” of the essay. The page jumped around and I needed to refresh a couple times within a few minutes of opening the page for a new post. It might be an aberration, time will tell.

  15. As I feared, Censorship.

  16. Yeah, censorship has been made easier with the internet and proliferation of personal online devices. People are so enamored with instant access they’ve mindlessly allowed everyone to know everything about us all the time. We’re slaves to instant gratification. No discipline.

  17. Agreed. Keep speaking your voice, irregardless!!

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