A Brain Without Heart Is Just An Out Of Tune Organ

I doubt many people will like this. Oh well…

Despite the supreme effort of people who declare that we are the most ingenious form of life on Mother Earth, I see plant and animal life, even soil, water and rock, as more integral to life on the planet. And I see humans as parasitic.

parasite (par-uh-sahyt): noun

an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.

Plants and animals evolve in tune with the planet, the beautiful music of nature. Human beings are discordant, out of tune, arrhythmic and artless for the most part. I am referring to the entire species, of course. There are some people who attempt to live in tune with the planet, beautiful human beings that are made to feel strange, out of place, while the opposite is closer to the truth. The atonal way of life we’ve chosen as a society is predatory and destructive, not in alignment with the universe. Earth will find a way to eliminate such a menace to life. And we are helping her…

Monsanto – $14 billion in revenue 2016; Dow Chemical – $48 billion in revenue 2016; Johnson & Johnson – $74 billion in revenue 2016; generous tax breaks to sociopathic fossil fuel executives who collect billions of dollars while spreading poison; toxic chemicals blasted into the earth to extract material that spread more poison and increase seismic activity; toxic, radioactive waste pours into our oceans and instead we talk about celebrities; over 62 million people (supposedly) voted for trump in the 2016 selection…

Yes, it’s almost sickeningly amusing from a distant, detached perspective – though it’s truly heartbreaking. Even a society that prides itself on brilliant scientific discoveries and technological advancement doesn’t understand the simple “science” of life – the coexistence of balance, cooperation and understanding.

We exist, but are we truly living in the sense of what is natural and healthy?

Have we so bastardized our existence, soaked our minds and bodies so full of toxic chemicals and toxic thoughts that we are no longer authentic human beings?

What is it to be human?

To think was at one point in time considered the epitome of being human, but hasn’t this era of “thinking” brought life as we know it to the brink of destruction? Haven’t those who profess the scientific mind of cold, calculating thought to be the ultimate, the crown jewel of humanity, left empathy and compassion as unimportant considerations in their obsessive quest for knowledge? And hasn’t that quest been co-opted by wealthy “takers” whose obscene level of desire has compromised the validity of their lives? We’re dancing to something artificially choreographed, clumsy and with no natural rhythm or melody – crudely crafted to dehumanize us.

And most of us continue dancing…

Is it dishonest to ponder the possibility that our humanity has been assimilated into a sterile, machine-like existence, a soulless vacuum in which we feel personal pain and suffering yet refuse to find solutions when the pain and suffering we see doesn’t touch us?

Yes that may sound crazy, but I no longer fear sounding crazy while living in a truly insane society almost devoid of compassion and in which a significant portion of the population lacks the wisdom to distinguish between decency and dysfunction.

Are you insane if you are considered insane in an insane society?

I’m not going to pretend that I’m the smartest person around – there’s far too much of that these days – but I know that we need to do something very soon. How long can we comfortably sit and expect a superhero to save us? Will Wonder Woman help us? Will Spiderman? Are the outrageously overfunded forms of escapism we feed on daily merely a small tool in the arsenal of the rulers who numb us with false hope and suicidal resignation? Is heroic action nothing more than fantasy? Are we hoping that the cosmic babysitter in the sky will save us by reigning down terrible retribution on the evil people?

Or is the evil actually when we give up responsibility for our decisions and pretend we’re taking inspired action when we support insignificant changes in behavior while mindlessly feeding our addictions, ignoring reality and artfully justifying each other’s apathy and complacency?

20 comments on “A Brain Without Heart Is Just An Out Of Tune Organ

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  2. Thanks for that well-reasoned, heartfelt, and sane analysis of our species insane onward march towards self-destruction. There comes a time when the relationship between the parasite and its host loses its equilibrium, resulting in the death of the host.

    Those of us who have awakened to the illusion of the capitalist dream of “having it all” must continue to awaken those around us. As you already realize, this is not easy in a society where insanity is acceptable, normal behavior.

    Do not be discouraged ❤

  3. You are absolutely correct. Our society is insane and our humanity has been assimilated into a sterile, machine-like existence. Ordinary people exist only to serve the amorality of profit-driven business led by immoral men and facilitated by corrupted government.

    Where I might disagree is the cause. Intelligence, objectivity, science, and technology aren’t the problem. Intelligence can be applied to positive or negative purposes, how it is used depends upon the ethics and morality of each individual. Objectivity has no bias, it only seeks truth. Science and technology are simply tools, like a hammer which can help build a house or tear one down.

    IMO, we are the problem. We ordinary people allow the very worst of us rise to great power while we wallow in monotony. We reward the “success” of greed, admire the accumulators of materialism, and worship aggressors who wield death and destruction ostensibly in our name. We defer privilege to “heroes” while immobilized by cowardice. We chose to see only that what we wish, for our aversion to pain and our own failings is immense.

    If we humans weren’t this way, there would be no Trumps nor Hitlers in our history. There would be no war, no genocide, no ethnic cleansing, no oppression of workers by industrial tycoons, no exploitation of consumers by faceless corporations, and no catastrophic threat of climate change.

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Walt Kelly

  4. 😀 Thank you for the comment. I often see my essays a bit differently after posting them. This one seemed more somber and pessimistic than I intended. I’m lazy about writing and if often takes something that irks me to inspire me to start. I’m sorry if it sounds too depressing. 😀 And, thanks for the encouragement.

    Having said that, it can be very disheartening when you look around and see how many people accept the cruel system of Capitalism and seem to have no desire to change the status quo. As a society, we view everything, including all living beings, as commodities. How that can be acceptable to the majority of any society is frightening.

    However, it’s one thing for the realization to slowly take hold after you’ve unwittingly gone along for the ride, but to be told what’s going on, to see it for yourself and simply give in and accept it because it’s the easy road to travel is quite another.

    Yes, we have to continue to educate those who are still mired in the dream they believe is an unchangeable reality. It can be difficult to fight a struggle when there are so many people and resources working against us, but it must be done.

    Thanks for all you do in bringing about the awakening. ❤️

  5. Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure if I worded something improperly or vaguely, but I don’t believe that science and technology is at fault for our current predicament. I meant to imply that reliance on intellect without bringing compassion into the mix has been an important reason for our demise as a civilization. I believe that you expressed the same sentiment, just worded differently.

    We have a dangerous imbalance between heart and mind. Using intellect without a concern for how it affects the rest of the world is dangerous. Just as using kindness and compassion without understanding those you deal with can be dangerous. Showing kindness and trusting the wrong person out of naivete can lead to disastrous results. We need balance, in ourselves, in society and in how we approach the building of our civilization.

    I hope I clarified the point. Occasionally I can attempt to clarify and confuse things further. 😆


  6. That’s an awesome description of our inner soul sickness and outter decline of our habitat. The latest study says “health experts have estimated that nine million premature deaths worldwide—16% of all deaths—were linked to pollution in 2015.”


    Maybe the figures will get people’s attention, but I’m not hopeful.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  7. Well, we have a conundrum when it comes to dealing with rampant ignorance: people need to hear information like that to become educated and, apparently, people need to be educated to HEAR information like that. We have an uphill battle against ignorance, apathy and complacency and so far we’re losing badly.

    Thanks for commenting and, more importantly, for educating. 😀

  8. Well put. And, thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Well said, Roy, I agree with your thesis here. In a democracy, we the people are responsible for what our elected officials do – or don’t do. Yes, this is pessimistic – but understandably so considering the toxic political climate since Agent Orange was elected. Unfortunately, too many people have been brainwashed into believing that capitalism is the best system to serve the common good. It is a lie. Capitalism serves the 1% and enslaves the rest.

  10. Or, I just misread your fine essay. Anyway, thanks for the clarification. Both compassion and understanding are severely lacking these days, and our very survival might be at stake as a result. We better evolve soon before it’s too late.

  11. You got that right, John.

    While it’s understandable that people very low in intelligence can be fooled by the corporate indoctrination put out by the fear peddlers in media, it shouldn’t be sufficient to convince tens of millions of people to vote for a sociopathic, racist, sexual predator who has made a profitable living as an economic terrorist. There is no acceptable excuse for that.

    I grudgingly accepted our cartoon presiden Ronnie Raygun, then another buffoon of extraordinarily low morality and intellect, George W. Bush. (The two in between are seriously deficient in morality, but not as embarrassingly stupid). This time I can longer lower the bar. It’s too disgusting and despicable. We can’t allow trump to be considered acceptable as president. That’s why I believe it’s important he be impeached as soon as possible, despite the fact that Pence would move right in and more effectively push the predatory corporate agenda.

    Thanks for the comment.

  12. I never thought we’d fall this low as a species. Seriously. Sometimes I think it’s all actually just a nightmare to wake up from.

  13. We need Chief Heart Officers in every management!

  14. You got that right, Mathias. 😀

    If the corporporate indoctrination wasn’t so powerful I believe many more people would be in touch with their compassion. An intelligent, compassionate person like Dennis Kucinich, for example, could become president instead of a violently hateful sexual predator. He would install a Department of Peace and give it more power than our Department of Defense (which is much more offensive than defensive) and welcome people from all around the world to come together and worked toward a civilized society that could one day eliminate the scourge of war. The trillions of dollars spent on weapons could feed, clothe, house, educate and provide medical care for the entire planet.

    I often wonder how many people realize that…

  15. People realize this when they can flee, what you call, the corporate indoctrination. For example, when watching a movie:-). Given people’s basic needs are satisfied, it should be possible to create such a dream in real (every-day) life too. This belief keeps me going. Thanks for your great contributions!

  16. Thank you for reading my essays and rants, and for the nice compliment, but my contribution toward bringing about a civilized society pales in comparison to your words of peace. Thank you.

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